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  1. As autumn drew nigh, the bucolic pulses were quickened by the rumoured revival of English rustic sports.

  2. The Finale is one festive idyll, full of ringing tune and almost bucolic lilt of dance.

  3. But there is a second tune, hardly less moving, in dulcet group of horns amid shimmering strings and harp, with a light bucolic answer in playful reed.

  4. Here it should have raged, pregnant as it was with bucolic blessing; but our agricultural friends expect nothing readily except adverse weather, least of all a measure of economic benefit to themselves.

  5. They had the uncomplaining bucolic look, but they wore it with a difference; the difference, by this time, was enough to mark them of another nation.

  6. Mr. Grebby, his large boots on the brightly polished fender, his red face wreathed in smiles, and slowly filling a short clay pipe, as bucolic a specimen of manhood as Copthorne could produce.

  7. Thus it is that Philip Roche finds himself in Eleanor's family circle, discussing the crops and weather with her father, a rubicund, hale old man, whose life is centred in bucolic pursuits.

  8. We would gladly know something more of this 'Bucolic Poem' indited by the universal genius, Boethius.

  9. We learn from the fragment before us that Boethius also wrote a 'Bucolic Poem.

  10. Farming and a simple, bucolic life have perverted your morals.

  11. To argue upon the possibility of culture before luxury to the bucolic world may be to argue truly, but it is an attempt to disturb a sequence to which humanity has been long accustomed.

  12. We can hardly imagine bucolic placidity quickening to intellectual aims without imagining social aims as the transitional phase.

  13. In passing from the bucolic to the intellectual life the intermediate stages are usually two at least, frequently many more; and one of those stages is almost sure to be worldly advanced.

  14. Some, however, are of opinion, that by Daphnis is meant a real shepherd of Sicily of that name, who is said to have invented bucolic poetry, and in honour of whom the Sicilians performed yearly sacrifices.

  15. Others approached timidly, armed with the normal bucolic weapons--scythes and pitchforks.

  16. The bucolic and erotic delicacy in written poetry is correlative with that softness in statuary, music, and the kindred arts, and even in manners and institutions, which distinguished the epoch to which I now refer.

  17. And let us not circumscribe the effects of the bucolic and erotic poetry within the limits of the sensibility of those to whom it was addressed.

  18. The bucolic writers, who found patronage under the lettered tyrants of Sicily and Egypt, were the latest representatives of its most glorious reign.

  19. Even the audacities and insolence of this stranger affected Morse as he might have been touched and captivated by the coquetries or imperiousness of some bucolic virgin.

  20. But the simple, bucolic nature that had sustained itself against temptation with patient industry and lonely self-concentration succumbed to rapidly acquired wealth.

  21. Whether Morse did or did not know that this current California slang for a denizen of the bucolic West implied a certain contempt, he replied simply: "I'm from Pike County, Mizzouri.

  22. Tasso having written a bucolic poem, Aminta, Guarini wrote a bucolic poem, The Faithful Shepherd, which has been one of the greatest literary successes ever known.

  23. His chief claim to fame lies in his Arcadia, an idyllic poem of bucolic sentiment, destined to evoke thousands of imitations.

  24. Marie Antoinette's dairymaid proclivities at Trianon had rendered it de rigueur to find pleasure in bucolic occupations.

  25. A good bucolic curse that rent the cliffs And frightened for a moment quaking Jill Out of the limp, unmeaning girl's tee-hee That womankind delight in.

  26. In spite of his bucolic ways and pig-headed obstinacy and narrow views, Beecot senior possessed a certain amount of cunning which Paul read in every line of the selfish letter before him.

  27. To him the bucolic life was a closed book; but he soon realised that a holiday at the Surrey Summer-Camp was inevitable.

  28. The children stood about wide-eyed and grave, as if unable to play their urban games in a bucolic setting.

  29. Whenever the door opened every bucolic head in the room turned toward it like a Grammar School class.

  30. God alone knows with what young women stuff their bodies in those bucolic solitudes.

  31. Don't let the bucolic go to your head, Mr. Mallett.

  32. An answer comes from the bucolic chorus of reapers and their brothers the vintagers, who chant the praise of "Monsieur" Bacchus.

  33. In the Liszt museum is the old, bucolic pianino upon which his childish hands first rested at Raiding (Dobrjan), his birthplace.

  34. They drank from the wild thyme the always new, burning tears which their bucolic poets had let fall like dew from the cups of their eyes.

  35. There were times, even, when I had gravely considered abandoning my chosen career and retiring to a bucolic life of loneliness in the valley.

  36. So subtle a reference to my bucolic appearance was lost on my innocent mind.

  37. The bucolic mind does not readily apprehend the refinements of good taste.

  38. For in those days the keenest of bucolic minds felt a whispering awe at the sight of the gentry, such as of old men felt when they stood on tiptoe to watch the gods passing by in tall human shape.

  39. The bucolic mind had no intellectual stimulant whatever except such as was to be obtained from contact with other bucolic minds through the medium of conversation.

  40. The Italians and French generally want the Bucolic Genius: Their Shepherds are too genteel; as well bred as Citizens at least, if not as Courtiers, and fall into other Absurdities of the same Kind.

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