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Example sentences for "conspicuously"

Lexicographically close words:
conspecific; conspectu; conspectus; conspicious; conspicuous; conspicuousness; conspiracie; conspiracies; conspiracy; conspiration
  1. Miss Schley was not anxious that she should be conspicuously in the theatre merely because she was the smartest woman in London.

  2. The blossoms of this variety are conspicuously large and showy, with pistils unusual in being longer than the stamens.

  3. The latter blamed herself for having moved too slowly, and she was impatient, moreover, with Mrs. Frankland; for one is apt to be vexed when a person very clever in one way is conspicuously stupid in other regards.

  4. There were amiable people, otherwise conspicuously eligible, whom she must omit if she adhered to her plan, and there were some whom she despised that must be asked on account of the illustriousness of their pedigree.

  5. They are in the fashion; too much in the fashion even to be conspicuously fashionable.

  6. Indeed these titles set up a standard to which the most splendid spires and turrets could not rise, and below which the commercial chimneys and sky-signs conspicuously sink.

  7. Since the Disputation of Leipzig he was the most conspicuously popular man in Germany.

  8. The victors in the Civil War sought this security in a Republic, and in this they conspicuously failed.

  9. Along Water Street are women conspicuously dressed in gaudy colours.

  10. But Lazarus showed his rags and his sores too conspicuously for the convenience of Dives, and was summarily dealt with in the name of law and order.

  11. Setting aside the actual seats of Imperial power, Rome Old and New, Milan, Trier, and Ravenna, few cities stand out more conspicuously than Aquileia both in general and in ecclesiastical history.

  12. There is a great friars' church on this side too, the desecrated church of Saint Francis; but, though a large building with marked outline, it does not stand out at all so conspicuously as its Dominican rival on the other side.

  13. We informed our readers in the beginning that it was not a novel, but a story with a moral; and, as people pick all sorts of strange morals out of stories, we intend to put conspicuously into our story exactly what the moral of it is.

  14. Another was that of a minister in gown and bands, with black-silk gloved hands holding up conspicuously a large Bible.

  15. Large signs to this effect, conspicuously placed, and running the whole length of a block, stare them remindingly in the face, at every turn.

  16. Now, the party, taking one long look, quietly retire, leaving the figure conspicuously standing at the meeting of two roads.

  17. It stands conspicuously in "Olive Park," its fine proportions in beautiful relief against the dense foliage.

  18. As public edifices they conspicuously stand upon the hot and dusty Plaza, offering to view, through the gratings, their villainous and hopeless inmates, burrowing in all sorts of tragic squalor.

  19. Defn: Having the breast conspicuously colored; as, the pectoral sandpiper.

  20. The adult male has, on the sides of the nose, large, naked, grooved swellings, conspicuously striped with blue and red.

  21. Having the head conspicuously different in color from the rest of the plumage; -- said of birds.

  22. Defn: Either one of two species of South African wild horses remarkable for having the body white or yellowish white, and conspicuously marked with dark brown or brackish bands.

  23. It is conspicuously striped with bright yellow and dark brown.

  24. The adult male is dark brown, conspicuously banded and striped with yellowish white.

  25. A worm which has its tail conspicuously colored.

  26. They are usually conspicuously colored with yellow and black.

  27. It is conspicuously colored with bands of red and white.

  28. The male is conspicuously marked with black and yellow, and has a black crescent on the breast.

  29. It is also shown conspicuously in figures given by Henry.

  30. But of late years, our increasing mistrust of the current gossip about him, and our increased knowledge of the magnitude of what he actually accomplished, have conspicuously influenced the judgments passed upon him.

  31. Among manufactures, brewing stands out even more conspicuously than wood-pulp making or canning.

  32. They were conspicuously inscribed with the names of donors to the shrine.

  33. This was conspicuously so in the great moral upheaval of the sixteenth century.

  34. The first of these assumptions most men are willing to admit, while the few philosophical attempts to disprove it have conspicuously failed.

  35. You have the usurping dominion deep in your nature, and what does it matter in essence which part of your being is most conspicuously under its control?

  36. It is very conspicuously so in the Hebrew.

  37. And still more conspicuously is it so with earlier examples of the same kind.

  38. Why had she placed that bottle so conspicuously upon his wash-stand?

  39. And then think of the many hours in which, from his present position, he must have conspicuously figured at that toe-twisting toilet of his host!

  40. We find in the maternal dealings with children, when conspicuously efficient, precisely what should be expected of the expert manager and skilful servant.

  41. Whatever our merits when compared with lower species, however, we vary conspicuously when compared with one another.

  42. As the Purser's steward so conspicuously figured at the unsuccessful auction of my jacket, it reminds me of how important a personage that official is on board of all men-of-war.

  43. Unfortunately, the attached wire was too conspicuously hung, and was seen by a passenger on the railway train in passing.

  44. One tale, however, stands out conspicuously above the rest.

  45. In the later Troubadours especially, the fault which has been urged against French dramatic literature just before the Romantic movement was conspicuously anticipated.

  46. Although there are the allusions usual at the time to classical subjects, the Pleiade pedantry, with which at least two of the contributors, Passerat and Rapin, were sufficiently imbued, is conspicuously absent.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "conspicuously" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    acutely; amply; apparently; blatantly; boldly; clearly; conspicuously; definitely; distinctly; eminently; emphatically; especially; evidently; exceptionally; exquisitely; extraordinarily; famously; flagrantly; generously; grandly; greatly; impressively; incredibly; intensely; magically; magnanimously; magnificently; manifestly; markedly; marvelously; nobly; notably; noticeably; obviously; ostensibly; particularly; patently; peculiarly; perceptibly; plainly; pointedly; preeminently; profusely; prominently; remarkably; singularly; splendidly; surprisingly; uncommonly; unusually; visibly; wonderfully