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Example sentences for "depiction"

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depenses; dephlogisticated; depict; depicted; depicting; depicts; depilation; depilatory; depind; deplete
  1. Neither, emphatically, is it to be supposed that Joyce's writing is merely a depiction of the sordid.

  2. I should like the reader to note how complete is Mr. Eliot's depiction of our contemporary condition.

  3. The book was written before 1914, but the depiction of the German was not a piece of war propaganda.

  4. This same love explains the contempt in which Thoma holds the sentimental depiction of parlor peasants which is so often met with in family magazines.

  5. The reverence for nature remained, but under his hand the depiction was almost cubist; the essence of a vista was extracted in an intricate, dense design of angular planes framed in powerful lines.

  6. Their initial mistake was in supposing that the depiction of mental states would recall the causes of those states.

  7. To judge a picture competently, one must not consider it as a mere depiction of life or as an anecdote: one must bring to it an intelligence capable of grasping a complicated counterpoint.

  8. The fact that, like all painters of the day, they were still bound to the depiction of natural objects, added difficulty to the solution of their problem.

  9. They are too hollow and immaterial to appear even as a depiction of form.

  10. The depiction of the human form halted at approximation.

  11. Even in his prancing ballet figures, though they are in full light and amid joyous settings, one senses the satire which led to the depiction of their apparent sans-souci.

  12. The Impressionists, feeling the urgency for a more virile expression in landscape work, saw a solution to their problem in the depiction of light through colour.

  13. The two "moving picture girls," as they laughingly called themselves, with Russ, were on their way home from the little theater where they had just witnessed the depiction of themselves on the screen.

  14. It was not without a feeling of nervousness that Ruth and Alice prepared to take their places in the actual depiction of the new play.

  15. Nothing ever went the way Pepper wanted it to go, from the depiction of a play to the meals he ate.

  16. Now, this curious evolution in depiction points, rightly viewed, to an absence of design.

  17. Strange as their depiction may look in the drawings, the originals look stranger still.

  18. The plates represent the surfaces of the two planets, that of the earth being shown upside down with south at the top so as to agree with the telescopic depiction of the topography of Mars.

  19. As for the Thoth, I had come to consider it and the Amenthes one, attributing their diversity of depiction to errors in drawing.

  20. The omniscient point of view is the only one that permits upon a large scale the depiction of character through mental analysis.

  21. But if the same expedient be employed habitually in the depiction of external events as well, it is likely to give the impression of unwarrantable vivisection.

  22. Underlying many of the works of Erckmann-Chatrian is an epic purpose to advance the cause of universal peace by a depiction of the horrors of war.

  23. An obscure deliberation was exposed in the depiction of their drooping petals.

  24. Exactitude marks her time, her scene and her depiction of passions and emotions.

  25. Balzac, through his remarkable instinct for detail and particularity, did introduce into nineteenth century fiction an effect of greater truth in the depiction of life.

  26. He is like Dostoevski in his uncompromising depiction of utter degradation; but he has little of Dostoevski's glowing sympathy and heartpower.

  27. It is rather interesting that Turgenev, who drew so many irresolute Russian characters, should have attained his widest fame by the depiction of a man who is simply Incarnate Will.

  28. And the depiction of the sportsman's feelings when he brings down a wounded bird, half shame and half rage, will startle and impress every man who has carried a gun.

  29. In realism, depiction of character, profundity of ideas, emotion, and a sense of the dramatic he was the equal and at times the superior of Lope de Vega.

  30. But the depiction is little more than picture-writing, mere copies of traditional groups.

  31. In the representation of some animals, such as the horse, the later Greeks produced some wonderful examples, but in the depiction of animals other peoples have rivalled them, whereas in the depiction of men and women they stand alone.

  32. The psychologic depiction of Henschel's downfall is masterly.

  33. The fifth act of this play with its depiction of agony in the stern soul of Golaud, its death of Mélisande, who dies of a broken heart, is the tragedy of souls distraught.

  34. The international depiction of a valentine-shaped heart to represent the word love is one example in this sense; the icons used in Europe on clothing care labels are others.

  35. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, one can distinguish an affection for coordination of effort, expressed in the depiction of rowers on boats, builders of pyramids, warriors.

  36. The chief and usual effects in painting are effects of light and the depiction of the horrible.

  37. It is such accuracy of depiction that makes Rip Van Winkle, Sherlock Holmes, Van Bibber, and a host of others enter into our thoughts and speech as if they had really lived.

  38. Would you draw on that diagram a more accurate depiction of where the wound of exit occurred?

  39. The depiction of the point of entry, I feel is quite accurate.

  40. But it is an accurate depiction of that area of your home?

  41. The elevation in the drawing you have indicated as "A" is a depiction of what?

  42. And the two oblongs, each of which you have put at the ends of depiction "B," represent the upturned ends of the fixtures at each end?

  43. The stage, traditionally, in its depiction of character through word and action, has not been so close to life as fiction; the dialogue has been further removed from the actual idiom of human speech.

  44. The soliloquies, though keeping to the themes and methods of contemporary drama, become landmarks in the depiction of the inner struggle and in the general progress of the action.

  45. In general the plays begin conventionally with the depiction of peaceful and prosperous circumstances, and proceed at once to the disasters and deaths, with very little attention to the events or motives that lead to these results.

  46. Sculpture relinquishes the expression of the human pupil, and effects of color; painting degenerates, when it forsakes the flat surface in depiction and takes on complexity in theatrical decoration or panoramic portrayal.

  47. In a picture, the illustration of a sunset ends with the frame; the limitless natural phenomenon is enclosed in quadrilateral bounds; the cloud-form chosen for depiction remains unchanging for ever.

  48. The same is true of social strata in society, of provincial towns, and Heaven only knows what the Slums would say to their depiction in novels, if only the Slums could read.

  49. Each letter is to give an absolutely faithful account of her life, with a perfectly truthful depiction of her real character.

  50. The one thing in which Scott really excelled Stevenson was in the depiction of women.

  51. And he has not only delighted us with the pageantry of chivalry, and with the depiction of our complex modern civilisation, he has for us also the stimulating influence of a great moral force.

  52. But this slight defect is more than atoned for by the power shown in the depiction of character.

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