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  1. Cardamums and cloves compose part of the articles in the síri box of a person of condition.

  2. He would provide vinegar--many gallons of it, and cloves by the handful.

  3. From the unopened flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllata, a small tree native only on a few islands in the Moluccas, the widely used spice known as cloves is derived.

  4. Zanzibar and Pemba now produce more cloves than nearly all the rest of the world put together.

  5. Cloves consist of the unopened flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllata.

  6. It was used mixed with cloves and cardamoms, and also employed in medical practice as early as the ninth century.

  7. A mixture of saffron, amber, musk, cloves and incense, together with the brain of an eagle and the blood of a cock, was offered to the Sun.

  8. In these two boats they brought seven tons of cloves in mats, some chests of China ware, some pieces of China silks, of several sorts, and a great sum of money also.

  9. They are then washed in methylated spirit till they are sufficiently decolourised, and then rapidly passed through absolute alcohol and oil of cloves and mounted in balsam and xylol.

  10. Sections may be mounted in Farrant’s solution (to which a spot of formic acid may be added): if mounted in Canada balsam the sections must be overstained as both the alcohol and oil of cloves rapidly dissolve out the dye.

  11. Most of the alcohol should then be removed by tilting the slide, and before the remainder has evaporated, some oil of cloves or bergamot should be added from another pipette.

  12. Dehydrate in alcohol which will remove much of the stain, clarify in oil of cloves or origanum oil.

  13. They should remain in this for about two minutes, and then be passed through oil of cloves and mounted in Canada balsam in the ordinary way.

  14. Externally the application of ether, and of essential oils, as of cloves or cinnamon, seem to possess a general stimulating effect.

  15. Camphor and opium, one grain of each held in the mouth; or a drop or two of oil of cloves put on the painful tooth.

  16. Some people like it flavoured with cloves and lemon-peel, and sweeten it with two ounces of sugar.

  17. Arrange these in alternate layers with sugar in the dish, with a generous sprinkling of whole cloves over each layer, and pile, layer on layer, until not another bit of apple can go in anywhere without toppling out.

  18. Sometimes a little cinnamon and cloves are added.

  19. Should this treatment not succeed, a drop or two of laudanum, with one drop of oil of cloves and a little oil of almonds, may be dropped in the ear, and a piece of cotton wool introduced afterwards.

  20. Cloves from which the oil has been distilled are dried and rubbed between the hands, previously moistened with a little sweet oil, to brighten their colour, after which they are mixed up with fresh spice for sale.

  21. They rapidly get dry and crumbly, and, unless a little spirit and oil of cloves are added, will scarcely keep a week in warm weather without becoming mouldy.

  22. Oil of cloves and spirit of cloves also bear this name in some places.

  23. A crystalline substance, isomeric with ordinary camphor, which deposits from oil of cloves in needles.

  24. The same object is effected by moistening the inside of the bladder (used to tie them over) with a few drops of oil of cloves or creasote.

  25. Some compounders also add 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, or about 15 gr.

  26. A few cloves kept in a closet or box prevent moths or mould attacking furs, woollens, &c.

  27. Some persons add a small quantity of camphor, or of oil of cloves or cassia.

  28. Olive oil, mixed with half its weight of the oil of cloves and amber.

  29. There are some who mix with it a small quantity of cloves and cardamom seeds; others add sugar.

  30. While still boiling, cinnamon and cloves were sometimes added before pouring the liquid off into the findjans, or little china cups, to be served with the addition of a drop of essence of amber.

  31. But they add to each dish a drop of the essence of amber, or put a couple of cloves in it, during the process of preparation.

  32. Finally, in the postscripte of the seconde relation, wee reade these wordes: They of Canada saye, that it is a moones sailinge to goe to a land where cynamonde and cloves are gathered.

  33. A genus of mytraceous plants, mostly of tropical countries, and including several aromatic trees and shrubs, among which are the trees which produce allspice and cloves of commerce.

  34. Sprinkle sugar, and cinnamon or cloves over them.

  35. When they have stewed about twenty minutes, put in a little butter, pepper, and salt; a little wine and cloves improve them.

  36. Each root is composed of several lesser bulbs, called cloves of garlic, inclosed in a common membranous coat, and easily separable.

  37. Defn: A genus of mytraceous plants, mostly of tropical countries, and including several aromatic trees and shrubs, among which are the trees which produce allspice and cloves of commerce.

  38. Put the meat back into the solution, add 1 tablespoon whole cloves and 1 teaspoon whole allspice.

  39. Add the cream, molasses, cinnamon, ginger and cloves and blend smooth.

  40. Sift the flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cream of tartar.

  41. Scald the syrup and pour over the fruit for eight successive days, the ninth day add one ounce each stick cinnamon, whole cloves and allspice.

  42. In the five chief islands alone that amounts to 4,400 bares of cloves of prime quality (which is the selected spice).

  43. I reckon it; because in India each libra of cloves is worth at Ormuz one peso, and in Lisboa a greater sum, while in the West Yndias it is worth more than two pesos.

  44. Fourth, that since you have already experienced the utility that follows from sending those cloves to the East, and using this merchandise for other purposes and trade, you shall continue to do so.

  45. Consequently, there will be a clear profit on the cloves of three million two hundred and ninety thousand pesos.

  46. I thought that I would send them to those kingdoms, so that your Majesty might see some cloves from Maluco.

  47. If those ships alone came which his Majesty has in those islands, it would be superior to the enemy's fleet; for with this they could be kept from taking to Holland this year the great quantity of cloves which they will harvest.

  48. This profit is at present possessed by the Dutch, who buy on the coast of Caramendel, and from the Chinese in Cochinchina and Java, whence they take the merchandise which they trade for cloves in Maluco.

  49. The price at which the Dutch bought cloves from the natives (in 1599) is there stated at fifty-four reals of eight.

  50. A nearly colorless, thin liquid, with a strong odor of cloves and a pungent, spicy taste.

  51. Have a celery root that has been pared and cut into dice and cooked until tender in very little water with a bay leaf and two cloves, remove the cloves and bay leaf and turn the rest into the sauce, season with pepper and salt.

  52. Then add two tablespoonfuls of cinnamon, one of allspice and one of cloves and boil half an hour longer.

  53. Then add five or six tomatoes, one glass of white wine, a glass of bouillon, a few cloves and a bayleaf.

  54. Place in a buttered tin two small or one large onion cut in thin slices, a little chopped parsley, a bayleaf, one or two whole cloves and salt and pepper.

  55. Add half a dram of oil of cloves and allow to cool.

  56. Proceed as for clove cordial, substituting half a pound of bruised aniseed and two ounces each of fennel and coriander seeds for the cloves and allspice, and drawing off only six quarts.

  57. Digest for a few hours (preferably for a few days) a quarter of an ounce each of cinnamon and allspice and a couple of cloves in a tea-cupful of sherry, and strain through muslin.

  58. Boil half an ounce of cayenne, half an ounce of cochineal, half an ounce of mixed garlic, and half a dozen cloves in a quart of vinegar for twenty minutes.

  59. Proceed as for clove cordial, substituting half a pound of cinnamon or cassia bark for the cloves and allspice, and distilling at a somewhat lower temperature.

  60. In the island of Bachan they have a garrisoned fortress; more than a hundred bares of cloves are shipped thence each year.

  61. In the island of Maquian they have three garrisoned fortresses; and 1,200 bares of cloves are gathered there each year.

  62. From this island they ship more than 350 bares of cloves each year.

  63. Besides that, there would be great delay in buying forty-five bares [32] of cloves with cotton alone, which would be the amount at the prices current this year.

  64. However, these four months no cloves can be traded; for until the end of that time the trees will not bear.

  65. Had he done so, there would have been, notwithstanding the season, some cloves which could have been bought, although not all the quantity ordered, and although it could not have been done when they arrived.

  66. Skirting the north of Java, he found island after island rich in cloves and nutmeg.

  67. The Spice Islands lay beyond--the Spice Islands with all their cloves and nutmegs and their countless riches must yet be won for Portugal.

  68. Here they took on board some precious cloves and birds of Paradise, spent some pleasant months, and, laden with spices, resumed their journey.

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