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Example sentences for "approval"

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appropriation; appropriations; appropriator; approue; approued; approve; approved; approven; approver; approvers
  1. Presently he stood free, and barks of approval at once went up from his judges.

  2. When a man can be punished for doing wrong with approval of the tribal self, he is said to be responsible.

  3. The tribal self learns to approve certain expressions of tribal liking or disliking; the actions whose open approval is liked by the tribal self are called right actions, and those whose open disapproval is liked are called wrong actions.

  4. There was pride and pleasure in the anticipation of his approval of my exertions, when I should show him the money I had made.

  5. The poet of the company then gave us a song of his own composing, which, whatever may have been its merits, met with the approval of the company.

  6. And Trevor--he was able with perfect sincerity and unreserve to satisfy Mary's mind as to his unfeigned admiration and approval of her darling brother.

  7. For the exportation of ships, the Board of Supply must obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation.

  8. Reexport of such goods, however, requires the prior approval of a commission established in the Ministry of National Economy, with representatives from a number of other Government departments.

  9. The issuance of export licenses for lumber and cotton is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Iran Cotton Co.

  10. Transfers of capital from Norway require the prior approval of the Bank of Norway.

  11. In the spring the approval was not so decided.

  12. Shelley's lyric poetry is unsurpassed, but his theories in some respects will never meet with the approval of common-sense humanity.

  13. Scott was but a boy of fifteen, but he never forgot the glance of approval bestowed upon him by the poet.

  14. The head kept nodding approval as we vanished presently beneath the shade of the protecting trees.

  15. Wolf Larsen nodded approval and relinquished the wheel to me.

  16. It does very well, it seems, though I am not versed in things nautical," she said, nodding her head with grave approval at my steering contrivance.

  17. A chorus of masculine laughter attested approval to this sentiment and Mr. Strauss sat down abashed.

  18. Not Naaman's gifts but God's approval is Elisha's reward.

  19. Prophetess she was, fighter she was, she could burst into triumphant approval of Jael's bloody deed; and yet with the same lips could speak this profound word.

  20. Looked at from a somewhat different point of view, God's offer to Solomon presupposes God's knowledge and approval of his wishes.

  21. They are in singular contrast with the tone of fierce enthusiasm for battle which throbs through the rest of the chant, and with its stern approval of the deed of Jael when she slew Sisera.

  22. The Master's approval is the servant's best wages.

  23. At this there was a murmur of approval from several of the others.

  24. Loud shouts of enthusiastic approval burst forth, and cries of 'Good old Sweater' resounded through the room.

  25. All those who were in favour signified their approval in the customary manner, and as Weakling was the only one opposed, the resolution was carried and the meeting proceeded to the next business.

  26. A general murmur of approval greeted this.

  27. Owen had said it was robbery, but the majority of the others expressed their approval of the increase.

  28. Her mother had always been kind and good, but to have her speak of her affection and say a word of approval for her helpfulness, what more could be needed to make a young girl happy?

  29. They seemed to be watching me closely, and I could tell by little nods of approval where and when the points hit.

  30. If the drier promptly unites and takes kindly to a close relationship with the oil without curdling or showing other evidences of disagreement, it will merit the approval of the painter.

  31. Not only would we express our thanks to those who have purchased the book, but we feel deeply grateful to the trade press for the generous reviews and kindly expressions of approval that they have given the volume.

  32. A man is well dressed only when every part of his apparel meets the approval of the critic.

  33. Washington the sixteenth of March, in pursuance of a vote by which the members of the Senate gave their approval with unanimity.

  34. Wherever her agents have been, the missionaries have expressed the strongest approval of their methods and efficiency.

  35. We shall have, said one of them, the approval of our consciences, and the feeling that we have done that which it is right men should do who love their neighbor.

  36. In conclusion, I wish to express my hearty approval of the methods pursued by yourself and associates, especially as applied to the giving relief to the suffering people.

  37. Then the plan of a well arranged sewing society, with its constitution, laws, officers and regulations was explained, and their approval and co-operation asked.

  38. We were accepted by the ratifying powers at Berne, with this digression, and although novel, it has won great approval and is known abroad as the "American amendment.

  39. It has the official approval of the medical officers of the government from Surgeon-General Sternberg to the smallest, humblest subaltern.

  40. Tucker, Chaplain of the Royal Navy, who was one of the guests on the occasion, and whose approval may be safely deemed definitive, in all matters of taste.

  41. Mr. Forman bowed his head slightly with an air of reverence, and nodded two or three times to express his perfect approval of the rector's sentiments.

  42. And the laughter that followed told Connie as he proceeded on his way, that his handling of Steve had met the universal approval of the crew.

  43. The idea gained instant approval among the men, and from all parts of the room voices were raised in assent.

  44. Old Rolls, perhaps; but his approval is not enough to live for--is it?

  45. His sympathy and approval were delightful to his father.

  46. A murmur of approval rose from the other men, with whom Bindle was popular and Henry Gilkes was not.

  47. There was a murmur of approval from the others, which was interrupted by Mrs. Bindle's clear-cut, incisive voice.

  48. A murmur of approval broke from the others at this enigmatical utterance.

  49. To all of these observations--somewhat heavily weighted with barrier billingsgate--Tartar showed his approval by wagging his tail knowingly and by covering the small face bent down to him with canine kisses.

  50. With the reasonable certainty of the approval of both father and brother and with a heart surcharged with love for the sweet girl whom he felt was not indifferent to him, Jean had reason to feel happy and confident.

  51. Do you manage to exist without the approval of royalty?

  52. A murmur of approval came from the children.

  53. Posterity has placed the seal of everlasting approval upon the best of his work and in the main is admirably ignorant of his few less worthy productions.

  54. Sheridan sat down amidst the laughing approval of the others.

  55. His labors completed, Moore regarded the whistle with the critical approval of an expert, and putting it to his mouth blew a shrill blast.

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