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Example sentences for "blatantly"

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  1. Scott's guilty plea and sentenced her, reversed her conviction in a written opinion ruling that Werb had committed legal malpractice by giving her advice that was blatantly wrong on three separate points of law.

  2. She stretched a long and, as it seemed, blatantly naked arm into a group near by and drew forth the roundish man whom Cressey had pointed out at Marrineal's dinner party.

  3. It seemed to Banneker that he himself stood forth in a stark nakedness of soul and thought, through those blatantly assertive words, shameless, challenging to public opinion, yet delightful to his own appreciation.

  4. The self-made folks, snubbed and a little hurt, were rather inclined to be blatantly loud and assertive in self-defence.

  5. Everything seemed to be blatantly alive, flaunting its bounding life at them.

  6. It is well to remember that nothing more blatantly stamps an ill-bred person than the habit of patting, nudging or taking hold of people.

  7. Indeed, Rodbertus simply brands it as 'robbery' and indicts it before the forum of the rights of property it so blatantly violates.

  8. It was blatantly apparent now that this had been the object of the other's visit to the house, and it was almost as equally apparent that the man had got what he had come for.

  9. The boy was a self-confessed and blatantly unrepentant thief.

  10. From the direction of "The Yellow Lantern" came a hilarious uproar, subdued somewhat by the distance, out of which arose the strident notes of a tinny piano beating blatantly the measure of a turkey trot.

  11. Smarlinghue's clothes were threadbare and ill-fitting; his coat was a size too small for him, and from the short sleeves protruded blatantly the frayed and soiled wristbands of his shirt.

  12. His hat was pulled still farther over his eyes, but at a more rakish angle, and his tie, tucked into his shirt bosom just below the collar, exposed blatantly a diamond shirt stud.

  13. Dressed in a soiled, shiny, black garb, and with a bristly mustache and beard which often showed egg of a morning, he talked blatantly of having been in Paris as a soldier in '70.

  14. The blind German script in which his hosts' solicitous and minute instructions were couched, and the funny singsong of the natives talking blatantly about him, made him feel still more helpless.

  15. He wondered if the minister would have talked in the same way--blatantly and without knowledge--of the virtues of the dead.

  16. Furthermore, she had remained utterly adamant in upholding her vow of silence in the face of certain death for disobeying so openly and blatantly his commands to speak, vow or no vow.

  17. Since Millman was a thief and had double-crossed him, the rendezvous was blatantly a fake.

  18. It was blatantly a combination of sleeping room and office.

  19. A liaison would bring forth almost disgusted and wholly ironical laughter at the animal passions of man, as blatantly shown by Nigel.

  20. And this combination of refusal and robbery, blatantly selfish and egoistic, conveyed to her spirit an extraordinary sense of his power.

  21. So do thou either kill that cruel pest o' their noses, Or at their reason of flight blatantly wondering cease.

  22. Wonder not blatantly why no woman shall ever be willing (Rufus!

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blatantly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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