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Example sentences for "circling"

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circled; circles; circlet; circleth; circlets; circonstance; circonstances; circuit; circuite; circuited
  1. Now the rough Goat withdraws his curling horns, And the cold Waterer twirls his circling mop: Swift sudden anguish darts through altering corns, And the spruce mercer trembles in his shop.

  2. Himself upon his gallant steed carries the circling shield, And a new device is blazoned upon its ample field.

  3. And the square boss of metal bring, That circling boughs entwine With laurels, in whose leaves of gold The clustered emeralds shine.

  4. They are truly the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud, circling as one and thundering together.

  5. Up there--so high and so far that they are heard unseen--a flight of dreadful birds goes circling up with strong and palpitating cries to look down upon the earth.

  6. She was lazily watching him from where she floated in the water, with her loosened hair circling in a dark cloud about her head.

  7. Sea-gulls came out to meet the steamer, circling on white wings against the blue, and the air grew soft and fragrant with the odors of flowers and tropical fruits.

  8. And his melancholy reflections came circling back to their first starting-point--that barren rock of misery in a vast sea of despondency--there was nothing to be done.

  9. Now and then the cries of circling sea-fowl brought a note of uncanny joy into the harmony that seemed like silence in its unity.

  10. Thus, through the midst of circling enemies, Strong Tarchon snatched and bore away his prize.

  11. Although a rabbit can run for an hour at nearly top speed, and in this case had every reason to run, after a half-mile of rapid circling and doubling, the trail changed and showed that the rabbit was plodding along as if paralyzed.

  12. When the mother thrush left the nest, she wasted no time in idle alarm-notes, but, circling around the bush, flew straight for my face.

  13. Under great emotional excitement the auric flames move around in swift circling whirlpools, or else swirl away from a centre.

  14. You will find that the animal in some way has sensed your designs upon it, no matter how indirectly you approach it, and it will begin circling around the other animals, twisting in and out in its endeavors to be lost to your sight.

  15. Green woods and yellow fields circle in the distance, whirl nearer, close, then rush by, giving place to other circling fields and woods.

  16. Everything is whirling before me, the desk is circling the room, the bloodshot eyes of the Chief gaze at me from the floor, his feet flung high in the air, and everything is whirling, whirling.

  17. The old woman gave the smoke fire a stir, and out at once came a thick column of smoke circling round my guest and myself.

  18. These, circling in the blast and foretelling the death of the year, gave an image of desolation to her mind, and, in her fancy, seemed to announce the death of Valancourt.

  19. In time this trail, after circling the narrow hill, came up again, thus bringing them nearer the camp fire.

  20. They began circling the deep bays between points of land.

  21. And sauntering up a circling cove, I found upon the strand A shallop, and a girl who strove To drag it to dry land.

  22. When the noisy retinue of the pharaoh sailed near, the frightened birds flew up and, circling above the boats, joined their cries with the mighty sound of people.

  23. He caught with a net fish which swam in thousands in the blessed river, or he went into swamps, and hidden among lofty lotus stems brought down with arrows wild birds, which circling in noisy flocks were as numerous as flies are.

  24. His divine spirit flew away, like a falcon which, circling for a time above the earth, vanishes at last in blue expanses.

  25. A multitude of agents were circling about.

  26. The heavenly deities alone know what would have happened had there been time to develop and ripen those thoughts which were circling that night in the soul of Ramses.

  27. Lykon though in a trance felt, as it were, the pursuit; he turned quickly into a street full of movement, then to a square where a multitude of people were circling about, and then ran to the Nile by Fisher Street.

  28. In a few minutes they were circling over the ship, and the battle-plane dropped the first bomb, which hit the water 15 ft.

  29. In time their circling was completed, the new homeward bound course figured.

  30. By circling the planet from east to west they kept to the daylight side most of the time, and as the hours passed they were able to get most of their pictures and reports on the geography, climate and other conditions.

  31. One, then the Sun, then Three, Four and Five, and then circling about and heading for home.

  32. Shortly afterwards, a swift circling movement and a smoke bomb from the leading 'plane gave the signal: "Enemy 'planes approaching!

  33. Yes, they want to speak to us," and with a circling sweep the machine came round as Dastral pulled the joy-stick hard over, and swept back again until he hung right over Dover Castle.

  34. He had got well over towards the enemy's lines, in his circling sweep, for he was determined to keep well between the enemy and his base.

  35. This was quite sufficient, for the strangers had been stalling their machines, and circling around, waiting for the signal.

  36. After climbing rapidly, and circling round the aerodrome once or twice, the machines made off, each to reconnoitre the section of the line allotted to it.

  37. But, as always, he found his thoughts circling a beaten track of conjecture.

  38. Flies he, or stands at bay, Into the circling toils the staunch dogs drive the prey.

  39. Around the circling walls a glowing fire Shines;--but it vainly shines in this delay To blend thy spirit's warm Promethean light.

  40. The one circling had sighted dead beast or man.

  41. Reloading, and circling warily to avoid being taken by surprise by any companion, I reached the beech.

  42. It was now dusk in the woods although the birds circling high above the glade caught the sunlight on their wings.

  43. I watched the bend, the buzzards ever circling nearer, their numbers continually being augmented by fresh arrivals.

  44. It was circling and from the west a smaller speck was hastening eastward.

  45. And then he laughed--a strange, croaking laugh and apostrophised a gull which was circling above his head.

  46. And the sea-gulls circling round the boat shrieked discordantly at him.

  47. Not a soul was in sight, and save for some gulls circling round they two seemed the only living things.

  48. Enough for him the silent grasp That knits us hand in hand, And he the bracelet's radiant clasp That locks our circling band.

  49. Who gave the dragging car its rolling wheel, And tamed the steed that whirls its circling round?

  50. As round the circling course he wheels, And whirls with him that clinging boy Like Hector round the walls of Troy; Still on, and on, the third time round They're tailing off!

  51. While the stars in heaven shall burn, While the ocean tides return, Ever shall the circling sun Find the Many still are One!

  52. Hark how the rolling surge of sound, Arches and spirals circling round, Wakes the hushed spirit through thine ear With music it is heaven to hear.

  53. While the stars of heaven shall burn, While the ocean tides return, Ever may the circling sun Find the Many still are One!

  54. Then the three fish began circling round about the ship and the third and biggest opened his mouth to swallow it, and we looked into its mouth and behold, it was wider than the gate of a city and its throat was like a long valley.

  55. When he came and saw his egg broken, he cried a loud cry, whereupon his mate came flying up and they both began circling about the ship, crying out at us with voices louder than thunder.

  56. The owl hooted in its quarters; the bird skimmed circling over its squares and the raven croaked in its great thoroughfares weeping and bewailing the dwellers who erst made it their dwelling.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "circling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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