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Example sentences for "clown"

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  1. It is all as antique as the clown at the circus.

  2. But I flatter myself it was that gun that brought clown the Turkish Admiral's main-mast; and the stump left wasn't long enough to make a wooden leg for Lord Nelson.

  3. And instantly we heard a re-port like two or three muskets discharged together; the vast sail was rent up and clown like the Vail of the Temple.

  4. It might be better than boxing the bear, and since I've got to stick around, I might as well be a clown as anything.

  5. He wondered if Gwen were serious about the clown stunt and, if so, whether she would soon have it arranged.

  6. As I was about to say," he continued with forced composure, "they could hold the balloons steady, while the clown tripped lightly along the wire.

  7. The clown was dressed in equatorial hunting garb and carried an air rifle.

  8. He had discarded his clown suit and had walked out into the open air, when a shrill young voice called his name: "Johnny, Johnny Thompson.

  9. They don't have the clown assist you in your turn, do they?

  10. It's the clown stunt," she exclaimed excitedly.

  11. He saw at a glance that neither the steam kettle cook nor the midget clown was with them.

  12. Quickly there flashed before his mind a picture of a midget clown chasing a huge elephant around the ring.

  13. When he was in the midst of the clog, the attendants could suddenly lose control of the balloons, letting the clown go up to the top of the tent.

  14. It was all a whirl of delight to Peggy and Bobby, from the accomplished dogs who danced skirt-dances to the little pig who dragged the clown in a mail-cart and turned somersaults with amazing dexterity.

  15. Our clown is an imbecile old idiot, and wholly unlike the dashing poltroon of Italian pantomime.

  16. The staff poet-clown was no daylight saver; professing to burn the midnight oil in the interest of his employer, he seldom drifted in before half-past nine.

  17. The two sisters stared in dismay at the clown who had brought bad news.

  18. The theatrical fool or clown (we need not distinguish them here) was a sore trial to the cultured poet and spectator in Shakespeare's day.

  19. The million, we gather from the first passage, cares nothing for construction; and so, we learn in the second passage, the barren spectators want to laugh at the clown instead of attending to some necessary question of the play.

  20. The animal runs forward, balks, kicks and backs up, whilst the clown bobs up and down trying to control the donkey by jerking the lines.

  21. A young fellow riding down a steep hill, and doubting the foot of it was boggish, called out to a clown that was ditching, and asked him if it was hard at the bottom.

  22. He spits against the post of the stage, and rubs the CLOWN against it.

  23. After he has arranged two bodies, and is going for the third, a CLOWN walks up from behind and carries back one of the bodies; he also lies down as if dead.

  24. CLOWN (entering, gazes at the headboard of the bed, says).

  25. He now discovers the CLOWN at his antics.

  26. CLOWN shifts one to the centre of the stage.

  27. The stealing of poultry by clown Has ceased irresistible sport to be, If he swallowed a turkey it wouldn't go down; Christmas is not what it ought to be.

  28. Everything was going smoothly when Billy saw Mike O'Hara coming out of the crowd; he came up to the clown that was walking beside him and said: "Look here, that is my goat!

  29. Go along, I can't bother talking to you any more," said the clown, as all this time Mike had been walking beside the clown as they marched.

  30. When Billy did not go to Mike, it made the clown laugh and he said: "There, I told you so.

  31. What in the world can they want of me," thought Billy, but he soon found out for they dressed him up as a clown in a white suit with red spots on it and tied a mask on his face and a pointed clown's cap on his head.

  32. But Mike held on and the clown gave him a hit in the ribs.

  33. When I was ill and could not walk," the child replied, "a clown called Punchinello cured me of my lameness by his merry songs and ways; but his face I know not.

  34. We have missed you sadly and now you will be our clown again.

  35. They placed poor Punchinello on the bed where little Beppo had lain for so many years, and wondered whence the clown had come.

  36. The lion tamers with their roaring beasts strode by, the elephants in scarlet blankets decked, the jugglers next, and then a little dancing clown who stepped and pranced in drollest fashion.

  37. This Punchinello was a clown of clowns, and his droll dances and his merry tricks and songs had made thousands laugh.

  38. But Punchinello is the greatest clown in all the world.

  39. Astley's Theatre, description of a clown at, i.

  40. The Clown commenced his feat with the flood tide at the drawbridge, and had entered the North river.

  41. Ferrier (Deputy Coroner) had held an inquest on the body of Thomas Algar, the clown who had expired at the Theatre immediately after the performance on the previous Friday.

  42. Besides being able to clap his cymbals together, the Calico Clown could also move his arms and legs when you pulled certain strings, like those on some Jumping Jacks.

  43. These pieces of brass were called "cymbals," and the Calico Clown could bang them together as the drummer bangs his cymbals in the band.

  44. Now well put the Clown on," Pete called to Archibald, when the trapeze was finished.

  45. Then the man happened to pull one of the strings, and the Clown kicked up his legs.

  46. Did Sidney have a Calico Clown with one leg red and the other leg yellow?

  47. Sidney picked the Calico Clown up off the grass.

  48. The Calico Clown rather hoped the long-tailed chap would be left to keep him company, but it was not to be just yet.

  49. She held the Calico Clown up and looked at him.

  50. Sidney carried the Calico Clown toward the house where Madeline and Herbert lived.

  51. And, as luck would have it, the man came under the tree just as the Calico Clown slipped and fell.

  52. And the Calico Clown was up in the tree, not knowing how in the world he was ever going to get down.

  53. The Clown was just going to try to swing to the next lowest branch, as he had seen the live monkey do, when, all of a sudden, he slipped and fell.

  54. And so he carried the Calico Clown away, without giving the poor, jolly fellow a chance to say good-bye to the Elephant, the Camel or the Celluloid Doll.

  55. Well, how in the world did that Clown toy come to be in my pocket?

  56. I shall certainly be glad to see the Candy Rabbit again," the Clown thought.

  57. It is the venom of the clown confronted by the comedian.

  58. All of which is preliminary to the expression of the opinion that Jim Barton, now playing at the Century, is the funniest clown who has appeared in New York this season.

  59. We might mention here that in the English version a clown is brought in with very considerable effect.

  60. Unlike the other heroes of the pantomime, the clown is essentially English, and he is to be found also in the circus of to-day, at all times of the year, as well as on the stage at Christmas.

  61. In England, however, we have turned the harlequin into a magician, and his wand is perhaps the gilt wooden sword which belonged to the clown or fool all the world over.

  62. ONE day it happened that a cunning clown Was by an imp observed, without the town, To turn the earth, which seemed to be accurst, Since ev'ry trench was painful as the first.

  63. Good fortune worked no change in BROWN, Though she's a mighty social chymist; He was a clown--and by a clown I do not mean a pantomimist.

  64. But no--the clown my prospect blights-- (The worth of birth it surely teaches!

  65. So deaf to all sound Reason's rule This poor uneducated clown is, You canNOT fancy what a fool Poor rich uneducated BROWN is.

  66. The peculiarity was, this clown watching under a laden gallows.

  67. All the verses in the kitchen scene are set to music, the versatile clown playing the accompaniments on his ever-ready guitar.

  68. The next number is the serenade for the clown (Feste).

  69. The clown dived into the public-house, and told a dark seedy man, with his black hair plastered and rolled effeminately, that he had got a bloke who would stand a quid for a mount.

  70. Indeed, his imitations of bad riding were so truthful and funny, that even the clown was surprised into one laugh; he who rarely smiled, unless in the way of business.

  71. The clown walked round in a ring, and King George followed him, holding his sword upright.

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