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Example sentences for "appropriations"

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appropriately; appropriateness; appropriates; appropriating; appropriation; appropriator; approue; approued; approval; approve
  1. One of the great educational reforms now going on in the South is to secure from the local governments appropriations to continue the schools after the state fund runs out.

  2. But we do earnestly protest against the action of the Indiana legislature by which it made appropriations for that purpose of moneys collected by taxing women's property.

  3. A growing conviction that the legislature would stop the appropriations to the University unless justice was done to the daughters of the State, finally brought about, at Ann Arbor, a change of policy.

  4. We have neither sought from it protection for our private interests nor appropriations for our public improvements.

  5. Once or twice he delivered the annual address before the alumni; several times he secured appropriations for his alma mater from the State.

  6. It is a remarkable fact, however, that whilst British authors are protesting in their speeches and writings against foreign appropriations of their copyrights, they are often very much flattered by their adoption.

  7. If unable to understand the impolicy of her present course, will mulcting Mr. Murray and Mr. Bentley induce her to abandon her wholesale appropriations of English literary property?

  8. And, of course, the fact that we have only appropriations for a limited number of men.

  9. Well, I have tried to secure in the appropriations funds to enable us to procure the equipment and personnel that we thought would be necessary.

  10. Chief Rowley testified, I thought quite convincingly, in 1962 before the various Appropriations Committees of the Congress and met with very little success because I think that this was not fully understood by the public.

  11. The Appropriations Committees were a reflection of public understanding, and probably it was not even fully understood within the Secret Service.

  12. The Secretary presents the overall Treasury budget, but then in detail, we appear before the appropriations subcommittee ourselves to justify our request.

  13. Do you receive your appropriations in a lump sum or how do you receive Secret Service appropriations?

  14. That was not taken up, I know, in the testimony before the Appropriations Committee.

  15. The revenue of the Government, which is chiefly derived from duties on imports from abroad, has been greatly reduced, whilst the appropriations made by Congress at its last session for the current fiscal year are very large in amount.

  16. United States geologist, under appropriations made by Congress for that purpose.

  17. In the present crisis of the country it is our duty to confine our appropriations to objects of this character, unless in cases where justice to individuals may demand a different course.

  18. I promise that not an hour shall be lost in ascertaining the amount of appropriations made by them for which it will be necessary to provide.

  19. The history of these alleged unlawful appropriations of the Cherokee domain may be thus briefly summarized: 1.

  20. Much larger appropriations are needed in order to carry out in full these beneficent measures, and I earnestly hope that they may be forthcoming.

  21. This is the only method of procedure by which satisfactory results in speech teaching for practical purposes can be obtained in return for the generous appropriations that the states make.

  22. Only by means of such segregation, and the enforcement of speech as a universal medium of communication, can the appropriations for oral work be made really productive of good results in what are now called "Combined Schools.

  23. No money shall be drawn from the treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law: and a regular statement and account of the receipts and expenditures of all public money shall be published from time to time.

  24. Niggardly and inadequate governmental appropriations for common schools have been supplemented by missionary funds, and in many cases missionary funds alone have supported and are still supporting native schools.

  25. While Western Virginia was denied railroad facilities out of deference to southern and slave-holding interests, liberal appropriations were made for the building of turnpike roads in that territory.

  26. In 1852 the Lighthouse Board reported: "Various efforts have been made, and numerous appropriations expended, in endeavoring to place an efficient and permanent mark on this point.

  27. The concurrence of the House to the measure by the appropriations necessary for carrying it into effect is alike subject to its free determination and indispensable to the fulfillment of the intention.

  28. The appropriations of the two last years, including the yearly ten millions of the sinking fund, have each equaled the promised revenue of the ensuing year.

  29. The appropriations made by Congress for public works, as well in the construction of fortifications as for purposes of internal improvement, so far as they have been expended, have been faithfully applied.

  30. The school board elects the teachers, determines the courses of study and methods of discipline, and submits recommendations and estimates for appropriations annually to the municipal council.

  31. The diet has the sole power to levy taxes and make appropriations with or without his consent.

  32. The secretary read a letter from the clerk of the Committee on appropriations reporting that Mr. Godard's letter would be called to the attention of the committee at the proper time.

  33. Books are purchased for the university either out of the legislative appropriation for the library or the appropriations for the university and its different colleges and departments of investigation.

  34. Let this fact come to the knowledge of our people and a demand will be made to cut down the appropriations for educating men to destroy and increase the appropriations for educating men to construct.

  35. A failure of Congress to provide in the appropriations for traveling expenses for this and similar purposes, made this impossible.

  36. The details of the estimated income and of the appropriations are given in the January number of the Bulletin.

  37. The approval of book appropriations on the part of the ministry depends on compliance with these regulations.

  38. For example, in some states definite appropriations are made for certain departments of work, in others certain expenses such as printing, binding and office supplies are paid from the general state fund for all departments.

  39. Books are also purchased out of the legislative appropriations for the support of certain colleges and out of allotments made by the trustees from the general university funds for colleges not specifically provided for by the legislature.

  40. We find them in many reigns, imposing new duties, taking off, or reducing old ones, and making provision for their collection, or new appropriations of them.

  41. It has been supposed that appropriations for bridges, public markets, or good roads would in some way take the place of industry and thrift and bring good times.

  42. Their appropriations are minute; Gallatin, to whom they yield, is evidently intending to break down this department, by charging it with an impracticable detail.

  43. While Congress was acting upon the President's recommendations and voting appropriations for fortifications and for the completion of the three frigates which were then on the stocks, disquieting disclosures came from the West.

  44. Appropriations were made for the fortification of harbors and the collection of military stores.

  45. They have resorted to anything necessary, to commercialize public sentiment and sandbag the National Congress into making extravagant and wasteful appropriations for the army and navy under the false pretense that it was necessary.

  46. Kitchin was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which has in charge the appropriations necessary to carry on the war.

  47. Under his influence an American-type normal school was established, teachers were imported from the United States, and liberal appropriations for education were begun.

  48. Their synods made liberal appropriations for the universities, while municipalities provided for colleges and elementary education.

  49. Our appropriations ran short, and we were compelled to put off some twenty-two men just previous to the riot.

  50. No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.

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