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  1. I can never be grateful enough for one little scrubby fanatic who was on board, who spent most of his time in drafting resolutions and reading them privately to the passengers.

  2. This book deals with the same question, drawing its illustrations from the drafting of the United States citizens during the time of the Civil War.

  3. In these latter days this is made especially evident by the drawing of citizens on the jury in courts of law, by drafting them into the army as soldiers, and into the communal or legislative administration as electors or elected.

  4. In case of a disagreement as to the drafting of these communiques the matter should be referred to the principal plenipotentiaries or their representatives.

  5. Huapeikuo, a North China separatist state, went the way of the Francophile Rhineland Republic; it never got off the drafting board.

  6. Its work has been confined largely to drafting the Permanent Constitution, and continued codification of administrative law--particularly for coordination of central government and war area (occupied China) affairs.

  7. Abbot, afterwards Lord Colchester, was asked by Pitt to help in drafting the Poor Bill; and he pronounced it "as bad in the mode as the principles were good in substance.

  8. On 5th October the Society for Constitutional Information agreed to the plan, and ordered the drafting of a joint address to the French Convention.

  9. The same committee has under consideration the drafting of the points covered into a model charter, and the League committee decided that action on its own part was unnecessary at present.

  10. Some three or four states already have official bill-drafting agencies, other than legislative reference departments, and a number of others definitely depend upon the attorney-general's office for this work.

  11. Before being used in any state its provisions should be worded by a competent person experienced in drafting bills for the legislature of that state.

  12. The drafting proposition is a most important element.

  13. At last drafting was of necessity resorted to, and along with drafting came all the miseries of "hiring substitutes," and so making merchandise of a service of which it is the chief glory that it shall be free.

  14. But in the fall of '62 there had been no drafting yet, and large bounties were unknown--and unsought.

  15. On May 7 the Chief of the British Mission, Major-General Knox, asked me to assist him in drafting the reply to the London dispatch.

  16. The more difficult task of drafting a platform was performed by another committee, with such prudence that it too received a unanimous acceptance.

  17. She was engaged, she told him, in drafting a very important letter to her husband concerning a singular adventure.

  18. Luynes, and to suggest that he had been negligent of his Majesty’s interests in drafting the treaty.

  19. They were advised to prepare a memorial preferring such requests as might be reasonably granted; and they were offered the services of Juan de Soto, Don John's secretary, to aid them in drafting the document.

  20. Lincoln's only answer had been that he was not present and had nothing to do with drafting the resolutions.

  21. As more and more records become standard, the drafting of programmes becomes constantly an easier and cheaper process.

  22. The more carefully records are standardized, the simpler becomes the drafting of the programme.

  23. Otherwise his days were taken up bombarding the Congress with letters representing the necessity of drafting troops to meet the coming emergencies.

  24. Men of Black Ferguson's with a drafting order for Brondel's factor.

  25. The dissemination of provocative lies and the systematic deception of public opinion were as necessary to the Hitlerites for the realization of their plans as were the production of armaments and the drafting of military plans.

  26. He had been drafting a prospectus of the "Tavy Nickel Mining Company, Limited," and had issued forth to look for the managing director.

  27. They are every day drafting more, which are destined for the dismal prison house.

  28. We had ample supplies of drafting materials and were generally well equipped though we had no print machine, only a glass frame for sun exposures and a lead lined tank for the water developing and fixing of prints.

  29. A serious defect of Direct Legislation is that the drafting of many laws requires detailed and technical information which the average voter is in no position to secure.

  30. The labor force was demoralized by the drafting for war service of many trained railroad employees.

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