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  1. Bonomi, the architect, suggests that the principal cause of the destructiveness of fires in large buildings, is the want of arched surfaces of incombustible materials.

  2. The Romans employed pumice in building their arched incombustible roofs.

  3. The roofs and floors, I have already said, are all of brick, and the few beams which are necessary for supporting the former are of a wood from Paraguay, as hard as teak, and almost as incombustible as the bricks themselves.

  4. The apprehension that they increased the risk of fire was even without foundation, for never were the habitations of man built of such incombustible materials.

  5. It may be rendered partially waterproof by the addition of sulphate of iron, quicklime, and glue or white of egg to the pulp; and incombustible by the addition of borax and phosphate of soda.

  6. In all important installations every item of the plant, except the holder, will be collected in one or two rooms of a single building constructed of brick or other incombustible material.

  7. This hot deposit then decomposes some acetylene, and the carbon deposited therefrom is rendered incombustible by the phosphoric acid which continues to be produced from the combustion of the phosphine in the gas.

  8. The incombustible deposit of carbon and phosphoric acid thus produced ultimately chokes the burner.

  9. Ivan Ivanitz Chabert, the only Really Incombustible Phenomenon, as he was billed abroad, or J.

  10. Suppose I take some of this incombustible paper or cloth, and present to you.

  11. It was used in making winding sheets for the dead, in which the bodies were burned, and the ashes, retained in the incombustible sheet, were gathered into an urn, and revered as the manes of the dead.

  12. Incombustible cloth, a tissue of amianthus or asbestus; also, a fabric imbued with an incombustible substance.

  13. Fire annihilator, a machine, device, or preparation to be kept at hand for extinguishing fire by smothering it with some incombustible vapor or gas, as carbonic acid.

  14. Defn: A process for preserving timber and rendering it incombustible by impregnating it successively with solutions of sulphate of iron and calcium chloride in vacuo.

  15. Sansculottism will burn much; but what is incombustible it will not burn.

  16. To make incombustible writing and printing paper, asbestos of the best quality is treated with potassium permanganate and then with sulphuric acid.

  17. Separation of earthy admixtures which are incombustible and hinder draught.

  18. One reason that peat is, in general, inferior to wood in heating effect, lies in its greater content of incombustible ash.

  19. In modern times it has been manufactured into incombustible cloth, gloves, felt, paper, &c.

  20. It was also called an incombustible sulphur for whoever has his conscience once rightly awakened, has in his heart an endlessly burning flame that eats up everything that is contrary to his nature.

  21. The incombustible essence that comes forth from the fire test is the phœnix (a figure much used by the alchemists).

  22. Manganese indeed possesses a colouring power itself on glass, but only in its highest state of oxidizement, and when reduced to the lower state, as is done by incombustible matters, it no longer communicates colour to the enamel combinations.

  23. Eight elements are eminently inflammable when acted upon by any of the preceding five, and are thereby converted into incombustible compounds.

  24. The incombustible residuum, treated by muriatic acid, may leave an insoluble deposit, which is to be added to the former.

  25. In other types of so-called wickless stoves, the burners are equipped with asbestos or other incombustible material.

  26. It is therefore considered an incombustible foodstuff.

  27. It is a transparent gas, which is incombustible and extinguishes flame.

  28. We need not follow the story further, as I did not trace beyond this point any distinct derivation from our Traveller, with the exception of that allusion to the incombustible covering of the napkin of St. Veronica, which I have quoted at p.

  29. Sage exhibited incombustible paper made from this material, and had himself seen a small furnace of Chinese origin made from it.

  30. But when a substance to be examined is to be tested for water, or other incombustible volatile matters, we employ tubes with little bulbs blown at one end, such as represented at tube A.

  31. When this double salt is heated, the water and the ammonia escape, while the incombustible residue has a composition similar to borax, viz.

  32. This is a matter of temperature, and many things which are incombustible here are said to be blazing in the sun.

  33. The gas generated from any hydrocarbon will burn completely, only after being mixed with air or other incombustible gas, in proportions such as will completely oxidize the carbon contained in the fuel.

  34. It rests entirely with the owner whether he covers the pipes with a combustible or an incombustible material when the insulating properties are about the same.

  35. Other ingredients of coal that require attention are the moisture, and the incombustible matter that forms ash.

  36. The salt may be determined by careful ignition of the filter and residue, the incombustible matter consisting almost wholly of common salt, while the curd is ascertained by loss of weight.

  37. The salts act by forming a crust of incombustible matter on the surface of the fibres.

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