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Example sentences for "confirmation"

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confinement; confinements; confines; confining; confirm; confirmations; confirmative; confirmatory; confirme; confirmed
  1. In confirmation of this sentence, if it needed confirmation, I would refer to all his reported judicial opinions; and particularly to the opinion of the Court as delivered by him in the case of the State vs.

  2. In confirmation of this, a good anecdote may be related of Sir Theodore Mayerne.

  3. Knighthood, and he attended that sovereign when the royal confirmation was given, in 1512, to the charter of the barber-surgeons of London.

  4. Of the statements just made abundant confirmation is at hand: A saloon in East 14th Street,[72] one of the landmarks of this busy street, has been notorious for many years.

  5. The woman declared with vehemence that she would never allow any of these "vile huzzies" to live in her house; but there were plenty of them on the street, she said, turning to the child for confirmation of her statement.

  6. Why should there not be an alternative baptismal and confirmation service, to be claimed under a conscience clause by those who desire it?

  7. But, oh, my spelling, reading and writing were shockingly deficient, and my grammar was laughable.

  8. He was closely pursued by the dogs, to whom old Bruin was often compelled to stop and give battle.

  9. Accordingly, we went to Hartford and took the night steamer, on the Connecticut River, for New York.

  10. Once the master compelled me to write a composition, and when he read it he laughed and said, "The ideas are good, Merrick, but it needs a Philadelphia lawyer to connect them.

  11. It was not difficult to manufacture one out of the public reports of what had been done, or not done, in East Tennessee, and the Military Committee of the Senate reported against the confirmation of my appointment as major- general.

  12. While in St. Louis after the battle of Wilson's Creek, I learned much in confirmation of the opinion of the character and ability of General Frémont which had very generally been held in the army.

  13. No doubt I might easily get up a little 'claptrap' on which to manufacture newspaper notoriety, and convince the Senate of the United States that I had won a great victory, and secure my confirmation by acclamation.

  14. I know that his confirmation as a major-general took place long after yours, but I do not know the date of his commission.

  15. The confirmation of the ministers was vigorously resisted in the Senate, and the resolution declaring the expediency of making the requisite appropriations as strenuously opposed in the House.

  16. If any confirmation of these statements is needed, it may be found in Mr. Webster's letter to Mr. de Bocanegra, in the sixth volume of this collection.

  17. The result of the investigation was an entire confirmation of the story.

  18. The sacramental character of confirmation and extreme unction is implicitly denied.

  19. I returned home triumphantly, carrying the children's happiness with me, as well as the confirmation of the infallibility of our protector.

  20. Instead of rejecting, as faulty human conceptions, what did not harmonise with the purer Gospel light, they sought and found in the Gospel a confirmation of the older human view.

  21. That childish smile came to him as a confirmation of his blithe mood; there were others, then, bound on the same pilgrimage as himself, who wished him well, and shared his happiness.

  22. On receiving this final confirmation of my conclusions, I applied forthwith to Doctor Norbury for permission to examine the mummy of Sebek-hotep, with the result that you are already acquainted with.

  23. I am really waiting for confirmation or otherwise of my ideas on the subject; for some new item of evidence.

  24. Then Miss Rose was probably also the author of my deliverance,' inferred Waverley, delighted at the confirmation of an idea which local circumstances had already induced him to entertain.

  25. Edward, whom he did not seem to observe, now perceived confirmation in his features of what the mien and gestures had already announced.

  26. I offer this, not as a new proof, but rather as a confirmation or final sealing of our love.

  27. The intendant's confirmation of his opinion of himself rather displeased him.

  28. Having understood this, they will have to search for, and work out, a new form of modern drama, a drama which will serve as the development and confirmation of the highest stage of religious consciousness in men.

  29. This is asserted with such confidence and repeated by all as indisputable truth; but however much I endeavored to find confirmation of this in Shakespeare's dramas, I always found the opposite.

  30. It receives additional confirmation from a letter of the Nuncio Morone to Pope Paul III.

  31. They have obtained confirmation from the praise lately lavished by "some great personages" upon the doctrine of Luther, and the blame poured upon its opponents.

  32. In addition to his endorsement of their pious zeal, Clement's brief informed the judges of parliament that they would find in the accompanying bull his formal confirmation of the inquisitorial commission.

  33. The Privilege of Exemption included in the Confirmation of Liberties, made by the Founder in his Charter, dated Anno Regni sui 47.

  34. In confirmation of this account Mr. Soren Knudtzon, Dr.

  35. But now they pretend to work miracles in confirmation of the truth of the resurrection!

  36. But a confirmation of what he had before taught, if it had been repeated after his resurrection, would have added great weight to his former testimony.

  37. This impostor pretends to work miracles in confirmation of his divine mission; and also pretends to give his disciples power to work miracles.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "confirmation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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