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Example sentences for "incoming"

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  1. Schwenckfeld's view of the process of salvation and the permanent illumination of the reborn soul by a real incoming divine substance--whether called Word or Seed--is the dynamic feature of his Christianity.

  2. By this incoming spiritual power and life-substance the entire personality of the recipient is affected.

  3. The direct incoming of the Divine Spirit, producing a rebirth and a new creation in the man himself, is the only baptism which avails with God or which makes any difference in the actual condition of man.

  4. That might have been owing to the fact that both the incoming and outgoing stages were visible far up at the end of the street.

  5. Jim Blake, the latest of these incoming settlers, had chosen a site down in a deep swale that Pan always crossed when he went to visit his uncle.

  6. Where circumstances permit, it is desirable that incoming and outgoing items be reproduced in quantity sufficient to supply separate copies for the commander and for the several interested members of his staff.

  7. Such entries may be complete copies of the content of incoming or outgoing orders or messages.

  8. Nearer and nearer across the waste drew the movement that marked the incoming flood.

  9. Mile on mile of tumbled, mud-stained ice-cakes, strewn thickly over the Tantramar flats, waited motionless under the moon for the incoming tide.

  10. When the baffled owl, hungry and obstinate, perched himself on the edge of the ice-cake to wait for the muskrat to come out, the roar of the incoming water and the line of tossing, gleaming floes were half a mile away.

  11. The entrance examinations had been successfully passed, and at the time when this story opens all had been duly registered as students in the incoming class of the college.

  12. A little boy whom I took thither felt his young courage aroused and his young pride stung, by the loud challenges and fierce threats of the incoming tide, and he returned scorn for threat, feebly-thrown pebble for surging and mighty wave.

  13. Anticipatively they look towards the Ocean, and even those which have a fixed abode, turn from the rock and open their shells towards the incoming tide.

  14. Cigarettes were exchanged, and a tiny slip of paper passed imperceptibly from hand to hand, then he turned ostensibly to watch the incoming train from Port-Bou.

  15. A little breeze borne of the incoming tide in the harbour came sweeping along, and its coolness stirred him into fresh vitality.

  16. The great navigator had neither chart nor pilot to guide him; but fortunately no sunken rock obstructed his way, and the current of fresh water prevailing over the incoming waves carried him safely through.

  17. Now, while the aborigines were probably swarthy and short of stature, the incoming Kelts were tall and fair, excellent horsemen, hunters, and tillers of the soil.

  18. With the incoming of Philip III we witness the beginning of a long line of favourites, of irresponsible courtiers, under whom Spain suffered for nearly two centuries more.

  19. I have positive information that the incoming Democratic Legislature of my State is in quick touch with the ones gathering in Illinois and Ohio.

  20. This single fact was accepted by the South as a precursor of the policy of the incoming Republican administration, and three Southern senators resigned or left the United States Senate before the vote was taken for the admission of Kansas.

  21. In his first inaugural, Mr. Lincoln declared "that the property, peace and security of no section are to be in anywise endangered by the new incoming administration.

  22. It so chanced that one day he and Jacket found themselves in the miserable rabble which assembled at the railroad station to implore alms from the incoming passengers of the Habana train.

  23. These would have left had not brother Nicholas de Lipton, then abbot, made new agreements with these and other incoming tenants.

  24. Then an incoming wave carried me back almost to the point whence I had started.

  25. It disclosed at first only the succession of angry incoming waves, each, as it passed, thudding us down on the bar of shell and mud and slime.

  26. The incoming train, an engine with a way car, two flats, and the Bear Dance derrick, slowed up at one end of the wreck while Sinclair and his foreman talked.

  27. For that matter all the world could see us--certainly the incoming steamer must; for we lay as near to the pier as safety permitted, abreast of the berth she would occupy, as we knew by a gangway and a knot of sailors.

  28. Borkum, but presenting two fine deep-water channels to the incoming vessel.

  29. This arrangement did not satisfy either the incoming slave-owners or those already domiciled there.

  30. The opinions of the incoming Administration, I trust, he will learn to-morrow from the eastern front of the capitol.

  31. Then the guardian at the gate, scrutinising and sorting the incoming impressions, will no longer ask, "What use is this to me?

  32. But the western outlet, Moose Creek, being too shallow for canoes, a portage of a couple of miles was made the following day, to the fork of an incoming stream that doubles its waters and makes the creek navigable.

  33. As they went on the boat began to feel the incoming heave of the outer swell.

  34. The men and boys, hearing this, gave a rousing cheer, and setting their strength to the long-boat of the Sea Unicorn, they rattled it down the pebbles and out into the heave and murmur of the incoming tide.

  35. He seemed mainly to be watching the delivering of the customs-dues by the incoming merchants, but also to be keeping a wary eye upon the chaffering crowd in the interests of law and order, as indeed became a provost-marshal.

  36. Neddie lay in a heap, moaning fitfully; Blodgett and Davie Paine slept; Roger sat with his back to a tree and watched the incoming tide; the cook stirred about uneasily and muttered to himself.

  37. They both looked at the sky and at the darkly rolling sea on which there now rested a low incoming mist; but Davie left the burden of reply to old Blodgett, who spoke nervously in his thin, windy voice.

  38. The distant rattle of an incoming train--the one before her husband's--warned her of the time.

  39. As competition is free among pilots on the English coast, they come out as far as possible to meet incoming vessels, even when the risks are very great.

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