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Example sentences for "amply"

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amplifying; amplissima; amplitude; amplitudes; amplius; amps; ampton; ampules; ampulla; ampullae
  1. The evidence of contemporary observers, however, must force impartial readers to admit that poor Goldsmith's foibles were real, however amply compensated by rare and admirable qualities.

  2. He was laid in the Abbey by the side of Goldsmith, and the playful prediction has been amply fulfilled:-- Forsitan et nostrum nomen miscebitur istis.

  3. It is sad, indeed, that he should not have lived to enjoy a distinction which he had so amply earned, and to use his splendid mental gifts in the wider sphere of activity which was opened up to him by accession to the peerage.

  4. I should, of course, be glad to accept the position, but yours is undoubtedly the prior right, and your previous experience has amply proven your ability.

  5. The passage was amply large enough to hold two or three men standing up, but it led downward at a very sharp angle.

  6. No doubt he will be amply satisfied with a slight sketch of the different members of the family, and a general view of the first year or two of my sojourn among them.

  7. I do not intend to see her again, but I will place a sum of money in your hands, which will amply supply her with every convenience; but should she require more, let her have it, and I will see it repaid.

  8. I straitened my little income to give him a liberal education, but the rapid progress he made in his studies amply compensated for the inconvenience.

  9. My journey and visit with him was a visit of observation, and I was amply rewarded.

  10. I felt that the work of this day alone amply repaid me for all my labors in the ministry.

  11. She took infinite pains to make herself almost universally agreeable, and was amply repaid, for she was almost universally considered to be so.

  12. England is a nautical nation, and, if they like it, the book will amply repay the publisher, and I predict it will be popular with sailors, for it is true to its text.

  13. And yet how could she have been false to her heart, which she felt had been amply vindicated by her marriage?

  14. Milly was amply content with this division.

  15. In his defence he enumerated no less than a hundred and fifty-two persons, including his wife and daughter, as his mortal enemies, and he gave the reason in each case which amply justified their enmity.

  16. From his mother he had received only a slight mulatto tinge, amply compensated by its accompanying rich, dark eye.

  17. The graceful bamboo lounges were amply supplied with cushions of rose-colored damask, while over them, depending from the hands of sculptured figures, were gauze curtains similar to those of the bed.

  18. The Duke also entertained him in his palace; and, in admiration of his bravery, made him so many rich presents, that the expences of his journey were amply reimbursed.

  19. Tents for banqueting and repose were raised, and amply furnished by the liberality of Sueno.

  20. The hopes of Castile were now directed to Henry; for any defect in the legitimacy of his title was amply supplied by his talents and virtues.

  21. But DuQuesne's mind, always under perfect control and now amply reenforced by a considerable proportion of the stranger's own knowledge and power, did not waver under the force of even that hypnotic glare.

  22. Even if we never find any other use for the zone of force, that one is amply sufficient to justify its installation.

  23. The supposition of the acid character of silica was amply confirmed by the mineralogical analyses and experiments of Berzelius.

  24. I don't attempt to give you home news, as you are amply supplied with that article by Mamma.

  25. Humming a gay measure, jubilant at the prospect of seeing himself so amply avenged, Gonzaga passed down and out into the castle gardens to join the ladies in their merry-making over a game of hoodman blind.

  26. Had he done so, an enduring rupture between them would probably have ensued; for Guidobaldo was not one to permit himself to be hectored, and, after all, he amply realised that Gian Maria had more need of him than he of Gian Maria.

  27. The efficacy of the system may be judged from the fact that in a country which was at heart Republican, as events have amply shown, the Republican party never had more than fourteen representatives in a chamber of about 150.

  28. Bulgaria felt herself amply strong enough to crush the Servian and Greek armies single-handed, provided peace with Turkey could be assured, and the Bulgarian troops at Tchataldja set free.

  29. Ten persons are all that one cook can properly prepare a dinner for, and three waiters will be amply employed in waiting upon that number.

  30. When visiting, never depend upon your host for writing or sewing materials; but it is a delicate attention for you, if hostess, to have your guest's room amply supplied with both.

  31. When school-hours are over, we have full time for recreation, and are amply provided with the means of amusing ourselves.

  32. Beside all these things, they had a closet full of amusing toys; and in short the play-room was amply stored with a profusion of whatever was necessary to the enjoyment of their leisure hours.

  33. The remaining commercial cities of note, Prague and Breslau, were most amply supplied with newly ennobled merchants.

  34. The manner in which this fund shall be disposed of has been amply considered by preceding General Assemblies, and in the messages of my predecessors in the executive office.

  35. A profane public at the Residency had suggested clubs and saws as amply sufficient for the work in hand.

  36. With the exception of the Mammalia and the Birds, the fauna of Ceylon has, up to the present, failed to receive that systematic attention to which its richness and variety so amply entitle it.

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