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  1. At the Clover Club jubilee dinner, Captain "Fighting Bob" Evans gave a wonderfully interesting account of the destruction of Cervera's fleet, closing with a grim picture of war the celebration of peace.

  2. No one can unfold the future of the Clover Club.

  3. I ask you, gentlemen of the Clover Club, to unite with me in toasting the Army and Navy of the United States, without whose valor and sacrifice we could not celebrate the victory we have been celebrating to-day.

  4. The Loyal League was out in full force, the parade was a prodigy of display, and the Clover Club gave a brilliant dinner, and the cleverness of the President's speech carried the club by storm.

  5. In the interims the corn cultivation was continued, hay was harvested in the clover fields and the meadows, and the tobacco fields first planted began to be scraped with hoe and plow.

  6. The commons and unoccupied spaces in the city are covered with a luxuriant growth of white and red clover, filling the air with its pleasant odor, and suggesting the title of "Clover City.

  7. The settlers are chiefly Scandinavians, who, by their industry, have made the plains and oak ridges to blossom with clover and the cereals.

  8. Our bees are literally in clover this year," Leonard remarked.

  9. Well, I've been told that red clover cannot be raised without this insect, which, passing from flower to flower, carries the fertilizing pollen.

  10. Red clover affords no pasturage for honey-bees," said Webb, laughing.

  11. Then she bent her glass on a clover head, and it grew at once into a collection of little white tubes or jars in which from earth, air, and dew nature distilled the nectar that the bees were gathering.

  12. That heavy coating of wood-ashes that I gave to a half-acre near the apiary proved most effective, and the plot now looks as if a flurry of snow had passed over it, the white clover blossoms are so thick.

  13. Rakes followed the scythes speedily, and the clover was piled up into compact little heaps, or "cocks," to sweat out its moisture rather than yield it to the direct rays of the sun.

  14. White clover is all very well, but I've noticed that when the raspberry-bushes are in bloom they are alive with bees.

  15. As Amy says, her four-leaved clover will prove a true prophet, green as it looks.

  16. High birds soared high to hover; Thick leaves close clung to slip; Wild rose and snowy clover Were warm for winds to dip, And one ungentle lover, A bee with robber lip.

  17. The sun set late, and wafts of wind arose, And cuffed the blossom from the blossoming quince; Shatter red attar vials of the rose, And made the clover wince.

  18. The crested cock 'mid his stout dames Crows from the purple-clover hill; His glossy coat the morn enflames, And all his leaping heart doth thrill.

  19. Shows her tanned face among the thirsting clover And parching meadows, thy tenebrious tune Wakes with the dew or when the rain is over.

  20. In the dining-room a bowl of pink and white clover occupied the center of the table and there were window boxes of the same sweet flower.

  21. Clover roots are said to go down to depths of six or nine feet, but many weeds go deeper still.

  22. They cultivate a species of clover in England that gives a striking effect to a field when in bloom, Trifolium incarnatum, the long heads as red as blood.

  23. A little farther along, in a clover field, I heard my first corn-crake.

  24. The first red clover had just bloomed, as I probably would have found it that day had I taken a walk at home; but, like the people I met, it had a ruddier cheek than at home.

  25. You are at sea amid verdant parks and fields of clover and grain.

  26. Every square inch of ground had its clover blossom.

  27. Take your topcoat then, for the clover is closing.

  28. She's as sweet as clover with the bumbees humming over it, and as warm as a gorse bush when the summer's gone.

  29. The after-crop of clover short, but well set, the first cut had been mostly stout and very ripe; the meadow grass now cutting, and also very ripe.

  30. By this means he has as fine grass and clover as can possibly grow.

  31. Red or white-clover I have not seen; but I have heard there are some small patches of the latter in the prairies.

  32. The country round the town is beautiful, and the soil rich; the fields in its immediate vicinity bear principally grass, and clover of different sorts, the fragrant smell of which perfumes the air.

  33. Buffalo-clover resembles white-clover, but does not run on the ground; the leaf as large as red-clover.

  34. The paper upon the walls represented red-top clover in bloom, and I was glad of this.

  35. The clover meadow stretched away to a low bluff, at the base of which I could see the shining surface of a small stream.

  36. They knew well the ground their fleet hoofs were spurning, and they knew that farther on was home,--a good stall, and a rack full of musky clover hay.

  37. I dared not look up, but kept my eyes on the four-leaf clover I was plucking to pieces.

  38. We had strolled away out past the streets, and had been walking along a pike, when the refreshing green of a clover meadow on my left caused me to climb the fence and seek a closer acquaintance.

  39. They found that vertical profile a mixture, and we are hoping to have clover sod instead of bluegrass sod.

  40. Taken at Chilliwhack and Okanagan (Brooks); and at Clover Point, Victoria (E.

  41. Have taken it at Clover Point near Victoria.

  42. There would be plenty of green grass and clover by the roadside, no doubt, but they would be on the move most of the time with few pauses for Ticktock to crop.

  43. Jean brought apples and choice bits of clover to offer.

  44. In the midst of his dream, the sweet odor of clover slowly changed to a smell that was foreign and unpleasant.

  45. Place Cards= Take a clover leaf and practice painting from it until able to make a copy good enough to paint upon a place card for the table.

  46. It will hardly be necessary to state that the four-leaved clover has for long years been the symbol of good-luck.

  47. Some authorities believe the white clover to be the original shamrock.

  48. Clover is still cultivated, in the Elburz region, but horses are now fed almost entirely on straw and barley.

  49. Footnote 4: That is planting turnips, barley, clover and wheat, by which land is kept constantly fresh and vigorous.

  50. They saw all the green rye fields and all the fine meadows, where the clover would soon be reddening and sending forth its sweet fragrance.

  51. Clover does not retain the wet like common grass, and it affords some shade in hot weather to the very young birds.

  52. The usual method is to sow the seed in the spring or fall, either alone or with clover or timothy.

  53. Thereafter if the soil is a true blue-grass one and the land is pastured, blue-grass and white clover dominate to the exclusion of everything else.

  54. On this sow timothy and red clover as above on the snow in February or March; pasture the rye, but not too closely, to 15th of May.

  55. Why, that would be too sweet for anything--so sweet that all the bees in the clover fields we passed would come flying after us to enjoy the sport.

  56. From the stubbles and second crops of sun-baked clover puffs of warm air kept stealing up into the chillier air beneath the willows.

  57. The second crops of clover were already high; in them humblebees were hard at work; and, above, the white-throated swallows dipped and soared.

  58. There were lambs in the next field; he watched their gambollings and his heart relaxed; brushing the clover dust off his black clothes, he began to retrace his steps.

  59. These disharmonic shadows flitting in the room made a stir like the rubbing of dry straw or the hum of bees among clover stalks.

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