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  1. There is also a wide departure from all his predecessors in the entire absence of dramatic action.

  2. The dramatic scene of the raising of her son ensues, comprising a passionate song by the mother ("What have I to do with thee?

  3. The song of the Master Workman is also interwoven, and the chorus is finally developed with great vigor and splendid dramatic effect.

  4. Bennett was a bitter opponent of Wagner; but in the unvocal and declamatory character of this solo, and in the dramatic force he has given to it, to the sacrifice of melody, he certainly ventured some distance in the Wagnerian direction.

  5. The next scene is one of the most impressive and dramatic in the oratorio.

  6. It is followed by a long bass recitative with intensely dramatic accompaniment:-- "The day of wrath is near.

  7. It fails to reflect the sorrowful character of the scene it depicts, and the dramatic requirements which it imposes are often strained, and sometimes border on the grotesque.

  8. These representations were entirely dramatic in character, and their subjects, though always sacred, were often grotesquely treated, and sometimes verged on buffoonery.

  9. The scenes themselves indicate the dramatic character of the oratorio.

  10. It is an exceedingly graceful and delicate prelude, and makes a fitting introduction to the dramatic story which follows.

  11. The scene at this point is full of dramatic vigor.

  12. This intense appreciation of a novel or dramatic encounter with an eligible Philistine was her great weakness, and she made no secret of it even with her lover, which was unwise if frank.

  13. But there is far more dramatic power and "soul" in the scene from the legend of St. Bernard, according to which Christ came down from the Cross to his ardent worshipper.

  14. The Gospel account of Jesus is an embellished, ornamental, even sensationally dramatic creation to serve as an introduction for a legendary hero.

  15. A careful analysis of the various incidents in this ensemble will not fail to convince the unprejudiced reader that while they possess all the essentials for dramatic presentation, they lack the requirements of real history.

  16. The story of Jesus, we are constrained to say, possesses all the characteristics of the religious drama, full of startling episodes, thrilling situations, dramatic action and denouement.

  17. The dramatic element is again plainly seen in the account of the betrayal of Jesus.

  18. As an allegory, or as a dramatic composition, meant for the religious stage, it proved one of the strongest productions of Pagan or Christian times.

  19. How they were to regard me, and in what manner my position as dramatic "maid of all-work" was to be interpreted, at first caused them much perplexity.

  20. It is a work of exceptional dramatic power, and is both rich in melodramatic incident and spectacle, and has in it the essence of the noblest kind of tragedy.

  21. I was presented, as an old friend of the family and embryo student of the dramatic art, first to a married couple, Herr and Frau Selmar, who eyed me in unfriendly silence.

  22. It is a picturesque and romantic story, partly historical and partly domestic, full of dramatic incidents, and marked by vivid delineations of character.

  23. You look very well; you have grown a little stouter, but it is becoming; teaching seems to suit you better than the dramatic business.

  24. No one will marvel that, in this mood, I even essayed my own powers as a dramatic author.

  25. Protest as I might, Spielberg insisted upon treating me, and while doing so presented me to his acquaintances in the little town with great ceremony as a young dramatic student, whom he hoped to secure for his own stage.

  26. The most dramatic moment in the trial is when the officer comes in and announces the jury have agreed.

  27. Human nature being always substantially the same, it was thought that its demands for the dramatic action and stress of battle should have some outlet.

  28. The public gets only a portion of the picture, and from an enormous group of cases, a few contrasted ones are picked out for the sake of the dramatic effect.

  29. This limitation, however, is in reality an advantage, not merely because it applies to both sides, but for the reason that no lawyer with any sense of dramatic values would anticipate his dénouement.

  30. Especially in the dramatic fragment, by its sureness of touch and simple austerity of form, and by the majesty of its figure of the aged Eve, Moody's art reached its most heroic height.

  31. It is hardly necessary to introduce to the lovers of lyric and dramatic verse Mr. William Butler Yeats, who honors the Christmas number of Poetry by his presence.

  32. In two dramatic poems, The Tragedy of Etarre, by Rhys Carpenter (Sturgis & Walton Co.

  33. He was returning westward after residing in Dresden and Florence, full of enthusiasm for Goethe and Schiller, Tasso and Dante, and proudly conscious of a vocation himself as a dramatic poet.

  34. Although the story introduces the reader into the highest social circles, and its incidents are of the most absorbing interest, there is no sacrifice of the dramatic unities, or any departure from the essential simplicity of the narrative.

  35. Masques and masquerades seem to be of high antiquity in Java; the Malat of the Panji-cycle already mentions that kind of dramatic entertainment.

  36. One radical part of Diderot's dramatic doctrine is wholly condemned by modern criticism; and it is the part which his plays were especially designed to enforce.

  37. But the Father of the Family was exactly fulfilling Diderot's notion of dramatic purpose and utility when he talked to his daughter in such a strain as this: "Marriage, my daughter, is a vocation imposed by nature.

  38. Lessing had some dramatic fire, invention, spontaneous elevation; he had a certain measure, though not a very large one, of poetic impulse.

  39. The cause why this condition has never come to pass is simply that its whole structure and its regulations repel the faculties of dramatic genius.

  40. Diderot used to admit that the genre sérieux could never take its right place until it had been handled by a man of high dramatic genius.

  41. One of the strongest satires on the reigning dramatic style, Diderot found in the need that the actor had of the mirror.

  42. He made his own dramatic experiment, he thought little enough of it; and he was wholly above the hateful vice of sourly disparaging competitors, whether dead or living.

  43. Yet we cannot but see that Diderot was feeling for dramatic forms and subjects that would have been as little classic as romantic.

  44. The Natural Son must, by me at least, be pronounced one of the most vapid performances in dramatic history.

  45. We crave contrast in the dramatic point of view.

  46. The contrast between the two houses suggested her Dramatic Scene between Bronwylfa and Rhyllon.

  47. Neither in these, nor in his only other dramatic effort, Oulita the Serf (1858) did he show any real qualifications as a playwright.

  48. His touch is heavy, and these novels show no dramatic power, which accounts for his failure as a playwright, but their influence was as great as their followers were many, and they still find readers.

  49. The close relation of the two deities appears in a frequent community of altars and sacrifices, and also in the [Greek: hieros gamos], a dramatic representation of their sacred marriage.

  50. Helps possessed, however, enough dramatic power to give life and individuality to the dialogues with which he enlivened many of his other books.

  51. She loved to be present at dramatic entertainments, and her participation in the private rehearsals of the Shepherd's Pastoral, written by her favourite Walter Montague, probably drew down upon her the savage attack of Prynne.

  52. This same idea of necessary relation to national character and circumstance is also applied to dramatic poetry, and more especially to Shakespeare.

  53. The Greek sculptors in dealing with the legend confined themselves to the moment when Athena threw down the pipes, apparently for the reason that this instant gave an opportunity of rendering Marsyas in a strong dramatic action.

  54. The written drama is available for the painter as a source for designs only in cases of high tragedy, or mixed plays containing strong dramatic events of tragic import.

  55. PAGE 54 The dictum of Aristotle in reference to metre in poetry related only to epic and dramatic verse, for what we understand as lyric poetry was separated by the Greeks as song in which of course metre is compulsory.

  56. In the case of lyric poetry, brevity of expression, though still of high importance, is not of so much moment as in epic or dramatic verse, because the substance is subordinated to beauty of expression and musical form.

  57. She was said to be the most voluminous dramatic writer of our female poets, that she had a great deal of wit, and a more than ordinary propensity to dramatic poetry.

  58. Dramatic representations, both of a tragic and comic character, were performed before the Inca court.

  59. Pastoral duties are embodied in some of the later Quichuan dramatic literature, and numerous love songs and yaravies, or elegies, have been handed down orally, or preserved in old manuscripts.

  60. You must forgive me," he bowed, "for bringing the dramatic club into your sanctum.

  61. The story was dramatic and moving, and frequently her eyes would strain toward the distant sky-line as though the face of some strong presence were gazing out with inscrutable calmness.

  62. Whether we think of him in his relation to history or psychology, dandiacal or dramatic art, he is a salient, pathetic figure.

  63. Indeed, there can be little doubt that Mr. Coates, with his vile performances, must be held responsible for the decline of dramatic art in England and the invasion of the amateur.

  64. I felt that at Oxford, when I should be of age to matriculate, a 'variegated dramatic lifé was waiting for me.

  65. A narrative of dramatic events, thrilling adventures, and all-conquering passion that makes a swiftly moving tale.

  66. I don't feel strong enough to-night to stand any more of your dramatic criticism.

  67. Sybarite grasped his revolver and strode to the door with much dramatic manner, but paused with a hand on the knob to look over his shoulder.

  68. I am not dramatic in any way, Heaven knows!

  69. With dramatic suddenness, he held out one of Dickson's prints.

  70. Having this attitude, he had no hesitation after a time in speaking directly of Helen's marriage and its dramatic announcement.

  71. He finished his dramatic race with one of his favorite parts, with Felix, in "The Wonder a Woman Keeps a Secret.

  72. During the late years of her life she appeared before the public more as a dramatic reader than as an actress.

  73. The one canon was to be dramatic fitness.

  74. Milton has successfully surmounted or evaded many of this formidable catalogue of limitations, without the sacrifice of dramatic propriety.

  75. A certain number of these circuitous phrases are justified by considerations of dramatic propriety.

  76. He was an epic poet, striving to describe great events worthily, but the dramatic situation betrayed him.

  77. By a variety of small observances, which, when fully stated, make up a formidable code, he mended the shambling gait of the loose dramatic blank verse, and made of it a worthy epic metre.

  78. Dramatic and narrative poetry went on in the old way, and drew their inspiration from the old founts.

  79. The chief dramatic interest of the poem, however, comes in with the great outcast angel, stirred up by his passions of envy and revenge to assault the new-created inhabitants of the Garden.

  80. Ghek was making a fine, dramatic spectacle of his capture of an unwilling bride.

  81. The boat's rocket-tanks had been refilled, and he burned fuel recklessly to make a dramatic landing within a hundred yards of the battlements where Fani had once thoughtfully had a coil of rope ready for him.

  82. The chief excellence of Alfieri consists in powerful delineation of dramatic character.

  83. His dramatic career began early, and was continued for more than forty years.

  84. The dramatic subjects, and the brilliant colouring of his on pictures, gave them pronounced individuality among the works of contemporary painters.

  85. More serious are his dramatic writings which began with Despot Voda and culminated in Ovid.

  86. A dramatic piece, El Hijo prodigo, was hissed off the stage in 1857, and the failure so stung Alarcon that he enlisted under O'Donnell's command as a volunteer for the war in Morocco.

  87. Both Stedman and Stoddard were of New England birth, as was also the third to be mentioned, William Winter (born 1836), better known as the lifelong dramatic critic of the metropolis.

  88. More than any other Spanish dramatist, Alarcon is preoccupied with ethical aims, and his gift of dramatic presentation is as brilliant as his dialogue is natural and vivacious.

  89. Even with such extrinsic aids, and the advantage derived from the established fame of the author, Cato could never have been esteemed a good dramatic work, unless in an age in which dramatic power and insight were almost extinct.

  90. His prolonged fight for the repeal of the so-called ``Gag Laws'' is one of the most dramatic contests in the history of congress.

  91. In dramatic literature, act signifies one of those parts into which a play is divided to mark the change of time or place, and to give a respite to the actors and to the audience.

  92. His first victory is recorded in 484, fifteen years after his earliest appearance on the stage; but in the remaining twenty-six years of his dramatic activity at Athens he was successful at least twelve times.

  93. Phil looked more like an Indian maiden than Madge, but Madge had more dramatic skill.

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