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  1. Visual representations-other forms of writing-are closer to what they report about: the Cartesian coordinates for space, the clock for a cyclical perception of time, etc.

  2. As bandwidth available for interacting through a variety of backchannels expands from copper wire to new fiberglass data highways, a structure is put in place that effectively resets our coordinates in the world of global activity.

  3. Unless time is specifically given, or coordinates in space intentionally expressed, time and space tend to be assimilated in the text, and more deeply in the grammar.

  4. The entry on Geographic coordinates may be helpful in finding some smaller countries.

  5. All that we know of it by observation is that, beside the particles of matter which compose an organized body, there is something else, not cognizable by the senses, which attracts and dismisses them, modifies and coordinates them.

  6. We may take as our origin of coordinates the center of gravity of the system.

  7. The coordinates (x, y) of a variable point are algebraic variables, and are said to be "current coordinates.

  8. If OM is x times the unit of a scale of measurement chosen at pleasure, and MP is y times the unit, so that x and y have numerical values, we call x and y the (Cartesian) coordinates of P.

  9. The coordinates are as a rule taken to be rectangular in what follows.

  10. The system of line-coordinates allied to the areal system of point-coordinates has special interest.

  11. A system of numerical coordinates can now be introduced, possessing the property that linear equations represent planes and straight lines.

  12. If any of us drove off with that truck, all they need to do is plot the truck's coordinates and follow the televector patterns of the man who's driving it.

  13. He began to work with the new controls, plotting his coordinates with extreme care and checking them through six or seven times.

  14. The coordinates (and victim) of their next attack had already been decided upon, known only to the General Staff, and to the scientists in charge of constructing the star gate.

  15. K-R1 For some reason these coordinates seemed to Brunner the final manifestation of an impending doom.

  16. VIII He stopped to set in the coordinates of the Moon for the robot pilot, but he found himself still wanting to talk.

  17. He had the coordinates of the beacon he had chosen for his appointment point and the robot pilot took him to that area with automatic precision.

  18. He patiently repeated, over and over again, that the Med Ship Aesclipus Twenty notified its arrival and requested coordinates for landing.

  19. He called down, identifying himself and the ship and asking for coordinates so his ship could be brought to ground.

  20. Med Ship Aesclipus Twenty reporting arrival and asking coordinates for landing," he said matter-of-factly.

  21. Then one computes the overdrive course to another planet, from the respecting coordinates of the world one is leaving and the one one aims for.

  22. Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates are used in this report.

  23. It controls and coordinates the thoughts of the others, avoiding the useless, pursuing the relevant and retaining the valuable.

  24. The galactic coordinates l and b are referred to the Milky Way (the Galaxy) as plane of reference.

  25. It lies in the square GD7 and its galactic coordinates are seen in the 5th and 6th columns.

  26. And the same system of coordinates which is necessary and sufficient for the localization of a point in our space is also sufficient for the location of a point anywhere in the entire world of spatiality, intellectuality or spirituality.

  27. We have just shown that the generic concept of dimensionality is that three and only three coordinates are necessary and sufficient for its determination.

  28. The Euclidean geometry recognizes three dimensions or coordinates as being necessary to establish a point position; witness, the corners of a cube to form which three of the edges come together at a point.

  29. There are facts which seem to indicate at least the possibility of molecular motion or change of some sort not expressible in terms of time and the three coordinates in space.

  30. In other words, does the mind habitually and intuitively refer its data to a system of coordinates for final determination?

  31. Three coordinates are necessary and sufficient for all of its determinations.

  32. For its purposes four or n-coordinates are necessary and sufficient.

  33. Geometers claim that space is a system of coordinates necessary for the establishment of a point-position in it.

  34. Regarded as a series of coordinates, it became possible to postulate a system which required four coordinates to establish the position of a point, as in the hypercube.

  35. Is the logician dealing with reality when he collects and coordinates the various modes of interpretation by which we learn to understand the symbolism of life?

  36. The other coordinates are thus in a certain sense ignored, and the method is called that of "ignoration of coordinates.

  37. The corresponding velocities can be determined from these equations in terms of the constant momenta and the coordinates which appear and their velocities.

  38. Space-yacht Sylva reports breakout from overdrive and asks coordinates for landing.

  39. He then encrypted it and transmitted the result on a tight beam communicator to coordinates in space which he kept only in his head.

  40. Gene plotted coordinates and tracked the trajectory of the runaway asteroid, then calculated the amount of thrust needed to pass the Earth at a safe distance.

  41. Sim went on to provide its coordinates and other information the Starmen would need to find it.

  42. I'm used to plotting coordinates and thinking in three dimensions.

  43. He punched in coordinates and set the power grid.

  44. Only when the system of coordinates is thus metrical, i.

  45. When, as in projective Geometry, the coordinates are not spatial magnitudes, no amount of transformation can give a metrical result.

  46. For they were introduced serially, so that, as we proceeded from the zero-point towards the infinity-point, our coordinates continually grew.

  47. Projective coordinates have been regarded as dependent on distance, and thus really metrical 31 36.

  48. In order that such a group should give possible motions, it is necessary, by Helmholtz's second axiom, that it should leave invariant some function of the coordinates of any two points.

  49. In the first place, it is important to realize that when coordinates are used, in projective Geometry, they are not coordinates in the ordinary metrical sense, i.

  50. But this view is due to a confusion as to the nature of the coordinates employed 30 35.

  51. A point, then, is only to be called imaginary, when, whatever real system of coordinates we adopt, one or more of the quantities expressing these coordinates remains imaginary.

  52. For this purpose, it is mathematically sufficient to suppose our coordinates Cartesian--a point whose Cartesian coordinates are imaginary, is a true imaginary point in the above sense.

  53. With this coordinate system, then, to define distance as a certain function of the coordinates is not to be guilty of a vicious circle.

  54. In this way, the only variables in distance are the two remaining points, and distance appears, therefore, as a function of two variables, namely the coordinates of the two variable points.

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