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Example sentences for "eminently"

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  1. What would be just and right with regard to the African, would be eminently unjust towards the European.

  2. This was the object at which the British manufacturers had aimed, and in which they had been eminently successful.

  3. He is also eminently qualified for a number of employments, which the instincts of the white man regard as degrading.

  4. But the planter, to be eminently successful, must purchase his supplies at the lowest possible prices; while the farmer, to secure his prosperity, must sell his products at the highest possible rates.

  5. To the cotton planters, the co-partnership has been eminently advantageous.

  6. As a class, the blacks are indolent, improvident, servile and licentious; and their inveterate habit of appealing to white benevolence or compassion whenever they realize a want or encounter a difficulty, is eminently baneful and enervating.

  7. They are pre-eminently locomotive and perambulating.

  8. It was a long and toilsome journey over several hundred miles of exceedingly fertile and beautiful country, eminently suited for the happy abode of natives.

  9. For one thing, they are eminently social with one another.

  10. It only remains to be shown that their nature is such as to render them eminently suitable and conclusive.

  11. A large class of Indian dialects have been analysed by Du Ponceau, a writer whose high philosophical reputation, great candour, and perfect knowledge of the dialects he examined, render his researches eminently deserving of attention.

  12. Eminently distinguished as the Irish are by Literary genius, there is probably no subject on which their native talent has appeared to less advantage than in the investigation of the early History of their own Country.

  13. The geographical distribution of the various languages of the globe seems to render Adelung's arguments for regarding Central Asia as the birth-place of our species eminently convincing.

  14. But this backwardness is eminently suited to a place like Udaipur, and a European prince is not always a desirable thing.

  15. It is the latter industry which may pre-eminently claim to have called the steam-engine into existence.

  16. That armament has been eminently successful in the accomplishment of its object.

  17. New York and Philadelphia were eminently exposed, the then existing works not being sufficient for their protection.

  18. To the corps themselves this service can not fail to be equally useful, since by the knowledge they would thus acquire they would be eminently better qualified in the event of war for the great purposes for which they were instituted.

  19. But in regard to those continents circumstances are eminently and conspicuously different.

  20. That it has eminently augmented our resources and added to our strength and respectability as a power is admitted by all.

  21. In August last he arrived at New York, where he was received with the warmth of affection and gratitude to which his very important and disinterested services and sacrifices in our Revolutionary struggle so eminently entitled him.

  22. In contemplating the happy situation of the United States, our attention is drawn with peculiar interest to the surviving officers and soldiers of our Revolutionary army, who so eminently contributed by their services to lay its foundation.

  23. Having these jays come in from the country won't do any good unless we can hold these eminently respectable people who think they're Clarkson society.

  24. The mule-drawn ambulance was a picturesque feature of the urban landscape as it bore the army women about the rough streets of the new cities; it was not elegant, but it was so eminently respectable!

  25. Note should be made of the literary charm and value of the work, and likewise of its eminently readable quality, considered purely as a romance.

  26. The Silurian rocks, as I have said, are eminently marine.

  27. The succeeding period was one of eminently marine conditions, the wide distribution of Silurian strata showing that during the accumulation of these, enormous tracts of our Continent were overflowed by the sea.

  28. Bernard Shaw is specially good at it; he is pre-eminently a black and white artist.

  29. Raleigh was eminently a man before his age, but, alas!

  30. Drayton eminently suits a 'Selection' such as ours, since his parts are better than his whole.

  31. If to be eminently useful is to fulfil the highest purpose of humanity, it was certainly fulfilled by Isaac Watts.

  32. They seem to be eminently adapted for illustrating the profound, the unexpected, and almost paradoxical character of the methods which I have just attempted to sketch.

  33. This was pre-eminently the case with Gothic Architecture.

  34. And of all men in England, it could hardly be doubted that Harold was pre-eminently the possessor of the attributes that went in those days to make a good king.

  35. Therefore every man and pre-eminently the leaders, put forth all their force, and fought with the most lion-like desperation.

  36. While everything thus appeared to favour the English interest, the Dauphin's affairs were eminently discouraging.

  37. Richard, however, was pre-eminently a soldier; martial glory was his true mistress, and he did not long delay the expedition on which he was engaged.

  38. On the contrary, I was regarded as eminently successful.

  39. Yet both of these men were considered as eminently successful in their profession.

  40. But I can make the pain eminently profitable to her, with your assistance--in fact, so profitable as to secure the peace and prosperity of her whole future life.

  41. Sir Oswald fancied that such a companion was eminently adapted to urge his nephew onward in the difficult road that leads to fortune and distinction.

  42. Two ways to the attainment of this object are open to me; the one injurious, in fact destructive, to you and Madame Durski, the other eminently beneficial.

  43. This position is eminently patriotic, and, as such, I thank the meeting, and congratulate the nation for it.

  44. He cherished no resentment against the South, and every theory of reconstruction that he ever conceived or presented was eminently peaceful and looking solely to reattaching the estranged people to the government.

  45. That sect stood out in bold relief as exemplars of moral purity in an age and among a people eminently licentious.

  46. If you mention the utility of a mathematician like Isaac Newton, don't forget that it was his pre-eminently anti-mathematical gift for drawing conclusions from analogy which made him what he was.

  47. They are therefore pre-eminently unfitted for exploitation as a source of governmental revenue.

  48. Said one of our English girls afterward to me, with tact and taste pre-eminently British, "She glad she is not English!

  49. In short, Nono was a stylish and eminently respectable old bird.

  50. This virtue was also most eminently seen in Christ Jesus, and in that example which he hath set us.

  51. After thou hast read over and seriously considered the lesson of poverty exhibited by the Lord, take also a view of the deep and unaffected humility, which was so eminently seen in his whole life and conduct.

  52. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, an eminently enlightened and holy man, was enabled, by his well-disciplined mind and great administrative powers, to create order among the scattered Lutherans whom he found in this country.

  53. This character of inward repentance is eminently set forth in the Psalms of David, and particularly in those termed Penitential.

  54. As God operates eminently in humble souls; so the Holy Spirit particularly works in them the gift of filial prayer.

  55. Christ crucified is set before our eyes as a Book of Life, whence we may learn the sacred wisdom of God, which is in him eminently displayed.

  56. His education had been neglected in one essential and eminently British particular: he could not box.

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