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  1. Wharfes at Coopers Island, when we prepared to go along side one of them.

  2. At 9 Anchor'd in 7 fathoms off Coopers Island, which lies close to Onrust.

  3. Carpenters, Smiths, and Coopers at their respective Employments, and the Seamen employed getting on board stones, ballast, etc.

  4. Employed getting on board Water as fast as the Coopers could set up and repair the Casks, setting up the rigging and Caulking the Ship's sides.

  5. Got all the Empty Casks on shore, and set the Coopers to Work to repair them; Heeld and Boot Topt the Starboard side.

  6. No brewer of ale or beer to sell shall make wood vessels or barrels, and coopers shall use only good and seasonable wood to make barrels and shall put their mark thereon.

  7. Periodically the brave coopers are honoured, therefore, by dances of large companies of people, who carry garlanded arches and execute triumphal figures.

  8. Wilson was obliged to take up his freedom of the city, that he might apprentice the lads to himself, as it is a rule among the coopers that no one follows this trade, which is a close one, without having learned it by regular apprenticeship.

  9. Said my informant: "Why, there was a man here two or three weeks ago, trying to find out all he could about the Pages and the Coopers and the Fluettes.

  10. As the Coopers were not leaving till the end of the week, they begged a lift for me from some friends of theirs who were going to the town.

  11. He turned out to be one of the Kilthorpes, and his pals in the yard were Coopers from London.

  12. But iron hoops were now used instead of hazel, and the coopers worked there no more.

  13. The coopers took care to enforce true cooperation by providing for equal holding of stock and for a division of ordinary profits and losses in proportion to wages.

  14. The coopers were in a great state of excitement, declared an embargo, and would not even allow the cargo to be sold at Stralsund.

  15. The coopers were summoned to the Town Hall, where the prisoners made their appearance with the iron collar round their necks and their hands and feet fettered.

  16. One of them being of ground-oak, will outlast six of the best ash; but this our coopers love not to hear of, who work by the great for sale, and for others.

  17. We got our smith's forge ashore on the 3d February, and set our coopers to work to repair our water casks.

  18. You were doubtless aware that the Coopers with their circles had a mind to take Leipzig.

  19. With the worthy burgesses laying down the law in this fashion, it is little wonder that the gangs "seldom dared to press ashore," or that they should have been able to take "only two coopers in ten months.

  20. There is a decided smack of the modern about the use the gang was put to by the journeymen coopers of Bristol.

  21. Because the coopers were starting up the hill to inquire.

  22. Some small distance beyond this gate the coopers have their common hall.

  23. The new order of the Fragsons and the Margaret Coopers was imminent.

  24. But if the Coopers took no ostensibly active part in the management of the Albion, they were most effectively represented by their head-waiter—the incomparable Paunceford.

  25. In those early days the coopers and carpenters were engaged to assist our Bristol men, but to-day the whole of the work is done by the natives themselves.

  26. Our coopers and carpenters are engaged, and our crew being completed we set sail for our destination.

  27. The coopers boil the staves for gin casks in a strong lye of alum before placing them together, to prevent their colouring the spirit, but washing with oil of vitriol is a better plan.

  28. Casks are charred on the inside by coopers when they are intended to hold water.

  29. A plane used by coopers for evening chines.

  30. Defn: A tool used by coopers for smoothing and chamfering rheir work, especially the inside of casks.

  31. Gathering hoop, a hoop used by coopers to draw together the ends of barrel staves, to allow the hoops to be slipped over them.

  32. A prong used by coopers to extract bungs from casks.

  33. The Coopers lived for some years at Bath, which seems to have been much frequented in those days by clergymen retiring from work.

  34. After the death of their own parents, the two young Coopers paid long visits at Steventon.

  35. In 1648 the coopers and the shoemakers of Boston were granted permission to organize guilds, which embraced both master and journeyman, and there were a few similar organizations in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

  36. Who shall have control over the coopers who work in breweries--the Brewery Workers or the Coopers' Union?

  37. I dare say my clothes may strike you a little; but I come from Strassburg, where the coopers dress like gentry.

  38. On the first of May of the year one thousand five hundred and eighty, the Honourable Guild of Coopers in the free Imperial town of Nuernberg held its solemn annual meeting, according to use and wont.

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