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  1. Still, a class of culprits such as these, composed of rich bankers and merchants, gave ample opportunity of swelling the assets of the Holy Office.

  2. The assets taken melted in the hands of the spoilers.

  3. At the same time an increasing nervousness, based upon the deterioration in quality of the assets of the United States, showed itself.

  4. As the Treasury found its expenditures nearing its receipts, and the proportion of gold in its assets lessening, business men were badly worried over the future of the currency, and an actual limit of available capital appeared.

  5. The offices were not only valued assets of Senators and Representatives, who held control over their followers through them, but had come to be regarded as the cement that held the national party organization together.

  6. Harrison's personal character and piety were valuable assets in a time when party leaders were under fire.

  7. On this basis the assets behind the common stock are not far from $150 a share.

  8. By increasing fluid assets the probability of the need for borrowing would be minimized.

  9. But does the cost of tangible assets indicate actual value?

  10. Steel stock on the most conservative basis--that of tangible assets in 1901 plus tangible additions since.

  11. The investor knows that the big company has great earning power and enormous assets behind every dollar of its securities.

  12. For twenty years the big company has been steadily building up its assets with a view to making its common stock the safest investment of its kind in the world.

  13. The general consensus of opinion is that the Corporation’s bonds and preferred stock were both amply protected by assets at the time of its organization but that the junior stock had nothing behind it but “blue sky.

  14. Even on this basis, which is certainly a bed-rock computation, it will be seen that the assets behind “Little Steel” are considerably larger than its par value.

  15. Subject to these considerations, I shall assume that any surplus of revenue over expenditure, or any special assets that the Colonies may possess, can fairly be taken towards meeting a portion of the cost of the war.

  16. Of course, there were very valuable assets to place against this heavy indebtedness, assets which are likely to improve considerably in value as time goes on--that is, if the city continues to progress and prosper.

  17. A critical examination of the past amounts practically to a taking stock, a summary of our social assets and liabilities.

  18. These spiritual assets of self-complacency are indeed to be rated as grounds of high-minded patriotism without afterthought.

  19. Are conscripted assets to be used as a basis for the issue of Federal Reserve Bank Notes?

  20. At the time they all had agreed but Amanthus, who said she did not feel any need for vocabulary or repartee, and in truth as they could see, she did not need them in the least as assets in her business of life.

  21. And the assets of this Selina, without a dollar of her own, or of her family's, shabbily established and obscure?

  22. The affairs of the company were in the utmost confusion; the treasury was empty, and there were no apparent assets apart from the idle plant.

  23. From this point of view, any attempt to lower his office would tend dangerously to weaken the prestige of the Crown, which, to put it on the lowest grounds, is one of the greatest assets of the British Raj.

  24. This worked so well that the division had to divide its assets among the other divisions within the Tenth Army.

  25. Their versatility and relative mobility, however, proved to be assets in the long haul.

  26. Even the fourth revision of the Marine division’s table of organization did not provide sufficient transport assets to support such a protracted campaign executed at increasing distances from the force beachhead.

  27. The spiritual assets of individuals and nations seem to abide, while their material assets are perishable.

  28. The complexity of Serbia and Kosovo's political and legal relationships has created uncertainty over property rights and hindered the privatization of state-owned assets in Kosovo.

  29. We might learn from them to show that respect to the parents of noteworthy children, which the contributors of such valuable assets to the national wealth richly deserve.

  30. Each people had its own tribal or national gods, who were inventoried as national assets at valuations quite as high as those attached to tribal or national territory.

  31. The conclusion arrived at is, that, according to Lord Coke, if such conveyance had been with warranty, the heir would be bound, if assets descended to him from the son.

  32. Were he to devote every farthing of assets that he had, he still could not come within L1,310 odd of his mere attorney's bills.

  33. Defn: An acknowledgement of indebtedness made by a receiver under order of court to obtain funds for the preservation of the assets held by him, as for operating a railroad.

  34. Bank of England, the balance of assets above liabilities.

  35. This contrasts with a "judgment-proof" defendant, one who has neither assets nor insurance, and against whom a judgment for monetary damages would be worthless.

  36. Real assets (Law), lands or real estate in the hands of the heir, chargeable with the debts of the ancestor.

  37. Marshaling of assets (Law), the arranging or ranking of assets in due order of administration.

  38. Every private drawer was rummaged, every paper opened, and many a curious glance was cast at the contents of the latter, in order to get some clew to the probable amount of the assets of the deceased.

  39. With or without the will my title to my father's assets would seem to be equally valid.

  40. I dare say, if all my assets were fairly counted, it might be found that I am worth a plum.

  41. However, growing economic hardship and rising ethnic tensions between Kazakhs and Russians over the division of economic assets will likely lead to strong pressure to backtrack.

  42. Capital investment consists largely of residential housing, not productive assets that would enable local Palestinian firms to compete with Israeli industry.

  43. The breakup of many of the trade links, the sharp drop in output as industrial plants lost suppliers and markets, and the destruction of physical assets in the fighting all have contributed to the economic difficulties of the republics.

  44. Capital flight continued to be a serious problem in 1993, with billions of dollars in assets owned by Russians being parked abroad at yearend.

  45. Besides, we have assets as well as debts: here is our schedule.

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