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capit; capita; capitain; capitaine; capitaines; capitale; capitalis; capitalisation; capitalised; capitalism
  1. This is the capital joint of horse which I am carving!

  2. In 1874 Sir Garnet Wolseley captured Kumassi, the capital of the Ashantis, whose country lies in the interior of the Gold Coast, in West Africa.

  3. Delhi, once the capital of the great Mogul Empire in India, strongly fortified, and supplied with war material, was now in the possession of our own trained sepoys.

  4. Nay, as the telegraph wires flashed the news to Washington, it was foreseen with an agony of horror that the Merrimac might ascend the Potomac and lay the capital in ashes.

  5. The enemy had some capital marksmen, and several of our men were shot through the loopholes.

  6. In the year 1537, Rome was not quite the luxurious capital which had fallen under the sword of the Constable of Bourbon.

  7. I will continue now from Possevino, describing the Roman College, which was an object of daily observation to the capital of the Christian world.

  8. Assuming that the mill owner estimates his capital as worth to him ten per cent, per annum, then the improvement which would effect the above mentioned saving must not cost more than six thousand dollars, and so on.

  9. Now that one or two sensational strikes have attracted attention, and capital is developing paying mines, the future of the Perche District seems assured.

  10. Against these advantages are to be set the greater first cost of the automatic engine, and the consequent annual charge due to capital sunk.

  11. He gave us a capital selection on his melodeon, then he sang to it, concluding with a breakdown in response to a double encore.

  12. He was also a capital hand with sheep, but it was his notoriously foul mouth that had made him a public character, and throughout the district he was known as Hell-fire Jim.

  13. Beetle, old chap, I wish I'd thought of it myself--only it would have meant boning the capital too!

  14. The higher the capital stock, the greater number of shares there are for sale, usually.

  15. Hence, there is no propriety in the act of self-appropriating half the capital stock by the organizers.

  16. Some companies are now so organized and managed that there is a guaranteed refund, at stated periods, or whenever profits have accrued, of fractions of the invested capital with accumulated interest thereon.

  17. If an owner believes that a mine is worth ten times as much as a prospect, let him be consistent and offer his undeveloped property for a tithe of the capital stock in the anticipated mine.

  18. The first step makes the capital stock "fully paid for," since it has been accepted in full payment for the property.

  19. It is not the men of great capital who are induced, as a rule, into the deals of the "promoter.

  20. Another matter to be considered here is that of overloading a fairly good mining enterprise with so much capital investment that the property cannot be made to pay proper dividends and fair interest on the capital.

  21. Many companies have met defeat in the exhaustion of capital through the purchase and installation of elaborate plants which were never warranted.

  22. Then, according to prearranged agreements, these owners donate to the treasury of the company a portion of this capital stock to be henceforth termed "treasury stock.

  23. Upon the showing in a ten-foot hole, such men will induce capital to take interests enough to provide the wherewithal for purchasing and installing an equipment capable of handling and treating the output of a big mine.

  24. This is effected usually by going through the formality of having the owners sell their holdings outright for the entire issue of the capital stock.

  25. Among the various means by which the name of Gipsy can be raised up, it may be mentioned, that beginning the word with a capital is one of no little importance.

  26. A capital idea occurs to him; he will father it upon Barnum!

  27. He wanted capital to patent the pump and put it on the market.

  28. Otherwise they would be obliged themselves to endure it, with the result that their capital and surplus funds would be impaired and perhaps exhausted; and, if they should prove inadequate, failure would be inevitable.

  29. Their holdings are also larger, their capital needs greater, and their business instincts more highly developed.

  30. Together they control about eighty per cent of the entire banking capital of the Empire.

  31. A proportion of ten to one between capital and aggregate demand obligations would probably be justified by American experience.

  32. They should be great enough to cover prospective losses and to induce conservatism, honesty, and efficiency in management, and not so great as to prevent the free flow of an adequate amount of capital into the business.

  33. Under this system capital does not easily and quickly move from place to place and readily distribute itself according to the relative needs of different communities.

  34. The present practice of fixing the surplus fund at twenty per cent of the capital would be justifiable if the capital fund were properly regulated in amount.

  35. In the United States the limit set is the amount of the capital stock, and in France it is an arbitrary figure from time to time changed as the needs of the bank seem to require.

  36. All felonies were awarded capital punishment, and many minor crimes incurred barbarous penalties.

  37. Perhaps every land in Europe had laws making witchcraft a capital crime.

  38. Thus a letter was just a week in transit between Philadelphia and the capital of Virginia.

  39. For education in science there has long been a high school in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, and there is another founded in 1749 in Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania.

  40. The Scotch or Irish are satisfied with a fair profit, put the capital into another farm, leaving the Germans owners of the old farms.

  41. I have dined with Mr. Carling:--capital claret.

  42. Capital Opera; we used to think it the best, before we had Tannhauser and Lohengrin and the Meistersinger.

  43. It was for the social history of Europe that he lived, for the eager penetrating gaze into this capital and that, something suddenly noted, some case examined and dismissed.

  44. This hill commanded the capital city, built upon the slope of another hill close by.

  45. But your old brick oven was a true Puritan institution, and backed up the devotional habits of good housewives by the capital care which he took of whatever was committed to his capacious bosom.

  46. Finally in 1860 the kingdom of which Naples was the capital was united to the kingdom of Italy.

  47. The class who fill that arena and block every avenue to it cannot be dispossessed so long as the system which furnishes the capital and material for their traffic remains unchanged.

  48. Beginning life in a new country with small capital involves many years of hard work and strict economy, perhaps privation and loneliness.

  49. Marietta is a capital model, and her sad face and tender eyes were upturned with exactly the desired expression to the grinning mask in the centre of the ceiling.

  50. There are some young men in it who, all at once, without a fixed salary, and no capital whatever, make from ten, twenty to thirty thousand francs a year.

  51. This roof, which was several yards broad, was formed of light beams and thatch; it floated, and would make a capital raft, I joined my hands together and would have worshipped this wood and straw.

  52. In the beginning my occupation had inspired me with pity and loathing, but as time wore on I said: "These studies are for the good of humanity," for I hoped to convince the lawmakers of the wisdom of abolishing capital punishment.

  53. Still, he must have more capital than he could see the means of raising, and once or twice he was on the point of signifying his concurrence.

  54. In the meanwhile I've been seeing what can be done to raise enough capital to take up all the land, but haven't met with any great success.

  55. If anything, he was rather too much addicted to holding out his hand, and he realized that it behooves the man without capital to be particularly wary in his negotiations with the one in possession of money.

  56. He's not going to raise much when things are humming and every man with capital is putting it into mines and mills.

  57. Nasmyth was quite aware that in a matter of this kind the man who provides the capital usually takes the lion's share, but, after all, the project was his, and he naturally wanted something for himself.

  58. Not that a stranger was matter for comment in Monterey, capital of California, but this stranger had brought with him horses which threatened to disgrace the famous winners of the North.

  59. His dreams leapt beyond California to the capital of Spain.

  60. The Indian workmen were slugs; California, a vast region inhabited only by savages and a few priests, offered slender attractions to a young officer craving the gay pleasures of his capital and the presence of the woman he was to marry.

  61. Fall back, and leave the guest of your capital to those who are compelled to judge him.

  62. Los Angeles, the capital of the Californias!

  63. No, but he has a capital house, with a large garden and a meadow, at a place called Castlemore.

  64. Having paid my penny, I sat sipping the ginger-beer, when it occurred to me that it would be a capital place to lodge, if only the old woman would take me.

  65. He seems to know before entering the water what the fish are doing, and the formation of his body and limbs makes him a capital diver.

  66. With this capital he begged his mother to let him go to Copenhagen and try his fortune.

  67. Twas all very well while the laurel was growing, Her glittering leaves were a capital shield; But now she is gone, and the chilly winds blowing Can whistle unchecked from the neighbouring field.

  68. Accordingly Artaxerxes, being proclaimed king, went to Pasargadæ, the religious capital of the Persians, to perform the customary solemnities.

  69. It is a capital specimen of Hebrew scholarship; a monument of learned, loving, light-giving labour.

  70. Route from Kathmandu, the Capital of Nepal, to Darjeeling in Sikim.

  71. The case about the lens is a capital one.

  72. In addition to these cotton mills other industries have sprung up, so that the total capital represented by the various corporations is over nine millions of dollars.

  73. But the discovery of petroleum, the scarcity of whales, and at the same time the low price of oil, necessitated an entirely new field for the capital and energy so long devoted to whaling.

  74. Of the five national banks three have a capital of a million dollars each, another has six hundred thousand, and the fifth half a million; making a total capital of four millions, one hundred thousand.

  75. By the concentration and investment at home of some of the money saved from the wreck, the Wamsutta mills have become a corporation with a capital of three million dollars.

  76. The Potomska mills have accumulated a capital of fifteen hundred thousand, the Grinnell mill has eight hundred thousand, the Acushnet mill six hundred thousand, the Yarn mills three hundred thousand.

  77. If capital punishment is to be on our statute books for anything, it should certainly be for the train-wrecker.

  78. Imprisonment of either spouse for not less than three years, and being still in prison under a commuted sentence for a capital crime, or under sentence to penal servitude for seven years or more.

  79. That within one year the wife has been imprisoned for a period of not less than three years and is still in prison under a commuted sentence for a capital crime, or under sentence to penal servitude for seven years or more.

  80. Christian citizens of all the States are directly responsible for the existence of slavery in the District of Columbia, and they should not be content until that foul pollution is wiped away from the Capital of our country.

  81. The stealing of a man was made a capital offense.

  82. All men have not the skill to acquire or manage capital, and capital is essential to the accomplishment of great enterprises, to the march of improvement, and the progress of civilization.

  83. Capital calming place for your sister at your uncle's.

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