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Example sentences for "approaching"

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approach; approachable; approached; approaches; approacheth; approbate; approbated; approbation; approbations; approbative
  1. By the time the boat was ready it was fast approaching midnight.

  2. This is the American animal nearest approaching in form the elephant of Asia.

  3. They shall have my treasure in exchange," he said to himself, approaching nearer to the sleepers, treading softly lest he should awaken them.

  4. Arcas, yes; My voice shall warn her of th' approaching danger.

  5. He rose mechanically and, past the houses, along the silent pavement, saw approaching the dark figures of two people walking slowly, a man and a woman.

  6. Was it an illusion, indicative of approaching madness?

  7. See, each Green and Blue is approaching the hermulae on the right and left, to which the rope is fastened.

  8. Our outposts, horsemen whom we send forth around the city, report: "Vast clouds of dust are rising in the southwest, which can be caused only by an approaching army.

  9. His brow contracted, and he scanned the approaching priest with a look of contempt which the latter could not endure.

  10. I have had all kinds of a time out here in this God-forsaken desert, but never until to-day anything approaching a chummy hour with a man I know and care for.

  11. The sonata Penelope was playing was approaching its finale, and Elinor was suddenly shaken with a trembling fit of fear--the fear of consequences which might involve this man's entire future.

  12. Within the week the weather had changed, and the first chill of the approaching autumn was in the air.

  13. Ophelia was still at Elsinore but Horatio was approaching common ground again.

  14. Our own approaching journey[448] is one other great interest, and we all declare we are packing up.

  15. The Hessians, sleeping heavily after their night's feasting, were quite unaware of the approaching army.

  16. But when he learned that Santa Anna had broken up his army into three divisions and was approaching with only about one thousand six hundred men Houston halted his troops and waited for them to come up.

  17. The hedge on the approaching side was five feet wide and four feet high; making in all, twenty feet to be leaped.

  18. They were getting so excited now outside that they were nearly forcing the doors open, and still there was no sound of approaching sleigh-bells.

  19. Johanna shrank back a little, her eyes opened wide with a fixed expression, as if she beheld in front of her this approaching evil.

  20. All the rebellious discontent and pain caused by the betrayal of her love, which inwardly devoured her, could not resist the influence of the approaching festival of peace and goodwill.

  21. He was approaching the religious business as an adventure--an adventure on the result of which the weal or woe of his whole future depended.

  22. To be quite open with you, I myself have been instrumental in my brother's approaching you, as a means of putting an end to your insane conduct; for your husband's house must be cleansed at any price.

  23. Erect she stood there, turning a courageous face to the approaching danger.

  24. Far in the woods showed the shadowy forms of three men, approaching steadily and apparently without any desire for battle.

  25. His path led once by the home of Medaine Robinette, and he clambered toward the little house with little more of feeling than of approaching that of the most unfamiliar ranchman.

  26. Then a figure came out of the woods just ahead of him, cut across the road and detoured into the scraggly hills on the other side, without noticing the approaching Houston in the shadows.

  27. JPG> the stream with a little tin can of water, he saw, to his equal terror and amazement, a huge bull of the most uninviting aspect stealthily approaching the seated figure of the unconscious young lady.

  28. The sails are furled, and the heart of the sailor is merry, for the many dangers which beset the ship while approaching and entering the great water-way of the continent are now over.

  29. There was no help nearer than Styron's, two miles away on the upper shore, while the beach I was approaching on the other side was uninhabited for nearly sixteen miles, to the village at its southern end, near Ocracoke Inlet.

  30. While approaching the low Portsmouth shore of the sound, flocks of Canada geese flew within pistol-shot of my head.

  31. Approaching this giant, who had stood a silent sentinel through winter storms and summer skies, they found he bore upon his body a message for them.

  32. Light-keepers sometimes sit upon the gallery, and, looking along the pathway of light which shoots into the outer darkness over their heads, will see a few dark specks approaching them in this beam of radiance.

  33. Don't crow too soon," advised Harry, as he trained the glasses on the approaching planes.

  34. A group of approaching horsemen, at one side of which rode the Kaiser, drew rein exactly opposite the two lads.

  35. For the moment the lads seemed to forget that they were approaching a camp of men who suspected them of being Russian spies and who would hesitate at nothing to prevent their carrying out their designs.

  36. The proximity of the approaching soldiers made their need of some haven of refuge an imperative one.

  37. This time, however, the lads were more cautious in their approach, and reconnoitered the vicinity thoroughly before approaching the plane.

  38. Intently watching Ned and trying to interpret the signals being made by the older boy, Jimmie did not observe the footsteps of the approaching soldier.

  39. Well, it looks as if they expect to come pretty close to this place, whether I expect them to or not," observed Jimmie, turning his eyes toward the approaching plane and shading his eyes with a hand.

  40. He came down beside the track upon his feet, turning just in time to face the approaching group.

  41. Entertaining visions of what might happen if Fritz became too careless in his attentions with the saber, Jimmie cast a last look over his shoulder at the rapidly approaching airship.

  42. We are now approaching the Kaiser's apartment," that worthy stated, with a show of reverence as he pronounced the title of his superior.

  43. When we told him, he seemed displeased, and next day we got an official letter to inform us that "it has come to notice that British units have in some cases recently been approaching the Italian authorities direct.

  44. Only a few splinters came into the Mess and did no harm, all the occupants, myself included, warned by the sound of the approaching shell, having flung ourselves face downwards on the floor.

  45. But I told Bixio that I should do nothing to the guns, unless there was some evidence that the enemy was really approaching with a superiority of force over our own.

  46. Such was the pith and point of these discreditable reflections when the jingle of approaching horse put a sudden end to them.

  47. It was the thud and jingle of approaching horsemen.

  48. I wondered just how sure Joe felt about his fast approaching trial.

  49. And as presently, in reply to Sue's questions, he talked about the approaching strike, my irritation at his talk grew even sharper than before.

  50. Very likely they would have gladly assumed a neutral attitude in the approaching contest, but alas for them the force of events left no room for neutrality.

  51. A few were fortunate enough to be admitted into the houses of the old settlers, but the vast majority were obliged to provide themselves a shelter from the approaching winter by building log and bark huts.

  52. It was a chilly day, the sky overcast and steely, a sort of sighing in the air as if the spirits of the summer and the sunshine were bidding the world a reluctant farewell, frightened away by the fast-approaching winter.

  53. And as for Michael, his curiosity was kept back by the real sorrow he felt at the idea of the old man's approaching death.

  54. He rose on his elbow, held his chin with his thumb and forefinger, as a man does mechanically when he is interrogating and judging, and fixed on the Bishop a glance full of all the energy of approaching death.

  55. You feel heat approaching you, it is she.

  56. He felt that he was approaching the second decisive moment of his life; that the Bishop marked the first phase of his new life, and that this Champmathieu marked the second; after the great crisis came the great trial.

  57. The day was approaching for the division on the Coercion bill.

  58. In 1891, after the shadows of approaching calamity had for many months hung doubtfully over them, a heavy blow fell, and their eldest son died.

  59. IV The following letters set out the various movements in a drama that was now day by day, through much confusion and bewilderment, approaching its climax.

  60. We had about an hour's talk on things in general, including policy in the approaching session.

  61. I sat down and told him what I had heard from different quarters about the approaching Kilkenny election.

  62. Gisco and Magro were still watching with puckered gaze the approaching galleys, when the brown Libyan boatswain, with flashing teeth and gleaming eyes, rushed upon the poop, his long thin arm stabbing to the north.

  63. There was a sudden sound as of an approaching hurricane--the whole pack was in pursuit, following them up at full gallop.

  64. The good man was in a condition approaching to that of Noah when his sons took occasion to insult him, and Madame Suzanne’s assistance would seem to have been needed to get him into his room.

  65. She was stooping to cut the grass with her sickle, but hearing someone approaching she lifted her head, and blushed as she recognised that it was Thibault.

  66. As he was skirting the little stone wall of the village cemetery, he heard a sound of voices, approaching along the road he was in.

  67. Just as Malcolm was approaching the fourth or fifth bay a heavy shell landed about twenty yards from the parapet.

  68. In the distance the rumble of heavily-laden trains could be heard, but still no sound of approaching British aircraft.

  69. Suddenly one of the machine-gunners caught sight of the approaching danger.

  70. The troops were now approaching the U-boat danger-zone.

  71. Presently Malcolm felt himself in a cold sweat, for the sound of approaching footsteps came from the tow-path.

  72. With a deft movement the trapped rifleman removed the paper from his pocket and conveyed it to his mouth, and before the approaching Huns were upon him he had swallowed the paper.

  73. Mr. Edison is only approaching the height of his power.

  74. A great deal of that which we call disturbance--a great deal of the upset in what have seemed to be established institutions--is really but the surface indication of something approaching a regeneration.

  75. People ought to tread very carefully when approaching wages.

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