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Example sentences for "hilarious"

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hiker; hikers; hikes; hiki; hiking; hilariously; hilarity; hild; hilft; hill
  1. A chorus of hilarious laughter followed the reading, and then Patsy wiped her eyes and exclaimed: "Peggy, you are not only a poet but a humorist.

  2. In fact, the table is considerably tipped, whether supposed to result from some sudden hilarious movement on the part of the reverend compotators or owing to want of skill in the artist, I am not able to testify.

  3. Then without any warning, without any hilarious vociferations on the part of its occupants, it quietly drew out of the station, to be instantly replaced by another train of cars.

  4. What hilarious waggings of that little screw tail!

  5. He gave me one look, and in spite of the stateliness of the occasion we both collapsed, much to the surprise of my men who had never seen the major really hilarious before.

  6. We British get hopelessly married, and our clubs never strike me as being particularly hilarious or buoyant sort of places.

  7. Men in England often go to Paris or London to have a really hilarious time.

  8. I call him thus, because he always swims in hilarious shoals, which upon the broad sea keep tossing themselves to heaven like caps in a Fourth-of-July crowd.

  9. The society prints were hilarious at the mere mention of his name.

  10. There was no such thing as fighting it out "to the bitter end" among these hilarious Eskimos.

  11. This was too much for the children, who simultaneously burst into a hilarious fit of laughter.

  12. Ere long oblivion brooded over the late hilarious crew, who lay down like bundles of hair in their festal garments, and the northern lights threw a flickering radiance over a scene of profound quietude and peace.

  13. The dinner was the most elaborate the steward and the cook could provide, and it was one of those hilarious affairs which have several times been described during the voyage.

  14. That the Texan bandit has succeeded in arranging everything to his satisfaction may be learnt from his hilarious demeanour, with the speech now addressed to his associates:-- "Boys!

  15. Whether their train of white tilted wagons winds its way under shadowing trees, or across sunlit glades, there is heard along its line only joyous speech and loud hilarious laughter.

  16. Buck's alacrity would have called forth hilarious chaffing from the Bar-20 punchers.

  17. His pervious clay had developed innumerable channels for alcohol in the years of training he had given it; and he was seldom so joyously hilarious as this.

  18. The hilarious company pushed into the dining-room and began to help him in his task, casting many jocose reproaches on the overburdened Bow-Wow.

  19. The check became check-mate when the useful field-glasses disclosed to his pained vision the hilarious meeting that took place.

  20. A hilarious fat woman plastered herself against Wyman and kissed him clingingly on the mouth, to his horror and disgust.

  21. Old habit almost made him walk on, but this wasn't the playful business of ripping clothes as practiced during hilarious moments in Mob Territory.

  22. There was a sea of red and green lanterns; sky-rockets were hissing into the air from the rampart; musicians were playing in the cafés, while hilarious tipplers sang or hooted as the spirit moved them.

  23. As the hilarious laughter and vocal rowdyism reached Daniel’s ear, he detected from out of the hubbub a gentle voice in E-flat minor, accompanied by the inexorable eighth-notes sung with impressive vigour.

  24. Then she hasn't written from Laramie," said the hilarious Governor, and Mr. McLean understood and winced in his spirit deep down.

  25. The rails of the main line beside us brightened in wavering parallels as the headlight grew down upon us, and in this same moment the shootings at the corrals chorused in a wild, hilarious threat.

  26. It sped suddenly and vanished in dust with far, hilarious cries and here were Lin and I, and here towered the water-tank, shining and shining.

  27. Adelaide joined a group, who were talking at the top of their voices, with most hilarious countenances.

  28. Here we are--'Pippins versus the Hilarious Hitters, game called at 4 p.

  29. At Camberwell Green they mingled with a confused rush of hilarious crowds, amid a clattering of cabs and omnibuses, a jingling of tram-car bells.

  30. Peggy made her entry on a somewhat hilarious scene.

  31. They were in the rather hilarious mood which for some reason characterizes the most ambitious student when school is dismissed for the day, college seniors as well as kindergarten tots.

  32. The college men treated this new recruit with a hilarious cordiality, to which he responded with the air of one quite accustomed to such reunions.

  33. Another despairing search showed that even his watch was gone and that his only asset, evidently overlooked by the hilarious Higgins and his co-partner in crime, was a modest three-stone finger ring.

  34. McGuire had reacted from his hilarious seizure with an emotional swing to the opposite extreme.

  35. The wind had increased, too, since they first started out, and now it was a young and hilarious gale.

  36. VIII To see the hilarious Reddy mulping was very odd.

  37. When he and Tug were led in, there was such an hilarious celebration over the two Lakerim captives as the Indian powwow indulged in on seeing a scouting party bring in Daniel Boone a prisoner.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hilarious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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