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adaptiveness; adapts; adas; adat; adayes; addax; adde; added; adden; addendum
  1. No: I am confident that my good Lord Spencer will never add misery to misfortune.

  2. Third, it would add vastly to the nation's wealth in increasing by untold millions the annual product of real wealth, while it would also supply homes for millions of home-seekers.

  3. I know nothing more striking, and I must add that I know nothing more un-English.

  4. Learning will add fresh Pride to the Sex," he asserts, and will kindle in them an ambition of absolute Mastery.

  5. And whether it be these difficulties add any keenness to a female understanding, or that nature has given women, a quicker more penetrating genius than to men, it is self-evident that many of our sex have far out-stript the men.

  6. I shall only add an answer to the same objection, relating to David Simple, given by a lady of very high rank, whose quality, is however, less an honour to her than her understanding.

  7. Lysander thinks it would add unduly to their power.

  8. What I need is not just a man to add columns for me.

  9. Then add up his memoranda of time made by the big dredge; and also the daily record of the two little dredges up at the laterals.

  10. Then they add roasting ears and new potatoes to the beef, and have a dinner fit for a king.

  11. Or else we can add one more calamity to our head-quarters report.

  12. When the lime begins to slake, add the sulfur and stir together.

  13. When completely slaked, or entirely powdered, add more water.

  14. They are slow of growth and require much room if good specimens are to be obtained; but if the space can be had and the proper exposure secured, no trees add greater dignity and distinction to an estate.

  15. Various kinds of cactus are often seen in small collections of house plants, to which they add interest and oddity, being different from other plants.

  16. They add a note to the flower-garden and to bouquets that is distinct and can be secured by no other plants.

  17. For other plants difficult to wet, add this amount to every one hundred gallons of the mixture.

  18. As the water evaporates, add fresh; add enough so that it runs over, and thereby renews that in the glass.

  19. They should be potted in a soil of half peat or well-decayed mold and half rich loam; add a little sand.

  20. When the lime has slaked sufficiently, add water to bring it to a thick milk, or to a certain number of gallons.

  21. Such plants add novelty to a collection, and may be used through the summer as noted above or plunged with cactus in a bed of tropical plants.

  22. Mix the Paris green into a paste and then add to the water.

  23. It is not essential that one know the names of these wild bushes, although a knowledge of their botanical kinships will add greatly to the pleasure of growing them.

  24. Dissolve the soap in hot water, add the carbolic acid, and agitate into an emulsion.

  25. Slightly shading the house through August will add to the color of the leaves.

  26. A deep moist loam suits them best; and as the plants grow and bloom, add bone meal and top-dress with manure.

  27. Bulbs flowering through the winter add to the list of house plants a charming variety.

  28. Bolton, for the loan of the several engravings which add interest to the story of Samuel Crompton.

  29. Painting, carving, and sculpture have been freely employed, with everything that could add to that architectural effect the love of which forms so distinguishing a feature of the Roman Church.

  30. To add to the other alluring qualities of the road, there were tree trunks now and then directly across it, and, as a further inducement to traffic, the highway was frequently interrupted by "pitch holes.

  31. Other native authorities add that 800 of his followers fell with O'Carroll, but no mention whatever is made of the battle with McMurrogh.

  32. To add to his embarrassments, Henry summoned him to France in the very crisis of his troubles, and he dared not disobey that jealous and exacting master.

  33. He must add something to it: either he must make its people better and happier, or he must make the face of the world fairer to look at.

  34. It was made by a village-smith; and you will see that it has my initials, to which I hope you will add yours, that the story may be complete.

  35. To add interpretations which would convey the right meaning is a something which would require--what?

  36. This little difficulty overcome, perseverance was necessary before you could add your person and kit to the heterogeneous collection already filling the truck.

  37. We had, it would appear, escaped the sand only to encounter a worse enemy, and to add to our discomfort, we were still wearing the serge tunics of the winter months.

  38. It will convey much when I add that there was a deplorable lack of suitable stones along the roadside.

  39. To add to the trouble most of the stored water, accumulated previously with such care and labour, was delayed somewhere en route to Beersheba and ultimately had considerable difficulty in reaching the place at all.

  40. Do this 5 times, add up the totals, that will give your guessing-length number.

  41. In the picture I have shown the butterflies life size, but you must add the colour as you get each one to copy.

  42. To this many add a pictographic record of great events or of camps they have visited.

  43. Do it four times, then add up all the four totals of those that went in; that gives your aim or control number.

  44. How many signs can you add to these two lists?

  45. Words that add neither information nor argument to what has gone before are exceptionally rare in him.

  46. All these men knew Johnson to a greater or less extent, and added to the interest of his life, as they add to the interest of Boswell's record of it.

  47. It's a plant, so of course it will add up.

  48. Just wait till I add up the figgers and weigh--" He paused; he stooped; then he rose with something he had picked up from the floor beneath his feet.

  49. Then, to the natural number corresponding to the sum of these four logarithms, add the natural verse sine of the difference of true altitudes, and the sum will be the natural verse sine of the true distance.

  50. Make an aqueous extract of the heads, add alcohol to the extract, separate the alcoholic solution, and distil it; by this means the gummy matter is separated.

  51. To his fair fame as a surgeon, by the works we have just noticed, he may add the reputation of being one of the most vivacious literary illustrators of his art.

  52. Under this head, propagation, the author describes how this poison is conveyed by the winds, while the facts add much to the number and variety of the precautionary measures.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "add" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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