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  1. The finale of the first act produced an effect which fairly astonished me.

  2. The work opens with a prelude based on an English theme, which will reappear as the principal one in the finale of the third act.

  3. That night the city was evacuated in hot haste and set on fire by its late defenders, disappointed and desperate at the grand finale of Rebellion.

  4. A year later Mozart paid Martin the compliment of introducing a fragment of Una Cosa Rara into the finale of the second act of "Don Juan.

  5. Throughout the finale the characteristics of Russian and Eastern music are combined with brilliant effect.

  6. The polonaise, cracoviak, the valse in 6-8 time and the mazurka and finale which form the ballet are somewhat ordinary in character, but presented with a charm and piquancy of orchestration which has made them extremely popular.

  7. Carousing till midnight is a befitting finale to the proceedings of the lodge.

  8. In the duet with Tannhauser she had some splendid moments of representation, and her great scene in the finale she sang and realised in an incomparable manner.

  9. Lorraine; "but what a fine finale for the king of beasts, to chew up the despoilers of kings.

  10. Afterwards, because the impending finale made him desire her as he had never desired her before, he went into the pretty little sitting-room and kissed her.

  11. I had the honor of directing the finale of the third act of Le Roi de Lahore.

  12. I was only nine years old and I had to play the finale of Beethoven's Sonata, Opus 29.

  13. That was the finale of their comradeship.

  14. When the curtain rang down on the finale of that play I would not have sold a half interest in it for fifty thousand dollars!

  15. General finale is:] "Thus Destiny with a deluge of torments fills the poisoned remnant of my days.

  16. As the finale of the orchestral movement which preceded it died away, Mildred took her violin, and summoning all her courage went with a beating heart up the steep little staircase which led to the platform.

  17. Perhaps, Margaret would have endured him more cheerfully, had she been able to foresee the finale of his visits.

  18. These three chapters form indeed a glorious finale to the wonderful visions and prophecies which Jehovah gave to the prophet.

  19. They lead up to the grand finale of the history of God's ancient people, the time when Israel, redeemed and restored forever, will sing the grand and glorious Hallelujah.

  20. Boxes, pit, and gallery unanimously demanded the reappearance of the singer, who, in the finale of the act just concluded, had carried all away with her.

  21. The finale is a tumultuous mass of sound, through which are heard the tones of trumpets and cries of the people.

  22. The finale of the opera, which is very spirited, includes the preparations for the marriage-feast, the wedding, and the scene in which Petruchio abruptly forces his bride to leave with him for his country house.

  23. This finale is strong and very dramatic, and yet at the same time simple, natural, and unstudied.

  24. As an instance of his extraordinary memory, it is said that the drum and trumpet parts to the finale of the second act were written without the score, from memory.

  25. A martial finale introduces us to the Queen in state.

  26. A bravura and finale of light and graceful melody close the opera.

  27. In this finale the despairing Lionel bethinks him of his ring.

  28. It is remarkable for its warmth and richness, as well as its dramatic spirit, and the act closes with a concerted finale of splendid power, in which Fernando breaks his sword, and once more Balthasar anathematizes the King.

  29. The finale is a very dramatic ensemble, quintet and chorus ("What Mystery must now control").

  30. The finale commences with the appearance of Don Carlos among the conspirators, and closes with the great sextet and chorus, "O Sommo Carlo.

  31. Glancing around stealthily at the finale of the (sic) he saw that Mabel's chair was vacant, and Mr. Aylett was reading composedly beneath the lamp.

  32. In the finale the rhythmical emphasis attains a degree of reckless violence that has never been surpassed by any composer except Tchaikovsky.

  33. Brodsky in the Finale is perhaps the best-written excursus of its kind in existence.

  34. There is also a finale setting forth the reveries of Don Quixote in his old age, and, last of all, his death.

  35. The second movement is the service, and the Finale is the afternoon walk or dance; Bach would probably have approved of Sunday dancing.

  36. Everything in the marvellous Allegretto was thrown into a kind of delicate relief, and the fugal finale was given with the utmost animation and perfection of detail.

  37. In the very extended finale there is some powerful polyphonic writing, and the movement ends with a repetition of the theme in augmentation, forcibly declaimed by the heavy brass to the accompaniment of the full orchestra.

  38. At the opening of the finale the rushing semiquavers in the violin part were, for some reason, not quite clear, though later in the movement, when the music had become more complex, the same figure sounded clear enough.

  39. The finale is dominated by a dance theme in double time of enormous energy and vivacity.

  40. A still more remarkable instance will be found in the third statement of the theme of the finale of the 9th symphony.

  41. It was a woman's story of her husband's separation from her, and of the trials and tribulations through which she had passed, which was calculated to melt the stoniest heart, and served as a fitting finale to this historical inquiry.

  42. As a finale to its case, the State endeavored to introduce the inside history of the Clan-na-gael, with a view of showing Coughlin's bitter hatred for Dr.

  43. There are four variations, and a Finale full of dashing bravura.

  44. The theme is simply set forth, and the variations serve for the display of bravura playing with pizzicato and harmonics in the second movement, fourth string melody, and double harmonics in the third, and with the Finale resembling a Galopade.

  45. And through the finale there quivers an illusory light.

  46. In the Third Symphony, he preceded the orchestral finale with an alto solo composed on "Das Trunkene Lied" of Nietzsche, and with a chorus employing the words of another of the naïve poems in the anthology of Arnim and Brentano.

  47. The finale of the Ninth Symphony with its blare and crash, its chorus screaming on high C, its Turkish March with cymbals and bass-drum, is not entirely inspired, most folk will agree.

  48. And in the hurtling finale the music and the dancers create figure that is at once the piston and a sexual action.

  49. The crying, bold finale is full of the tragedy of northern nature.

  50. Before I went abroad in May I had sketched the first movement and finale of a Symphony.

  51. Nicholas Grigorievich (Rubinstein) likes the Finale best, but I do not altogether agree with him.

  52. The Adagio, with its tender Slavonic sadness, calmed and charmed us once more, but it breaks off suddenly, only to be followed by a finale which plunges us into the brutal, deplorable merriment of a Russian holiday carousal.

  53. I know I shall feel quite differently to-morrow, especially when I begin the finale of my Symphony; but to-day?

  54. He said he had no doubt as to the first three movements, but the last was still a problem, and perhaps after the performance in Petersburg he should destroy the Finale and replace it by another.

  55. The same critic discovered in the finale 'syncopation on the trills, spasmodic interruptions of the subject, and thundering octave passages'!

  56. The Introduction is the Malo-Russian variant of "Down by Mother Volga," the Finale is based upon a popular tune called "The Crane.

  57. For instance, the Finale will not be a great Allegro, but an Adagio of considerable dimensions.

  58. At an evening at the Rimsky-Korsakovs the whole party nearly tore me to pieces," he wrote, "and Madame Korsakov implored me to arrange the Finale for four hands.

  59. To confess the truth, I am not altogether satisfied with the first two movements, but the finale on The Crane[29] theme has turned out admirably.

  60. Sometimes it comes of its own accord, unintentionally (as in the finale of our symphony).

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