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  1. He disappeared while I wondered what cyclic changes would transmute our ball of mud into the subtle substance of thought.

  2. Let a man but feel for what high cause is his battle, for what is his cyclic labor, and a warrior who is invincible fights for him and he draws upon divine powers.

  3. The values are usually changed in cyclic fashion, so that a certain number of activations of the toggle returns the variable to its initial value.

  4. If our calculation does not bring the two 37th cyclic days together accurately, we must of course go into the question of how and when the Chinese calendars were altered, a subject that will be treated of in a subsequent chapter.

  5. The first cyclic day and also the first lunar day of the eleventh moon has now been proved to be the winter solstice.

  6. Pfintzing, however, surpasses the Cyclic poets alluded to by Horace.

  7. In a Greek epigram the Cyclic poets are thus noticed: #Tous kuklious toutous tous autar epeita legontas Miso lopodutas allotrion epeon.

  8. How, for instance, can the absolute determinism of the belief in Cyclic Recurrence be reconciled with the power vested in superman to deflect by his autonomous will the straight course of history?

  9. The stories and characters represented were, except in the few exceptional cases referred to above, directly derived from the Greek tragedians or from Homer and the cyclic poets.

  10. The fragments of the poem afford proofs of a familiarity with Homer, and of acquaintance with the Cyclic poets[86].

  11. In Homer, the cyclic poets, and the Attic dramatists, there existed for the Romans of the second century B.

  12. The "spiral" or cyclic method of treatment has been used throughout, the purpose being to ultimately build up a number of well-rounded concepts by constant repetition but with constantly varied viewpoint.

  13. There is irrotational cyclic motion of the fluid through the ring in one direction and back outside, as shown in Fig.

  14. Such a function would be the velocity-potential for fluid circulating round the tube--cyclic motion, as it was called by Thomson.

  15. Plato and Aristotle, Homer and the Cyclic Poems, derived from, and based upon, other records millenniums older?

  16. The things which came before and after were told by other bards, who between them narrated the whole "cycle" of the events of the war, and so were called the Cyclic Poets.

  17. He had saturated himself with the spirit of Homer, he had caught the ring of his music, and he perhaps had before him the works of those Cyclic Poets whose stars had paled before the sun.

  18. Quintus "is little more than an amplification or remodelling of the works of these two Cyclic Poets.

  19. If Quintus did not follow the Cyclic poets, from what source did he draw his materials?

  20. As regards language, versification, and general spirit, the matter is beyond controversy; but when we come to consider the incidents of the story, we find deviations from Homer even more serious than any of those from the Cyclic poets.

  21. The story is not one of the later cyclic fabrications; it has an historical basis and is derived from the genuine epic tradition of that tenth-century school which unfortunately is only known through its descendants and its influence.

  22. Nay he excels in this respect the Cyclic poets.

  23. It is in the Cyclic poems that we should naturally seek for materials to enlarge, expound, or correct Homer.

  24. Heyne[96] holds even the commencement of the Cyclic poems to have been at least a century after the date of the Iliad and Odyssey.

  25. The Perceval continuations; which contain sections belonging to early and non-cyclic versions of the stories affected, combined with sections drawn from later and cyclic redactions.

  26. We must now turn for a moment to the Cyclic poems.

  27. A third argument, and one which has exercised a much wider influence, is based on the relationship of certain portions of the poems to the lost Cyclic poems (Cypria, etc.

  28. Beyond Stesichoros we may perhaps think of the Cyclic poems, especially the Nostoi; but it is very doubtful if they would have furnished such a very markedly divergent form of the story.

  29. Both the Cyclic poem and the trilogy served as introductions to famous stories.

  30. Whatever may be the case with the Cyclic poems there are other poetic works which may be assigned to Stage IV without hesitation.

  31. But the fact that such practices are ignored in the Iliad and Odyssey, while later poets had a special affection for them, renders it probable that their presence in the Cyclic poems is due to popular influence.

  32. The Cyclic poet uses 'beggar' as a substantive, and so means to say that when Odysseus had changed his clothes and put on rags, there was no one so good for nothing at the ships as Odysseus.

  33. Cyclic poets in relation to Homer, and a clear and reasonable discussion of the subject is to be found in Croiset's "Hist.

  34. Moreover, in the Cyclic poems epic is clearly degenerating morally--if the expression may be used.

  35. Tradition puts Homer and the Homeric poems proper back in the ages before chronological history began, and at the same time assigns the purely Cyclic poems to definite authors who are dated from the first Olympiad (776 B.

  36. On the other hand while tradition steadily puts the Cyclic poets at various dates from 776 B.

  37. The Cyclic poets (as we can see from the abstract of Proclus) were careful not to trespass upon ground already occupied by Homer.

  38. The reawakened interest in the subject in the Western world, of which all keen observers have taken note, is but another instance of the operation of the Cyclic Law.

  39. Following the invariable law of cyclic changes--the swing of the pendulum of thought--at times it has apparently died out in parts of the world, only to be again succeeded by a new birth and interest among the descendants of the same people.

  40. The cyclic poets knew the abode of the Amazons more accurately than Homer; they place them at Themiscyra, on the Thermodon;[789] and at this place Pindar represents them as drawing up their army.

  41. They are the episodes of that cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories of men.

  42. He next read, at the Glasgow meeting of the British Association, in 1901, a paper 'On the Conductivity of Metallic particles under Cyclic Electro-magnetic Variation.

  43. The law of Cyclic change follows us relentlessly even in the realm of thought.

  44. One also realised dimly a mysterious Cyclic Law of Change, seen not merely in inorganic matter but also in organised life and its highest manifestations.

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