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Example sentences for "imprimatur"

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impressment; impressments; impresso; impressum; imprest; imprime; imprimer; imprimeur; imprimeurs; imprimis
  1. Footnote 592: The Advertisements of Archbishop Parker, issued and enforced on the authority of the Primate, to which the royal imprimatur was more than once refused, may be looked on as an exception.

  2. With the imprimatur of the Bishop of Philadelphia.

  3. But the ecclesiastical imprimatur that had been given to Aristotle, which had been formally expressed by Joh.

  4. Garnet's) hand; and was evidently prepared for the press, as Blackwell's imprimatur implies.

  5. We can hardly doubt that vernacular hymns existed, but they did not receive the imprimatur of any teacher, and have not survived.

  6. It bounded into the arena without the countenance of birth or station, without the imprimatur of the universities or literary clubs.

  7. The imperial imprimatur is the only standard of canonicity.

  8. Secondly, in the spells and charms of the Atharva[239], which received the Brahmanic imprimatur later than the other three Vedas, we find an outlook differing from that of the other Vedas and resembling the popular religion of China.

  9. With Imprimatur of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.

  10. It gave its imprimatur to the doctrine that an Irish tenant does not contract for the occupation of a farm, that Irish land is not the subject of an undivided ownership, but of a simple partnership.

  11. A policy denounced as dangerous in the extreme in 1886 by the leader of the party was propounded as part of the policy of the same party in the following year with the acquiescence and, one must suppose, the imprimatur of its chief.

  12. But the imprimatur of the Yankee Johnson was not potent enough to stay the course of nature, and, save in New England, the flat /a/ swept the country.

  13. Another synod, held at Lugdunum in the same year, put also its imprimatur upon them.

  14. Besides introducing a new theological system, Augustine put his imprimatur upon the burning of heretics.

  15. The universe revealed to us by the complex vision is a universe compounded of the concentrated visions of all the souls that compose it, a universe which in its eternal beauty and hideousness has received the "imprimatur of the immortal Gods.

  16. For as soon as the rhythmic harmony of the creative act has thus projected such a truth, such a truth receives the "imprimatur of the Gods" and turns out to be the truth which was implicit in us from the beginning.

  17. A dread lest the Inquisition should refuse the imprimatur to his poem haunted him.

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