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Example sentences for "greatly"

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greatened; greatens; greater; greatest; greatlie; greatlye; greatnes; greatness; greatnesse; greatter
  1. It was a pretty, small room, whereof I greatly admired the fashion; and the furnishing thereof was extreme gay, for the bed hangings were of bright crimson silk, and on a table was placed a mirror of true Venetian glass.

  2. The Duke of York, though not much gifted with the faculty of making jests, greatly enjoyed them in others.

  3. I have been greatly influenced by Sovietski.

  4. It has always seemed to me that the difficulties of their life are greatly exaggerated--generally by themselves.

  5. And, of course, Celia Tennant would play with him occasionally; but it seemed to me that even she, greatly as no doubt she loved him, was beginning to crack under the strain.

  6. Hitherto he had been greatly admired for being influenced by Sovietski, but it appeared now that this was not a good thing to be.

  7. Kobo San's intelligence is of the highest importance, and I am greatly in your debt for having brought it to me at such risk.

  8. On his ride up from Wiju Bob had been greatly puzzled by a series of huge screens of brushwood, matting, and stalks placed along or across the roadway.

  9. Yamaguchi explained how greatly the city had been improved of recent years, chiefly through the energy of Mr. M'Leavy Brown, the brilliant Scotsman who had so long and so wisely held the administration of the Customs.

  10. At the edges the stone was greatly weathered, at the farther end of the recess it was already peeling off.

  11. When the chief understood this he was greatly indignant, and began to protest in loud tones.

  12. The main crossing had been made opposite Wiju, but the principal movement was greatly assisted by the passage of a column higher up the river at Sukuchin.

  13. Doubtless the Manchus had suffered far more heavily, but their losses were unimportant, so greatly did they outnumber the garrison.

  14. At first I was greatly concerned about them--poor fellows--but most of them are married now, so I not do take your words too seriously.

  15. Even we modest merchants of the tropics have heard of him; and that his son should seek to win success upon his own merits is greatly to his credit.

  16. If they thought to gain their point by sending him on wildgoose chases like this, they were greatly mistaken.

  17. If you will fix it so I can cable him and sleep aboard the ship, I'll be greatly obliged.

  18. In fact, it pleased him so greatly that he thought of nothing else during the entire second act of "La Tosca.

  19. This fellow declared that he had been troubled greatly with a toothache.

  20. How greatly it surprised me to find you here I cannot say.

  21. Only for those ugly blue dresses, I would have greatly enjoyed my penance.

  22. He carried me many a mile, and I owned him so long that I had become greatly attached to him.

  23. Archie was greatly astonished, but he was not frightened.

  24. He expected them to be greatly amazed, and they certainly were.

  25. Although Archie was greatly astonished and alarmed at finding himself thus unceremoniously assaulted, he comprehended the situation in an instant, and acted accordingly.

  26. One piece of information that greatly astonished Archie was, that, although there were fifty men on the Don's rancho, they did not number a third of the band.

  27. It was very seldom indeed that Archie used any slang words, but sometimes, when he was greatly excited or astonished, he did like other boys--forgot all the good resolutions he had made regarding this bad habit.

  28. The general consternation was greatly increased when Johnny called out that the bear was coming.

  29. Still, he exerted himself to the utmost, and his speed, although greatly diminished, would have carried him ahead of every one of his enemies had they been on foot.

  30. The Don was greatly alarmed now, for he was being dragged over the parapet.

  31. The Don, as we know, had discovered his absence, and was greatly alarmed thereat, fearing that Archie might have found his way into the underground portions of the rancho, and learned something that was not intended for him to know.

  32. He was in a worse predicament than he had ever been in before, and was learning some things about Don Carlos and his house that greatly astonished him.

  33. He distinctly heard their angry words, and understood enough of their conversation to know that the events of the last half hour had greatly astonished them; and that, if he was captured, something terrible would be done to him.

  34. The introduction of the balanced Swell pedal (Walcker, 1863) has greatly increased the tonal resources of the organ.

  35. The change to equal temperament has on the other hand greatly increased the scope of the organ and has rendered possible the performance of all compositions and transcriptions regardless of key or modulation.

  36. In the days of mechanical action, couplers of any kind proved a source of trouble and added greatly to the weight of the touch.

  37. Though condemned by many theorists, there is no doubt that in practice they greatly add to the resources of the instruments to which they are attached.

  38. These stops greatly excited the ire of Berlioz, who declaims against them in his celebrated work on orchestration.

  39. His want of health greatly interfered with his career till he was nearly thirty years of age.

  40. The decline of Mixture work has in itself entirely altered and very greatly improved the effect of organs when considered from a musical point of view.

  41. Reynolds Bartram was greatly annoyed by the results of the several interviews he had imposed upon the new assistant cobbler at Bruceton.

  42. Eleanor said it with a look at Jane which was almost a signal for sympathy: the cobbler's daughter was greatly mystified by it.

  43. You're greatly mistaken, my dear girl," said the lady.

  44. Yes, well, greatly of him, as an intrepid soldier, as a being to wonder at.

  45. Prepared to assert her rights to the last, she was the very model of a determined woman, who, having been greatly wronged, resolves to be greatly avenged.

  46. Greatly he lamented his want of caution in accompanying Burrell; and bitterly wept at the fate that awaited his favourite, Constantia.

  47. Friend, my inward man doth greatly suffer from long abstinence, seeing I have not tasted any thing but a fragment of bitter orange in a state of decomposition, to which I should soon have been reduced myself but for thy timely arrival!

  48. Robin was also greatly distressed; the fear of some evil occurring to Barbara took forcible possession of his mind.

  49. I wrote a note immediately, and sent the Bible, saying that I was greatly burdened for her soul, and should much like to see her.

  50. Here, again, I was greatly grieved and disappointed to see such a neglected churchyard and dilapidated church; and when I went inside, my heart sank, for I had never seen a place of worship in such a miserable condition.

  51. An outsider, who does not understand it, and is not in sympathy, might complain, and be greatly scandalized.

  52. They were greatly excited, and wondered which road he was likely to come, for they would go to meet him.

  53. I was most thankful, and greatly relieved after the night's restlessness.

  54. What would become of those outside the Church was a matter which greatly perplexed me.

  55. My friend was greatly dismayed, and also frightened at the noise, and seizing his hat, he made hastily for the door.

  56. As a boy in India, I remember being greatly struck with the calmness of the Hindoos, as contrasted with the impatience and angry spirit of the English.

  57. As soon as he heard of our position he greatly rejoiced, and said, "Come, all of you; I have plenty of room!

  58. In the year 1848, when the church was completed and opened, he came on a visit to Baldhu, and was greatly surprised to see what a change had taken place.

  59. I was greatly exhausted with the effort and struggle for life, and after two hours I fell asleep.

  60. Perplexed, and greatly discouraged, I was not sorry when the time came to conclude; therefore I did not invite the people to remain for an after-meeting for prayer.

  61. My mason friend was greatly cheered and revived, and from this time began reaching himself, carrying on meetings in various cottages and farm places.

  62. Any person or persons who can give information concerning this absent personage, will greatly oblige.

  63. Still the voice of praise went on, and was swelled by numbers of passers-by, who came into the church, greatly surprised to hear and see what was going on.

  64. As he sat on the embowered porch of his house in the evening and thought things over, while the two young voices murmured near him, his reflections were not greatly joyful.

  65. She greatly respected her father's position as a successful man, and left it to be vaguely due to the approbation of Willowfield.

  66. He was not, it must be confessed, greatly interested, but he was well disposed towards the member from Hamlin and would listen.

  67. Both armies having swept through it, Delisleville wore in those days an aspect differing greatly from its old air of hospitable well-being and inconsequent good spirits and good cheer.

  68. Interest never flagged, but it was greatly added to when it was known that Judge Rutherford had ranged himself on Tom's side.

  69. They're greatly respected in Willowfield; even the old fam'lies speak to 'em when they meet 'em in the street or at Church.

  70. The entire inexperience of the claimants was an obstacle in their path, but Judge Rutherford, though not greatly wiser than themselves, had means of gaining information which would be of value.

  71. But Sheba admired him greatly and bent forward that she might see him better, regarding him with deep interest.

  72. It was true he did not greatly enjoy the festivities.

  73. When this occurred, she was greatly relieved to find that his gloom did not lead him to treat her unkindly, indeed, he was amiable enough to address her with an air of one relenting and condescending somewhat to her youth.

  74. The Queen, about the 15th of August, had me informed by letter that I might come back to Paris without being under any apprehension of arrest there, and that she greatly desired my return.

  75. Lord Kingsmead is very weak, and I greatly dislike the abnormal activity of his brain, but--God is good.

  76. Brigit thought that she did not greatly care for the Chevreuil d'Or.

  77. He had had a letter from Là-bas, as he always called Normandy, and his mother was better, and greatly looking forward to his visit.

  78. A shrewd woman, this, but greatly mistaken in her methods.

  79. Lady Kingsmead was a good nurse, greatly to her daughter's surprise, and all her affectations seemed to have been left in her dressing-room with her false hair.

  80. The Duchess, greatly diverted by his demeanour, and reinforced on her other side by an amusing, sad dog of thirty, who wrote wicked novels, thoroughly enjoyed her dinner.

  81. The one I now possess will feed from my hand, gives an angry hiss when offended, will put on double quick speed, when the door is opened, in order to elope into the garden, and what mind he has is greatly exercised about the lemurs.

  82. One day in summer I had one of my large parties of poor people in the garden, and Tommy was led about with a long string, greatly to the delight of my visitors.

  83. The early spring sunshine attracts them from the nooks and corners where they have been hibernating through the winter, and greatly do they seem to enjoy rifling the newly-opened flowers of our apricot and peach-trees.

  84. They keep their lovely fur spotlessly clean, are quite inodorous, always ready to be caressed, and add greatly to the interest of my conservatory by their lively movements and graceful antics.

  85. If each reader of this book would kindly tell those who possess tortoises the kind of food they require it would greatly tend to reduce unintentional cruelty.

  86. Jim Grimm and the lad's mother greatly desired to have him cured.

  87. Something had depended upon him, and, greatly to his elation, he had "made good.

  88. The bath of oil is deep and smoking hot, and in sufficient quantity not to lose greatly in temperature on the introduction of the frying-basket containing the potatoes.

  89. About a dozen drops will be sufficient if the essence is strong, but essence of almonds varies greatly in strength.

  90. In the first place, it will greatly assist the flavour of the beans if we boil with them one or two onions and a dessertspoonful of savoury herbs.

  91. It is needless to say that all these white soups are greatly improved both in appearance and flavour by the addition of a little cream.

  92. This greatly depends upon the neighbourhood in which we live.

  93. Pumpkin pie is greatly unproved by being eaten with Devonshire cream and sugar.

  94. They require very little ornamenting, but the top is greatly improved by placing a red cherry in the centre, and cutting eight strips of green angelica like spikes, reaching from the cherry to the edge of the pine-apple.

  95. But whether it was frightened or was preparing to charge out upon her, the little Bunker girl could not tell and was greatly terrified.

  96. He was greatly amazed, but slowly a comprehension of the whole thing was forming in the boy's mind.

  97. He is greatly interested in everything German, and is a man of rich gifts, an intellectual gourmet.

  98. Nietzsche loved life so greatly that even truth appeared to him of worth only in the case of its acting for the preservation and advancement of life.

  99. Sidenote A: Moly an herb greatly commended of Homer, and thought to be souereigne against inchauntments of moderne authors altogether vnknowne.

  100. Withe the white Muscarioli, bee floures and Panenentes in so beautifull and pleasant manner, that they did greatly comfort mee (hauing lost my selfe) but euen with the looking vppon them.

  101. Vpon the Table on the right side, I behelde engrauen, a goodly Matron lying in a princely bed, beeing deliuered of two egges in a stately Pallace: her Midwyues and other Matrons and yonge women, beeing greatly astonished at the sight.

  102. And in apparrell the plyghts and fouldes so cunninglye perfected and shaddowed that as well in that, as in all the rest, the arte did seeme to enuye nature it selfe, and that not a little whereat I greatly woondered.

  103. The sweetnes whereof so greatly delighted me, as thereby I was rauished of my remembrance, and my vnderstanding so taken from me, as I let fall my desired water thorough the loosned ioynts of my feeble hands.

  104. I loue, and she whom so greatly I esteeme, and so earnestly I desire, I neyther know where eyther she or my selfe is.

  105. It was the first time that Rhoda had thought of it in that light; the first time indeed that she had greatly concerned herself with any career beside her own.

  106. The new staff was not greatly concerned with Miss Quincey; it was always busy.

  107. Miss Quincey had never been greatly interested in the movements of her heart; but now that her attention had been drawn to them she admitted that it was beating in a very extraordinary way; there was a decided palpitation, a flutter.

  108. Well, I didn’t greatly mind the valet business; it helped to hide my identity; and I did like the humor and whims of Mr. Glenarm.

  109. I have been greatly occupied since coming here,— distressed and perplexed even.

  110. In Indiana, I reflected, rustics, young or old, men or women, were probably not greatly given to salutations of just this temper.

  111. Miss Devereux is very greatly disturbed over the good intentions of your grandfather in placing her name in his will.

  112. Stoddard was greatly disturbed, and gazed about the topsy-turvy library with growing indignation.

  113. The surly Morgan had intimated as much; but it did not greatly matter.

  114. But, in good sooth, I might be more ready to speak my mind, were it not that I greatly doubt some of those who cry loudest for liberty.

  115. It would have been greatly unlike the marquis or any of his family to refuse such a prayer.

  116. To do Richard justice, and greatly he needs it, I must make the remark that such had been the intimacy betwixt him and Dorothy, that he might well imagine himself acquainted with all the friends of her house.

  117. But it is a thing that hath to be done, though small honour will ever be mine therefrom, I greatly fear me.

  118. Her docility and quickness greatly pleased him.

  119. The inhabited wing she had left looked like the dwelling of a yeoman farming his own land; nor did this appearance greatly belie the present position of the family.

  120. Its grotesque and threatful character was greatly increased by the mingling of its one substance with its many shadows on the wall behind it.

  121. Mr. Stewart, accompanied by the stranger and the island constable, was approaching the door, so the young people trooped out into the street, feeling greatly excited.

  122. Oh, very well,' replied Marjorie, who had been greatly hampered by Tricksy getting in her way at critical moments.

  123. She wondered what Tricksy was finding to say to Lieutenant Jones, the young officer by whose side she was sitting, and who appeared to be greatly entertained by the little girl.

  124. But Frank noticed at once that his friend was greatly changed.

  125. He was consequently greatly trusted by his employers, though they never forgot the terrible temptations to which as a cook he was exposed.

  126. He was a valiant man and greatly beloved by his feudal barons and earls that owed him military service, and who were bound to call together their retainers and follow him to the field whenever they were summoned by him to active service.

  127. The Americans are greatly distressed because when the Chinese come to their country they do not bring their wives and families with them.

  128. For one thing, at least, the Chinaman is a man to be greatly admired for the patience and the heroism with which he bears the ills and the disappointments of life.

  129. He was greatly moved, and seated the girl by his side.

  130. Agnes: Donagh, your mother was greatly excited leaving the hut.

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    amply; awful; awfully; badly; beaucoup; big; considerably; conspicuously; damned; deeply; eminently; exceedingly; full; galore; grandly; greatly; highly; largely; markedly; mightily; much; notable; notably; plenty; prominently; remarkably; terribly; too; vastly; very

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
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