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Example sentences for "drawing"

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drawers; drawes; drawest; draweth; drawin; drawinge; drawingroom; drawings; drawl; drawled
  1. The general lurched awkwardly over the broken surface of Miracastle, drawing the safety line taut.

  2. The exit-tube moved rhythmically until the Scout Ball inched away, drawing it taut.

  3. And the time was drawing very near when she must answer the Duchesse's letter.

  4. I like that drawing of Cologne Cathedral.

  5. It was vain, for another phantom was flitting before him in the mists of death, drawing him from peace.

  6. Only in a corner of the room was a little water-colour drawing of average execution, representing the Madonna kneeling by the child Christ in the manger.

  7. Then he sighed heavily, sat down again, and drawing his chair up close to Horatia took hold of a hand and made her rest her head on his knee.

  8. Probably it was, yet he wished that he were at this moment on his way to the familiar drawing room in the Rue de la Chaussee d'Antin, if only to have his present irritation put to flight.

  9. When the carriage was drawing up she leant forward and said that she had changed her mind, and would go to Houbigant's in the Rue St. Honore instead.

  10. The first generation of English romantics was drawing to its close.

  11. For a number of years, beginning with 1854, Ruskin taught drawing classes in Maurice's Working Man's College.

  12. A Christmas Carol" is a ballad of burdens, suggested by a drawing of Rossetti's, and full of the Pre-Raphaelite colour.

  13. The sin of Lancelot and the Queen, drawing after it the treachery of Modred, brings on the tragic catastrophe.

  14. Ruskin, furthermore, denied that the drawing of the Pre-Raphaelites was bad or their perspective false; or that they imitated the errors of the early Florentine painters, whom they greatly excelled in technical accomplishment.

  15. A little later, under the dominating and somewhat overbearing persuasions of Rossetti, he tried his hand at painting, but never succeeded well in drawing the human face and figure.

  16. In a corner was a drawing of a gallows, or what passes in the everyday mind for a gallows, and in the opposite corner an open book.

  17. No figure reappearing to alarm him, Mac took the drawing out of his pocket and focused the flashlight on it.

  18. It had been opened and laid flat, and on it, in black ink, was a crude drawing of the deck of the Ella, as one would look down on it from aloft.

  19. He writhed as was his habit over his jokes, and then fell to work at the drawing again.

  20. The animals stand with their heads erect, and, drawing the air through the nostrils, produce a series of harsh loud sounds, which are sometimes continued till the dog falls from actual exhaustion.

  21. Do you keep entire control over his beats; let him have almost the sole management of his drawing upon birds, provided he does not puzzle, or run riot too long over an old haunt.

  22. Few things are more trying to your temper as a sportsman, than to see a self-sufficient cub, especially when birds are wild, creep up to the old dog whom he observes pointing at a distance, or cautiously drawing upon a covey.

  23. They occasion little pain, and often grow to a comparatively enormous size; when they may burst and leave a ragged ulcer, which has little disposition to heal, and is not improved by the dog's drawing it along the ground.

  24. A crackling sensation is then imparted to the fingers when the base of the ear below the flap is manipulated; the necessary pressure sometimes drawing forth an expression of pain.

  25. A young dog I then possessed never approached it afterwards without drawing upon it most carefully, though he had not found there for months.

  26. A blister is altogether preferable to a seton; the one acts as a derivative, by drawing the blood immediately to the surface without producing absolute inflammation, which the other as a foreign body violently excites.

  27. Of gradually drawing upon the faintest token of a scent--only perceptible to a nose carried high in the air--until they arrive at a confident point?

  28. The sensation is probably that of itching, and the dog endeavors, by drawing the air quickly through the nostrils and energetically expelling it, to relieve the annoyance.

  29. She promised herself that they should be great friends, and she said that she looked forward eagerly to the time, now drawing near, when Dan should bring her home to them.

  30. I never saw a handsomer, more uninviting room than that drawing room.

  31. Of which there is a description and drawing in the Records of the Archaeological Society of that county, vol.

  32. The time fixed for my stay in the far-famed city of Constantinople was fast drawing to a close; a short visit to the Isles des Princes, that focus of nightly revels, was to put a final seal to my Mahometan review.

  33. The day was drawing to a close, and, as we were rather fatigued, we postponed our visit to the hospital till the next morning.

  34. The day fixed for the grand festival was at this period drawing near; the number invited increased daily, while the temple only occupied the same space of ground.

  35. The afternoon was then drawing on, and Dr.

  36. He laid aside the drawing and turned his chair to face me.

  37. The great trees were already swaying, as we ran down the trail to the lake--and found Mr. Ewart just drawing his canoe and ours high up and away from the already uneasy water.

  38. The engine was thundering past us, and the train drawing to a stop of fifteen seconds.

  39. He was drawing away at a cold pipe and looked wholly disconsolate.

  40. He set down the tin box on the table between us; opened wide both windows to let in the tonic air, that began to hint of real spring, and, drawing on the other pair of gloves, took his seat opposite me at the table.

  41. He was at the library table, drawing something with scale and square.

  42. Drawing the window curtains aside, I looked out upon a world newly bathed in the early morning lights.

  43. Pierre, drawing his bow across the strings, nodded his head.

  44. I exclaimed, drawing long deep breaths of the fine dry air.

  45. I occupy myself continually here in drawing figures, but I don’t succeed very well.

  46. Indeed, our Swiss expedition is drawing nearly to a close for the present.

  47. I saw several dark objects, and drawing up my double-barrelled shot-gun fired at them.

  48. He kept drawing nearer and nearer to us, until we made out it was a white man, and as he came on I recognized him to be California Joe.

  49. The Kentuckian was afraid of neither man nor beast, and drawing up his rifle, let fly.

  50. Under cover of the darkness the men took the front wheels of the running-gear of the coaches, put the wounded upon them, and, drawing it themselves, made their escape to the station of the Three Crossings of the Sweetwater River.

  51. I despatched him by drawing my knife across his throat, and, having partially dressed him, hung him on a tree close by.

  52. As the troops rushed forward, he threw the bugle away, then, drawing his pistols, was among the first men that entered the village.

  53. After dinner, while I was sitting on the stoop of the Pacific House, Mr. Lincoln came and sat beside me, and in his kindly way and manner was soon drawing from me all I knew of the country west, and the result of my surveys.

  54. Giving himself up for lost, he lay down, drawing his revolvers and preparing them for action, for he was determined not to let the savages have his scalp without making a desperate resistance.

  55. Here they are," replied Uncle, at the same time drawing from his pocket a parcel in size and form very closely resembling Mr. Richards's offensive contribution.

  56. The solution may possibly be found in Vettorio Ghiberti's drawing of a bell, the rim of which is covered with similar hieroglyphics.

  57. In this drawing two putti are also shown holding a shield, above the monument; this has now disappeared.

  58. The absurdity of these theories is well shown in the "Rules of Drawing Caricatures," illustrated by "mathematical diagrams.

  59. It was probably coloured, and a drawing in Ghiberti's note-book gives a background of cherry red, with the figures gilded.

  60. Leonardo, for instance, gives the recipe for drawing anger and despair.

  61. It cannot, however, be in any sense a reproduction of the old altar, of which no drawing is preserved.

  62. Verrocchio made a drawing of the St. George,[38] and Mantegna introduced a similar figure into his picture of St. James being led to execution.

  63. There is a drawing of it in Vettorio Ghiberti's Note-book, p.

  64. Up to the eighteenth century there used to be a model in the Opera del Duomo: this also has vanished, and we are compelled to make our deductions from a rather unsatisfactory drawing made by Bernardo Pocetti in the sixteenth century.

  65. The lists having been duly posted up, a day is appointed for drawing the lots.

  66. In order to determine those who are to benefit by this arrangement tirage au sort (drawing lots) is resorted to.

  67. He told me that I should have to sleep in the barracks again that night, as an error had been made in drawing up my papers, a pension having been granted to me by mistake.

  68. I too am not of a sedentary nature, though upon due occasion I can sit writing or drawing for some hours together.

  69. I wondered what this could be; there was no heat to cause strong evaporation, nor any mist or dewy haze about, nor was the sun "drawing water.

  70. Frank's permission, I took to my drawing again, and worked at it till my eyes ached.

  71. I bent over my drawing with more carmine on my cheeks than was on the palette.

  72. For the support of these, they collected grass in the open spots; and in the first part of the winter they employed them in drawing logs to the saw-mill, which had just been completed.

  73. It is singular how all the contemporaneous judgments of Washington’s character unite in ascribing the difficulty of drawing his portrait to the unity, harmony, and perfectability of his character.

  74. The enemy's sole object was apparently to weaken the northern defences of London by drawing back the Volunteer battalions to the north.

  75. When the astounding news fell upon the house the performance was drawing to a close.

  76. Drawing the bright blade from its leathern sheath, he felt its keen double edge with his fingers.

  77. I do not know where he lives," said the lad, hesitating, and drawing a step forward as if held in that presence by some irresistible influence.

  78. Now," said Salina, drawing a splint-bottomed chair close up to uncle Nathan.

  79. Come this way one moment, Edward, I want to speak with you," said young Farnham, drawing the young artist aside.

  80. I wish you could a-seen her as she was drawing out her thread of woolen yarn, and running it up on the spindle as bright and spry as a bird.

  81. But she checked herself, and drawing the child toward her, began to untie her dress.

  82. My mother wishes me to call you, sir; she has company in the drawing room.

  83. Drawing close to Mrs. Chester, she took hold of her dress, and looked earnestly in her face.

  84. She remembered that for some days he had seemed sad and preoccupied, going alone by himself and drawing only sad strains from his violin.

  85. The Banning half, having received the ball from center, romped away toward the right side of the field, drawing the adversary with him.

  86. Of the two forces it was Kenly Hall who saw the time shortening and the game drawing to an inconclusive end with the less satisfaction.

  87. Drawing even with the red-legged pursuer, he launched himself sidewise.

  88. Pangs and pains are drawing near, To plant with thorns thy bed: Lo!

  89. Day was drawing to a close, and a night's lodging was to be provided.

  90. Drawing his kreese, he fell upon the unoffending man, and laid him dead upon the ground.

  91. The creature was drawing him toward some hole in the cave, probably under water, and he realized most poignantly that something must be done shortly or he would be sacrificed to the pitiless water devil.

  92. Jack rowed with one hand, drawing in his other oar so that it might not strike the rocks in case the passage narrowed, and then got out his pocket flash and shot a strong ray ahead of him.

  93. Come into the drawing room and you'll see that mine were--much best.

  94. But there were no pictures at all in the little drawing room.

  95. The green drawing room was deprived of its chief treasure, a quaint sampler embroidered by the hand of Mary Queen of Scots for her "faithful John Courtenaye.

  96. As he tottered into the drawing room, the biggest bundle dropped.

  97. And I was just in time to meet the motor drawing up in front of it.

  98. I made him talk to me of Joyce nearly the whole way; and at the end of the journey I had him waiting for her in the drawing room of my flat before he quite knew what had happened to him.

  99. But at six o'clock his name was announced, and he walked into the drawing room of my flat as large as life, or a size or two larger.

  100. I don't somehow think she will weaken," Sir Beverley replied, a puzzled frown drawing his thick eyebrows together.

  101. So there I sat, in my favourite frock, when he was ushered into the drawing room.

  102. You cannot leave the carriage, madam," one of the men said, placing himself firmly against the door, and drawing a paper from his pocket.

  103. Those who learn drawing will find the game of "Positions" a particularly pleasant pastime for the long evenings.

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