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  1. Seeing no more of the freight train, I turned in, not a little pleased to think that Mr. Yank's headlight would not haunt me again that trip.

  2. I sat and watched the headlight of the fast freight.

  3. As we left the limits of the yard, Hubbard's headlight swung out on the main line, picked up two slender shafts of silver, and shot them under our rear end.

  4. The snow came swirling across the plain, cold and wet, pasting the window and blurring the headlight on the black locomotive that was climbing laboriously over the kinks and curves of a new track.

  5. Now and then an antelope left the rail or a lone coyote crouched in the shadow of a telegraph-pole as the dim headlight swept the right of way.

  6. As the headlight of the Rockaway engine gleamed along the hotel windows, Nora went back to see that everything was ready.

  7. Well, along about midnight Hubbard's headlight got so close, and kept so close, that I could not sleep.

  8. The engine slowly turned back his headlight till the light shone full on his shiny rails.

  9. There was a new engine and it didn't have any headlight--its light wasn't open in its headlight so its engineer went and put some fire in the wires and made a light.

  10. And all the time the light kept saying: "I'm the headlight shining bright Like a sunbeam through the night.

  11. Majestically he turned his headlight till it lighted up a funny little automobile who was laughing and laughing and shaking frantically like this and going "zzzzz.

  12. As he traveled along the pathway at very low speed, he bumped over some obstacle, and with a redden flash, his headlight in the man’s head went out, just as he got into the open space in front of the house.

  13. The headlight was burning up brightly now, and the driver of the Steam Man could see quite a distance ahead as he dashed along.

  14. The car was almost upon them; the blinding glare of the headlight showed their faces with startling suddenness.

  15. They stood silently waiting for the car which flashed a headlight toward them far down the track.

  16. The headlight radiance now flooded fully the obstruction.

  17. Dizzy in the headlight and wobbly in the drivers, that's all," came the response, with a wink.

  18. He glanced once at the glowering headlight of No.

  19. Its headlight was a great glow of crystal, its metal bands and trimmings shone like burnished gold, and its cab was as spick and span and neat as the private office of the division superintendent himself.

  20. Somewhat nearer, a blur of white radiance amid the dashing rain, was the headlight of No.

  21. Ralph by the aid of the glaring headlight to discern other drifts further ahead.

  22. By far the most effective manner of frogging is by the headlight on dark nights.

  23. A headlight that will show a deer plainly at six rods, while lighting the sights of a rifle with clearness, is an exceptionally good light.

  24. To do this most successfully, one man in a light canoe, a good headlight and a light, one-handed paddle, are the requirements.

  25. Looked me square in the headlight and told me that as cool as--as a water-tank in a cold wave.

  26. The glass in the headlight of one of the cars tinkled to the ground.

  27. The stage was a glare of light in Martin's eyes; he felt as he had when at home he had leaned over and looked straight into the headlight of an auto drawn up to the side of the road.

  28. Before we had got a mile I saw the headlight again, and I knew the 202 was against our order.

  29. But Monsoon and his moon headlight had between them saved De Molay Four from the scrap.

  30. As they struck it, the headlight shot far out upon the river--and they in the cab knew they were dead men.

  31. He took it for the headlight of Special 326 and jumped from his engine.

  32. If it had been a headlight I couldn't have been worse scared, and I found afterward he carried the brightest lamp on the division.

  33. When we cleared Salt Rocks siding and got down among the Quakers, I was cutting along pretty hard to make the canon when I saw, or thought I saw, a headlight flash between the buttes across the river.

  34. The relief arrangements and Monsoon's headlight were the fun of it, but there was more.

  35. How was it possible for one train to have seen the headlight of another among the buttes of the Peace River country?

  36. The Peace River hills loomed into the headlight like moving pictures; before they could think it, the desert was behind.

  37. Some carried the headlight back, and some tore the door off a box car, and they got him on.

  38. But this headlight seemed different from the others, paler in its luster, not so steady in its glare.

  39. I knew it for the headlight of a locomotive coming toward us on the parallel track.

  40. Looking out of the cab window," said Mr. Pinckney, "I saw about 300 yards ahead of us the headlight of a locomotive.

  41. The engine ahead of us was running silently, but smoke was puffing from the stack and the headlight threw out rays of red, green, and white light.

  42. Bob reached for the headlight switch, then thought better of it, and meshed the gears into low.

  43. The glass of a headlight shattered into a thousand bits.

  44. The universe is rushing on like an express-train in the darkness without headlight or engineer; at any moment we may be plunged into the abyss.

  45. Concho was two miles from the summit, and when the three men galloped down to the little station the headlight of the approaching engine was already visible.

  46. The Irishman was careful to take no chances, and kept his party in the mesquit till the headlight of an approaching train was visible.

  47. Block signals popped up in the searching rays of the headlight to disappear in the thunder of the train almost before Tim had time to read their signals.

  48. At eleven-fifty a penetrating whistle came through the night to be followed several minutes later by the blazing headlight of the westbound mail.

  49. They had a spiked switch to look out for, and a missile from an old building smashed the headlight glass.

  50. There is the Dover Accommodation now," announced the engineer, as a headlight came around a curve.

  51. And South Carolina insists that the headlight shall be ten-thousand candle-power or a searchlight strong enough to discern a man at eight hundred feet.

  52. According to a man who has made a careful study of the entire subject, thirty-seven states have diverse laws regulating locomotive bells, thirty-five have laws about whistles and thirty-two have headlight laws.

  53. The train was in the railroad yards, and the glare of the headlight was in the waiting room.

  54. It was the headlight of a train coming over the mountain.

  55. And then as Barclay's mind went back to the long Tuesday, when he should have been at the Ridge to sign the tax levy, the headlight flashed out of the tunnel.

  56. A switchman with a lantern was passing near the car, and Barclay called to him, "Is that headlight No.

  57. And as the headlight far up in the mountain above the desert slipped into a tunnel, though it flashed out again in a few seconds, while it was gone, all the details of the kidnapping of the young people in the buggy hurried across his mind.

  58. She saw the glare of its headlights through the trees past a bend in the road; she ran on and the beams of the car's headlight straightened and glared down the road directly upon her.

  59. One of these appeared in the radiance of the headlight a hundred yards ahead; the next instant the car was dashing upon it.

  60. Bob was the first to cry, pointing to a brilliant headlight just rounding into view on the distant track.

  61. He nodded, watching the great headlight grow all too slowly bigger and bigger.

  62. The headlight of the on-coming train was now in the pass, lighting the rails until they glistened again, bringing the platform car and the boat set rakishly upon it out in bold relief.

  63. Before he was well out of sight around an angle in the pass the rumble of a heavy train was heard again, and directly the round, red eye of a headlight met the ruddy illumination of the sun in the narrow pass.

  64. I gladly assented, and by this means, with my brilliant headlight illuminating the road, it did not take us long to reach the Delaware River, on the opposite bank of which stood the fine old city of Philadelphia.

  65. Occasionally I dismounted in an endeavour to bring the headlight back to life.

  66. After half an hour the headlight flickered and went out, leaving me with only a "dimmer," as the Americans call the small auxiliary light, with which to keep on the road and find the way.

  67. The headlight was hors de combat; only the "dimmer" would work.

  68. It helps to accomplish for the candle the same important service which the great reflector does when placed behind the lamp in the headlight of the railway engine, throwing the light way down the track in advance of the coming of the train.

  69. Specially Prepared Chapters on the Walschaert Locomotive Valve Gear, the Air-Brake Equipment and the Electric Headlight are given.

  70. Walschaert Locomotive Valve Gear Troubles, Electric Headlight Troubles, as well as Questions and Answers on the Air Brake are all included.

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