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Example sentences for "clove"

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  1. Further, this Pink is the Clove Gilly (or July) flower, and gives its specific name to the natural order Caryophyllaceoe.

  2. The Clove Pink, or Carnation of our gardens, though found apparently wild on old castle walls in England, is a naturalised flower in this country.

  3. A well known chef is said to have chewed a small clove of Garlic when he wished to impart its delicate flavour to a choice plât, over which he then breathed lightly.

  4. Hungarian jockeys sometimes fasten a clove of [218] garlic to the bits of their racers; and it is said that the horses which run against those thus baited, fall back the moment they smell the offensive odour.

  5. Used in small quantities as a spice the Clove stimulates digestion, but when taken more freely it deadens the susceptibility of the stomach, lessens the appetite, and induces constipation.

  6. For toothache and earache, a clove of Garlic stripped of its skin, and cut in the form of a suppository, if thrust in the ear of the aching side, will soon assuage the pain.

  7. It belongs to the Caryophyllaceoe, or Clove and Pink tribe of plants; and a double flowered variety of it is met with in gardens.

  8. Thereupon he smote his hands together like a clap of thunder, and instantly the walls of the room clove asunder, and there came out four-and-twenty handsome youths, clad in cloth of gold and silver.

  9. Then out from it there stepped one with eyes that shone like sparks of fire, and who had a countenance so terrible that the Tailor’s skin quivered and shrivelled, and his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth at the sight of it.

  10. For there were vegetables of every sort that grew at Burnside, with hams and bacon, some very lively chickens, and baskets heaped with the grapes and pears for which the Clove was famous.

  11. That Mr. Quaker Burn, up Clove way, had been took to Ne' York.

  12. A moment's watching showed it to belong to the Clove Farm, and it was Adam Burn's "hired man" who was driving in it.

  13. But Beaumains parried the spear stroke, and with one great heave of his sword, clove the other's helm in twain, so that the knight fell like a stone.

  14. Shamed by her words the green knight gave a fierce stroke and clove Beaumains' shield in twain.

  15. As if to give a foretaste of what he intended for me, he clove down the stout branch of an elm-tree with a single stroke and with the ease of a man slicing a cheese.

  16. To my intense delight, the anchor was already weighed; and scarcely had we mounted the ladder than she broached round, head to sea, and clove through the water like a fish.

  17. No hoary priests after that Patriarch 245 Who bent the curse against his country's heart, Which clove his own at last?

  18. I tried it on a Moslem, and clove him in twain like a doughnut.

  19. The Clove is also cultivated with success.

  20. He pulled up his horse for one moment, clove down with one desperate blow the dragoon with whom he was engaged, and then setting his spurs to the very rowels into his horse, dashed at once through the circle of his foes.

  21. Falkland staggered a few paces, recovered himself, sprang towards Lara, clove him at one blow from the skull to the jaw, and fell with his victim, lifeless upon the floor.

  22. He took the ring from the maiden's finger and clove it in twain with his sword.

  23. Then he turned and brought down the keen edge like a flash of lightning on the great anvil, and clove it to the ground without the sword receiving the slightest injury.

  24. He did so, and clove open the rock, and his right hand was caught in the cleft.

  25. Though the Clove Tree is cultivated to a great extent, yet, so easily does the fruit on falling take root, that it thus multiplies itself, in many instances, without the trouble of culture.

  26. The clove when it first begins to appear is white, then green, and at last hard and red; when dried, it turns yellow, and then dark brown.

  27. With that he whirled his sword aloft and struck him downright on the head, and clove his skull asunder to the shoulder.

  28. And after many blows, Sir Beaumains clove through the knight's skull down to the shoulders.

  29. Then he put his shield before him, and with it warded off one giant's stroke, and clove the other with his sword from the head downward to the chest.

  30. From the extremities of the branches quantities of flowers grow, first white; then they become green, and next red and hard, when they have arrived at their clove state.

  31. They take their name from the Latin word clavus, or the French clou, both meaning a nail, and to which the clove has a considerable resemblance.

  32. As an aromatic, the clove is highly stimulating, and yields an abundance of oil.

  33. Put a small quantity of sugar and a clove into each apple, put the rice round them, and tie each ball separately in a cloth.

  34. He clove the circling ball with his sword, and out of it leaped a small boy whose whole body glowed with a crimson radiance.

  35. Then the ogre fetched a ship and had Panther seat himself in it, while he himself pushed the ship before him through the water so that it clove the waves like an arrow.

  36. At the same time he had fallen heir to a grove of clove trees; in short, he had been wealthy.

  37. The clove trees were covered with pink blossoms whose fragrance entered the city.

  38. It had sifted through his fingers like sand, the price of one clove tree after another, till the whole grove was gone.

  39. His tears hissed on the red coal, and through a glittering film he saw the ancestral house, the blush of the clove trees, the deep blue sea with the dhows slipping out toward Muscat.

  40. Stoney Clove and Kaaterskill Clove are picturesque gorges, the former being traversed by a rail way, and the latter containing three cascades having a total fall of about 300 ft.

  41. Edward Dunsack recognized the scents that stirred from her, more Eastern and disturbing even than opium: there was a subtle natural odor of musk, the perfumes of henna and clove blossoms and santal.

  42. I don't see--" Aunt Lucretia speechlessly unmuffled a clove apple and a nautilus shell that had graced the parlor shelf; then a little daintily dressed rag doll with cheeks stained pink with cranberry juice appeared.

  43. They confiscated her rag doll, and put it away in the parlor with the clove apple, the nautilus shell, and the gift-book.

  44. At the end of this time the Jinniyah again clove the wall, and brought back the young princess, who was introduced to her father, who took Dalal again into favour.

  45. She clove the wall, and asked Dalal to promise to give her her first child.

  46. Jinnie's tongue clove to the roof of her mouth.

  47. Her tongue clove to the roof of her mouth.

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