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  1. Captain John Moore, of the 32nd, did yeoman service in checking these encroachments, and, although wounded in the arm, he sallied out on two occasions at the head of 25 men and spiked the nearest guns.

  2. Baird’s brigade refused its right, checking the burgher horse with its musketry; and the Highland regiments on the left made a rapid movement under a heavy cannonade, and advanced to the charge.

  3. These injunctions were renewed in the time of Elizabeth and became a useful means of checking the number of refugees in London.

  4. Pepys himself seems to have found them a little tiresome, and relates how on a certain occasion Mrs. Pepys wearied him by telling him long stories out of the Grand Cyrus, and how he hurt her feelings by checking her outpourings.

  5. Instantly profiting by their temporary hesitation, the echelon limbered up and galloped away to another position, while the next echelon, again checking the enemy by its fire, followed its example.

  6. But, however carelessly these lists are prepared, the Custom House authorities accept them just as they are, and no provision has been made for checking them.

  7. Mr. Guppy, checking me as I was about to ring.

  8. It was Joe's job to take that highly specialized, magnificently precise machinery to its destination, help to install it, and see to its checking after it was installed.

  9. He's in charge of everything, from the security guards to the radar screens and the jet-plane umbrella and the checking of the men who work in the Shed.

  10. Thus was formed the Free Soil party, whose fundamental idea, like that afterwards held by the Republicans, was preservation of the Union by checking the extension of slavery.

  11. John Stuart Mill and Herbert Spencer have published timely warnings against the danger of checking the development of individual energy and ability by meddlesome laws.

  12. It has also succeeded, with the help of writers like Renan, in checking the ambition of the clergy.

  13. Montgomery made a movement as if he were going to reply, but checking himself, he remained silent.

  14. But checking himself, and softening, he said, 'This one may say, though you are ladies.

  15. Control of season checking by the use of S-irons 29.

  16. Control of season checking by the use of S-irons.

  17. When a disk is used, care must be taken that it is green and has not been affected by the shrinkage and checking near the end of the bolt.

  18. Knots materially affect checking and warping, ease in working, and cleavability of timber.

  19. It dries better and more easily than heartwood, usually with less shrinkage and little checking or honeycombing.

  20. It was to be observed that the loss in this case had fallen upon the underwriters, and the checking of their business might produce serious results.

  21. The only solution was to go over the whole field from the beginning, making research for the data as from the foundation, and checking off the principles against the facts.

  22. Numerous other instances make this connection between island habitat, deficiency of women, need of checking increase, and polyandrous marriages an obvious one.

  23. Checking herself on the verge of tears, she rallied, turned the conversation, and finding an excuse for going to the piano, dashed into a waltz.

  24. The convict raised both his hands with sudden action of wrathful despair, as though he would seize the other, despite the loaded muskets; but, checking himself with sudden impulse, wheeled round to the Court.

  25. The problem of moral theory is now in effect, if not in name, that of control, of authority and subordination, of checking and restraining desire and passion.

  26. This is an appeal to maintain individualism by checking individualism, and as might be expected from such a contradictory procedure, has accomplished little.

  27. Consider further that each of the Forty-eight Districts has its own Committee; speaking and motioning continually; aiding in the search for grain, in the search for a Constitution; checking and spurring the poor Three Hundred of the Townhall.

  28. The cry of the bold Norseman, coupled with that of Gascoyne, had the double effect of checking the onset of the enemy, and of collecting their own scattered forces around them.

  29. This reproof, so far from checking Miss Sarah's merriment, only seemed to increase it.

  30. When the young girl had first seen the silk, she had remembered all the kind widow had told her of their excessive economy, and with difficulty only succeeded in checking her tears.

  31. He also carried some regulations checking the abuse of the privilege of franking letters.

  32. By this evil precedent the commons abandoned the constitutional means of checking the expenditure of the public money by the crown, and proved themselves unfaithful to their duty towards the nation.

  33. Unfortunately he let matters slide; though he did not recall Westmorland, he abstained from checking Fitzwilliam's somewhat premature proceedings.

  34. This place, constructed with the object of checking the faubourgs, and opening into eight large avenues, had not been really fortified.

  35. They then fell back upon the Ecole, and for a long time checking the effort of the troops, gave the seventeenth arrondissement time to rise.

  36. We've been checking that little device, Lockley," said the general happily.

  37. When they saw me looking the lake over after checking up on Vale, they paralyzed me and brought me here.

  38. Ay, but ye're quite right," he said, checking himself.

  39. This brave act disarmed him, checking his rage, which seemed to have flashed out, and his English education began to tell.

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