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Example sentences for "coordination"

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  1. At once, however, upon a declaration of a state of war, Congress began the consideration of the measures necessary for the enlargement of the military forces and the coordination of the industrial strength of the Nation.

  2. Coordination of the units of the fleet was practically impossible to keep up, and the Germans discovered by the rays of their searchlights the three Queen Elizabeths, not more than 4,000 yards away.

  3. The creation of the first field army is the first step toward the coordination of all the American forces in France.

  4. Our Third Corps crossed the Meuse on the 5th and the other corps, in the full confidence that the day was theirs, eagerly cleared the way of machine guns as they swept northward, maintaining complete coordination throughout.

  5. And, when these have been mastered in detail, then the coordination of them in the act of firing.

  6. Thus he makes progress in his own perfection, or, in other words, it is thus he achieves the perfect coordination of his voluntary movements.

  7. There is a perfect parallel between the formation of the will and the coordination of movement of its physiological structure, the striated muscles.

  8. It is rejected as something strange and fallacious; and a certain lapse of time is necessary, a certain coordination of the intelligence, to enable the "novelty" to enter.

  9. Cost effectiveness resulting from the coordination of formerly competing operations tends to bring goods and services within the reach of populations who could not previously have hoped to enjoy them.

  10. Historians will unhesitatingly accord credit for mobilizing the effort that had made this moment possible to the Hands of the Cause, who provided the coordination of which the loss of the Guardian’s leadership had deprived the Bahá’í world.

  11. Coordination of lower-echelon air requests became the province of three Marine Landing Force Air Support Control Units, one representing Tenth Army to the fleet commander, the others each responsive to the Army XXIV Corps and IIIAC.

  12. The Marines made great strides towards refining supporting arms coordination during the battle for Okinawa.

  13. He did not spare Pronto nor did Pronto attempt to spare himself, going at the task set before him with all the superb coordination of muscle and tendon and bone that he possessed.

  14. When down, the body and limbs are moved convulsively, but there is no power of coordination of movement in the muscles.

  15. On movement, the horse staggers and shows a want of coordination of all the muscles of its limbs.

  16. And when these have been mastered in detail then the coordination of them in the act of firing.

  17. The statutory function of the National Security Council is to assist the President in the formulation and coordination of significant domestic, foreign, and military policies required for the security of the Nation.

  18. This lack of system and economic coordination has attracted the attention of the head of that Department who has been giving his time for the last two years, with the aid of experts and by consulting his bureau chiefs, to its reformation.

  19. These obviously require full coordination in their development, production and use.

  20. Great economies, sounder policies, more effective coordination to employment, and expedition in all construction work would result from this consolidation.

  21. We also established the first refugee coordination office in the Department of State under the leadership of a special ambassador and coordinator for refugee affairs and programs.

  22. I want to join you ill restoring-, ill the most cordial way, the spirit of coordination and cooperation, and that mutuality of confidence and respect which is necessary ill representative popular government.

  23. Both military and economic objectives demand a single national military policy, proper coordination of our armed services, and effective consolidation of certain logistics activities.

  24. In the face of the potential danger posed by the Iran-Iraq conflict, we have developed coordination among the Western forces in the area of the Persian Gulf in order to be able to safeguard passage in that essential waterway.

  25. In spite of vast banking resources, there was no coordination of reserves or any credit elasticity.

  26. A method of coordination and cooperation of the Army and Navy and the principal aircraft builders is being perfected.

  27. To these ends, efficient planning and execution of the nation's public works require both the coordination of Federal activities and effective cooperation with State and local governments.

  28. Cooperation has in many cases been carried to such an extent that the coordination necessary for efficiency has developed into practical consolidation.

  29. One hears much, especially in these restless days, of the red tape which results from the lack of coordination in our government.

  30. This lack of coordination affects almost every phase of Alaskan life and industry.

  31. This war will finally be won by the coordination of all the armies, navies and air forces of all of the United Nations operating in unison against our enemies.

  32. And we must give credit for the coordination of the diverse forces in the field, and for the planning of the whole campaign, to the wise and skillful leadership of General Eisenhower.

  33. We have a coordination setup in Treasury on which the heads of organization levels meets regularly.

  34. It is a constant, one of those things that is constantly brought up many times both in the schools and in the coordination needs of the Secret Service needs and functions in these areas.

  35. Whether or not Thomson's supplies constituted any significant amount, the very fact that he had to advertise them indicates a lack of coordination and communication between those urgently seeking supplies and those selling them.

  36. Lack of coordination and transportation resulted in a scarcity of drugs for the army hospitals even while druggists in other areas resorted to advertising in order to sell their stocks.

  37. Accordingly it will rest with the Ordinaries themselves to confer together and consider how a proper uniformity of action and coordination can be obtained.

  38. Coordination and classification form an integral part of common sense.

  39. The interlocutor, as well as he who mechanically registers this fact, without thinking, gives himself up to analysis and to coordination which always precedes synthesis.

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