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  1. She was just in the act of so doing, when the owner of the linen came into the field, and immediately set up the halloo of "Thieves!

  2. Being very gentle, as men are who act on a fixed plan of conduct, he seemed to make his wife happy by never contradicting her; he allowed her to do the talking, and was satisfied to move with the deliberate tenacity of an insect.

  3. Come, come--it is an act of charity; come into my room.

  4. In this dilemma the authorities were more ready to risk an arbitrary act than to let a man escape to whose capture the Minister attached great importance.

  5. I always said the first act wanted strengthening.

  6. Its reappearance in the next act (as something entirely new) was greeted with a round of applause, and a triumphant demand to know, "Who said it was lost?

  7. The police would have to be called in before the first act was over.

  8. Her execution was owing to her being an accomplice or abettor in the foul act which was justified by law.

  9. Both were sentenced to death, but one escaped and afterwards obtained quarter; the execution of the other appears to have been the worst act committed by Mahomet on the present occasion.

  10. But he progressed, and after a little time he found it necessary to engage his brother and still another man to act as messengers with him.

  11. Of that act President Hadley, of Yale, has written: "One man's life formed the connecting link between the political revolution of the one century and the industrial revolution of the other.

  12. He will act as the agent of the railroad and arrange, while you hold the telephone receiver in your fingers, the entire schedule for you.

  13. Counsel, the ablest of counsel, is retained at each important point reached by the railroad, and these counsel must act in conjunction and cooperation with headquarters.

  14. After endless struggles a few concessions are finally wrung from them, and then they act as if they had sacrificed a large part of their fortunes.

  15. Our army officers, who are not decried as Socialists and Communists, act on a similar plan.

  16. They reveal the grave fact, previously reckoned with in the matter of the breeding of domestic animals, that the act of impregnation is an act of inoculation.

  17. One and the same act is judged by society with wholly different standards, according as it be committed by a man or a woman.

  18. Not agreeing, he is in duty bound to modify the ethic formula to the extent of marking his exception, lest the general accord, implied in the act of translating, be construed into specific approval of objected-to passages and views.

  19. The effects of the Act of Inspection on the women subjected thereto were, however, quite different from those on the troops.

  20. Does any one imagine they will act against their own interests?

  21. Nature has devolved upon woman the consequences of the act of generation: outside of the enjoyment, man has neither trouble nor responsibility.

  22. On the other hand, the question arises whether modern life does not introduce into married life factors, that, to a higher degree than formerly, act destructively upon marriage.

  23. Likewise did all independent tax-paying women obtain the right to vote by the Reform Act of 1869, but are not qualified for election.

  24. The first act, wherein the State appears as the real representative of the whole body social--the seizure of the means of production in the name of society--is also its last independent act as State.

  25. The nature of food more than any other cause, this side argues, determines, as experience shows in the instance of animals also, the effectiveness of the act of procreation.

  26. In the electoral reform Act of 1867, the word "man" was substituted for the word "person.

  27. But then you must know, those players still act on Some very good reasons, for such benefaction.

  28. Footnote 4: The usurping kings in "The Rehearsal," Act I, Sc.

  29. Shall the wide hoop, that standard of the town, Thus act subservient to a poplin gown?

  30. Thus far advanc'd, he made a shift To raise a roof with act the fift.

  31. She stopped at the sight of her pupils and looked profoundly embarrassed, whether at being caught in the undignified act of scrambling over a wall, or for some other reason, they could not judge.

  32. She doesn't act badly, and there'd be time to tell her what to do.

  33. Mrs. Morrison is to give a word for a charade, and the members are allowed two minutes to talk it over, and must act it right away with any costumes they can fling on out of the 'property box'.

  34. It had been taken in camp, and represented the young soldier in the act of raising a can of coffee to his lips.

  35. Now in this horrible emergency Marjorie had to act promptly or not at all.

  36. Marjorie, whose taste in literature inclined to the sensational, reviewed the books, and chose one with a startling picture depicting a phantom in the act of disturbing a dinner-party.

  37. She was essentially a thorough little lady, and was horror-stricken at the false position in which her impulsive act had placed her.

  38. The Daylight Saving Act was now in operation, so the school had an extra hour available for outdoor exercise.

  39. None of the girls had known before that she could act so well.

  40. Surely it would be a kind and patriotic act to write to one of them?

  41. Each act was followed by a ballet, and five beautiful moresche were given during the interludes of the play.

  42. The plan was, first to despatch the cardinal with poison; and, as this act would be punished if the duke were allowed to live, he was to be destroyed at a masked ball, and Don Ferrante was to be placed on the throne.

  43. According to this act his title was Don Rodrigo Borgia of Aragon, Duke of Biselli and Sermoneta, and lord of Quadrata.

  44. From that time on, every act of his was intended to further C├Žsar's fiendish ambition.

  45. Though the same processes act in much the same manner beneath mountain glaciers, though here upon all parts of the bed, they are, in the earlier stages at least, subordinated to a third process more important than the two acting together.

  46. Yet even in such cases water is usually present in quantity sufficient to fill the spaces between the grains, and so act as a lubricant to facilitate the migration.

  47. The De-naturing Act as passed and the regulations thereunder are undoubtedly too complicated in their character to remain very long in the Statute Books.

  48. This Act then opens the door of a new market to the farmer and the manufacturer, and it is in answer to the increased desire for information as to the source of Alcohol and its preparation that this book has been written.

  49. An Act for the withdrawal from bond, tax free, of domestic alcohol when rendered unfit for beverage or liquid medicinal uses by mixture with suitable de-naturing materials.

  50. When the Henze steamers are used the grain may be treated in either the whole grain or crushed, as the high pressure to which it is subjected and the "blowing out" act to entirely disintegrate it.

  51. That the provisions of this Act shall take effect on September first, nineteen hundred and seven.

  52. The chemicals used merely act to disguise the disagreeable taste or smell of the spirit and do not really purify.

  53. The passage of this Act was alcohol's new day, and is destined to have a wide influence upon the agricultural pursuits of the country.

  54. The Court of Great Britain insisted on retaining all the territories comprehended within the Province of Quebec, by the Act of Parliament respecting it.

  55. This act and also the answer to Count de Vergennes, are every day expected in Paris, and the way in which both will be expressed may give us a pretty just idea upon the present intentions of the British Ministry.

  56. If Great Britain should, in any case, throw down the barriers of her act of navigation towards America, she should be very secure against the possible case of future enmity, or alliance against her.

  57. The navigation act is the vital of Great Britain, too delicate to bear a touch.

  58. An Act of the British Parliament, repealing certain Acts prohibiting Intercourse with the United States.

  59. The great design is to act against the common enemy, and the more pains that are taken to unite the strokes aimed against them, the more certain will be their effects.

  60. All my friends and acquaintance approved of the scheme, though it was one of the most unjustifiable steps I had ever taken, being a real act of ingratitude to my benefactor; which I soon did, and always shall regret and condemn.

  61. I thought every man who loved me truly would act in the same manner; and, whether I am right or wrong in my conjectures, I leave wiser casuists to judge.

  62. This uncommon act of friendship and generosity, afterwards had an opportunity to repay tenfold, though he could not help regretting the occasion, on his friend's account.

  63. I determined, however, that she should act no more scenes of this kind in my presence, and that same night insisted upon my lover's dropping all intercourse and connection with this tormentor.

  64. By that time you have lived to my age, you will not be surprised to see a courtier's promise and performance of a different complexion; not but that I would willingly act as an auxiliary in your resentment.

  65. But I knew his worth, and had too much regard for his reputation to advise him to act inconsistent with his honour.

  66. Come, what do they say about the new act I have got passed in the council?

  67. But apart from that, a challenge to fight would be an act hardly honest on my side.

  68. The recollection of his wife's last act had so incensed him that he had become frigid, as at the beginning of the conversation.

  69. At this moment, in his present softened state of feeling, sensitive to everything, this inevitable act of hypocrisy was not merely painful to Levin, it seemed to him utterly impossible.

  70. But Frou-Frou drew up her legs and back in the very act of leaping, like a falling cat, and, clearing the other mare, alighted beyond her.

  71. One of two things: either let him take her away, act with energy, or give her a divorce.

  72. The act said that in case of difference of opinion, there must be a ballot.

  73. Sergey Ivanovitch, waiting till the malignant gentleman had finished speaking, said that he thought the best solution would be to refer to the act itself, and asked the secretary to find the act.

  74. In these words of Agafea Mihalovna, Levin read the final act of the drama which had been enacted of late between her and Kitty.

  75. After explaining that he could not come at the beginning of the ballet, he promised he would come for the last act and take her to supper.

  76. But I as a believer cannot, in a matter of such gravity, act in opposition to the Christian law.

  77. I can't act except from the heart, and you act from principle.

  78. With the same complacent smile he told her of the ovations he had received in consequence of the act he had passed.

  79. But remembering what sufferings he and his wife had been through, when he asked himself how he should act another time, he answered that he should do just the same again.

  80. Each decree had the effect of an Act of Parliament.

  81. While in the act of springing from one rock to another, he was seen to stagger and fall.

  82. The flight from France had begun before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, but after that act the flight rapidly increased.

  83. All the liberty of conscience which they had enjoyed under the Edict of Nantes, was swept away by the act of the King.

  84. Madame de Scuderi, also, more moderately rejoiced in the Act of Revocation.

  85. Although the Revocation was the personal act of the King, it was nevertheless a popular measure, approved by the Catholic Church of France, and by the great body of the French people.

  86. They resolved to celebrate their return to the country of their fathers by an act of solemn worship on the Sabbath following.

  87. The Act also ordered that all landed proprietors who had left France before the Revocation, should return within four months, under penalty of confiscation of all their property.

  88. It is not, however, possible to deny the fact that there was a Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, though it has been vindicated as a noble act of legislation, worthy even of the reputation and character of Louis the Great.

  89. I shall act here on Friday, and leave for Exeter on Saturday, and I shall act there one or two nights, but I do not yet know precisely how often.

  90. I have had a letter from the Leamington manager, desiring me to act there, which I will do, some time or other.

  91. In half an hour I leave this place for Yarmouth, where I act to-night and to-morrow.

  92. I will go to Liverpool and act for his benefit, he will pay me what he owes me; to which I have replied that, when he has paid me what he owes me, we will see about further transactions with each other.

  93. The manager has made an arrangement with me to act at his theatres at Lynn and Cambridge next week, so that instead of returning to London the day after to-morrow, I shall not do so until Friday, 28th.

  94. This, however, was only the first night, and I suppose proceeded from the painful uncertainty I felt as to whether I had not utterly forgotten how to act at all.

  95. From the 12th to the 17th of April, I act at Bath and Bristol; and after that I think it is probable I shall act for a short time in London,--but this is uncertain.

  96. The two musicians were patients, one utterly demented, incapable of any reasonable act except playing a tune on his violin, which he did with accuracy.

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