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Example sentences for "adapts"

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adapters; adapting; adaption; adaptive; adaptiveness; adas; adat; adayes; add; addax
  1. Satan adapts his temptations to our peculiar tempers and circumstances.

  2. He adapts his preaching to the peculiar state of his own people, and frequently pursues a chain of subjects in succession, so as to present a complete view of the great doctrines of the Bible.

  3. It is a fact of the greatest importance, that King Cotton turns out to be a thorough citizen-king, and adapts himself very readily to changed events.

  4. He thus adapts animals and plants for his own benefit or pleasure.

  5. Again: when an organism adapts itself to its environment, it does so by some modification being produced in its structure corresponding to the modified function required by the conditions of life.

  6. When these circumstances change, either it adapts itself to the new conditions or death ensues.

  7. The wise man, while observing these things with regret, adapts himself to them.

  8. The whole herd of humanity adapts its pace to that of the weakest lamb.

  9. He discovered the sublime in the far-spread serried ranks of democracy; beauty he found not only where it adapts itself to traditional ideas, but also where, still hidden by the cotyledon of the new, it is just beginning to unfold.

  10. But if this were the only manner in which Popery adapts itself to the natural man, there would be comparatively little cause for complaint.

  11. In its outward dress, then, and external presentation, we see at once that Popery adapts itself to the natural man.

  12. The inventive power which coins new words or modifies old ones, and adapts them to new wants and conditions as often as they arise, answers to the variety-making power in the animal creation.

  13. The Elder family, like the preceding, is a large one, and fortunately adapts itself to almost any soil and situation.

  14. The piers or posts could also be covered with the same, for though the nature of the plant is to ramble, yet if kept to one stem and closely pruned it readily adapts itself to pillar form, and bears a wonderful quantity of bloom.

  15. There is some adjustment, however, in that the range of activities is diminished, the environment becomes narrower and the organism adapts its life to that environment which makes the least demands upon it.

  16. It adapts itself to almost all kinds of soils, and grows rapidly.

  17. The tree adapts itself to many habitats, hence has been used extensively for forestry purposes both in America and Europe.

  18. It prefers a moist soil, but adapts itself to dry situations.

  19. While the native green ash is found growing in swamps, it adapts itself to drier situations.

  20. It adapts itself to all kinds of soil, grows rapidly, transplants easily, stands pruning well and has few insect or fungous enemies.

  21. While only found in a swamp in Indiana, this species adapts itself to all kinds of soils and exposures.

  22. This species grows rapidly; is somewhat hard to transplant; grows straight and tall with few side branches, and adapts itself to a wet, compact soil.

  23. It adapts itself to all kinds of soils, although it prefers a moist rich soil; grows rapidly and is comparatively free from insect damage.

  24. The wild cherry grows readily from seed; is not difficult to transplant; adapts itself to almost all kinds of soils and grows rapidly.

  25. It adapts itself to all kinds of soils, and to all kinds of growing conditions such as smoke, etc.

  26. There is nothing of which one hears more, than of the readiness and facility with which an Italian learns a new art or a new trade, adapts himself to the use of new tools, and acquires a dexterity in the management of new machinery.

  27. It is here that the structure of feathers adapts itself to the rapid action required for movement in the air.

  28. Capacity for swimming has an economic value in domestic birds because it adapts those possessing it to places which land birds rarely frequent.

  29. And I scarcely need say that, according to my principle, music adapts itself well to opera buffa, and that in so adapting itself there results a certain special style which makes a special impression of its own on the hearer.

  30. Propriety of Thought is that Fancy which arises naturally from the Subject, or which the Poet adapts to it.

  31. This is a Consideration that comes home to our Interest, as the other adapts it self to our Ambition.

  32. His Soil is not restrained to any particular Sett of Plants, but is proper either for Oaks or Mirtles, and adapts itself to the Products of every Climate.

  33. There is in these several Characters of Homer, a certain Dignity as well as Novelty, which adapts them in a more peculiar manner to the Nature of an Heroic Poem.

  34. But this is faulty reasoning, and a moment of reflection demonstrates it in the clearest possible manner; for adaptation may miss its aim without the being who adapts himself and his surroundings necessarily obeying different laws.

  35. The theory of the focus-consciousness adapts itself less to the mechanism of the association of ideas.

  36. One who is slow in learning adapts himself poorly to other persons and remains out of touch with his social environment.

  37. It receives very well the graft of all species of cherries and adapts itself to the worst soils.

  38. Nature is seldom contented with the one primary function which an organ or tissue performs, but adjusts and adapts it to others in many ingenious ways.

  39. How wonderfully the little fellow adapts himself to the radical and sudden change in his life!

  40. From the latter he can learn nothing; he therefore adapts himself to the former.

  41. Their ideas penetrate his, and he absorbs and adapts them to his own wants.

  42. Showing how that mechanism adapts itself to supply and demand, he comes to hold that the one thing necessary is to leave free play to competition, and that the one essential force is the individual's desire for his own material interests.

  43. Neither that of Virgil nor of Cicero adapts itself easily to the lively play of emotion or to the rapid interchange of thought.

  44. It may be noticed in several of the Odes of Horace how he adapts the vein of thought running through them to the character or position of the person to whom they refer.

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