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  1. The new is old, the old is new, The cycle of a change sublime Still sweeping through.

  2. For myself, I would not exchange a decade of my own life for a century of the Middle Ages, or a "cycle of Cathay.

  3. The Cycle Is the True Substance of the Country and Agriculture Furthermore, in this cycle, i.

  4. Plants grow, animals then consume the plants, and the cycle starts all over again.

  5. We may say that this cycle is eternity itself.

  6. And now a final word to modern agriculture -- Nature has repeated the same cycle over and over again for billions of years.

  7. It is therefore not a mistake to say, "Nature is a cycle, and that cycle is eternity.

  8. The Way of Nature is a cycle with neither progress nor development; wild animals commit themselves to this cycle and live out their lives this way.

  9. Well then, the country (agriculture) must be in accordance with the eternal cycle and progress-less repetition of Nature.

  10. It is only natural cycle agriculture that can claim the right to borrow land from Nature.

  11. It only stands to reason that if the cycle of Nature never changes, a kind of agriculture that is closely joined to the cycle is also eternally unchanging (needless to say, I speak here of true country agriculture, not of modern agriculture).

  12. Agriculture is meant to be in accord with the cycle of Nature; it is supposed to be ceaseless repetition.

  13. Rising into the sky it forms clouds, and falls once again on the Land, starting the cycle anew.

  14. Nature is a cycle, and this cycle is eternity; in this repetition there is no progress.

  15. Other writers of the cycle do not seem to consider such a combat, provided it were not to death, in so serious a light.

  16. Gawain had other brothers, as in most stories of the cycle he has, but Wolfram mentions none but Beau-corps.

  17. The first recorded cycle ride to York in which speed was an object was that of C.

  18. This, with the front-driving low cycle of those days, was an achievement.

  19. The next, and latest, safety cycle record to York was made, unpaced, in 1900; when H.

  20. For my own part I cannot avoid suspecting that there must be some further cause, which gives rise to such a cycle of change in the action of the currents of the great and open ocean.

  21. I was on my way to Gid Gibbons's blacksmith shop to get a part of my motor-cycle fixed up.

  22. He noted the tree, too, and then, without their seeing him he remounted his motor-cycle and came on to see my father about that business of the hoax aeroplane.

  23. Hauling out his motor-cycle from a rack in front of the bank he wheeled it into the street, and with an admiring crowd of small boys looking on, started the swift, four-cylindered machine.

  24. A polype may give rise to Medusae, or a pluteus to an Echinoderm, but the Medusa and the Echinoderm give rise to eggs which produce polypes or glutei, and they are therefore only stages in the cycle of life of the species.

  25. By the one method, which is that of common and ordinary occurrence, the living parent gives rise to offspring which passes through the same cycle of changes as itself--like gives rise to like; and this has been termed Homogenesis.

  26. The only hope of Asia is from Europe: "Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay;" and the only hope of India is from England.

  27. So does the human soul complete the endless cycle of existence, coming from God and returning to God, to be swallowed up and lost in that Boundless Sea.

  28. It will be seen from the illustration that the builders do not rely wholly on the motor, but have provided the usual cycle pitched chain so that, in the event of a breakdown, the rider can propel his machine with the pedals.

  29. And so the cycle is repeated again and again.

  30. After the snow melts it goes through the same cycle as the rain, most of it finally getting back to the ocean through rivers, and there, in time, being evaporated once more.

  31. The cycle section marched in the rear of the column and an ordinary looking man came to me and asked me a lot of particulars about the battalion.

  32. This cycle is not so efficient as the Carnot cycle for given limits of temperature, but, for the given limits of volume imposed, it gives a much higher efficiency than the Carnot cycle.

  33. Although many of the incidents and motives of this cycle are drawn from the best traditions of the Heldensage, its literary value is not very high.

  34. It differs from the Carnot cycle in employing reception and rejection of heat at constant volume instead of at constant temperature.

  35. The quantity of external work done in the cycle is easily obtained by the aid of the indicator diagram ABCD (fig.

  36. Of these, the first is much the finest poem of the entire cycle and worthy of a place beside the best popular poetry of the Middle High German epoch.

  37. Carnot's rule is therefore the criterion of the reversibility of a cycle of operations as regards transfer of heat.

  38. The occasion came when my 3-gear cycle broke down and I needed to go to Panjim to get spares.

  39. Then I looked for the cycle shop, found it quickly enough but discovered that the item I wanted was out of stock and would be available only the next week.

  40. There a cycle rickshaw fellow managed to cheat me of Rs.

  41. Thus nature's cycle is made whole and complete.

  42. Smith and Schuster begin by describing the normal cycle of changes in the testes on the one hand and the thumb-pad on the other.

  43. Biedl's conclusion is that the periodic development and disintegration of the uterine mucous membrane in the menstrual cycle is due to the hormone of the interstitial cells of the ovary.

  44. It can scarcely be doubted that the thickening and growth of the mucous membrane in the menstrual cycle is of the same nature as that which takes place in pregnancy.

  45. In the dog, however, the period of the oestrus cycle is about the as that of gestation--namely, six months.

  46. The first great cycle of human life, as far as we know it now, was concluded in Europe.

  47. Another vast cycle of years rolls away--a time expressed in thousands of years--during which nature again spread over the entombed remains a layer of stalagmite, in some places equal in thickness to the first formation.

  48. We are told that each of these bundles refers to a cycle of fifty-two years, or in all four hundred and sixteen years.

  49. We think the above explains the origin of the Mexican cycle of fifty-two years.

  50. The Mexican did away with all but the cycle of fifty-two years.

  51. The end of this cycle was anxiously awaited by the Mexicans.

  52. They did not use the cycle of fifty-two years, but they numbered their years in such a way that, in effect, they were possessed of it.

  53. We give a table showing the order of the years in a cycle, and also notice that all that was needed was the number and name of the year to show at once what year of the cycle it was.

  54. Each of the small figures just described is the representation of a cycle of fifty-two years.

  55. Slight and unsatisfactory as they may be to some, they are the materials with which we reconstruct a wondrous story of life and times removed from us by many a cycle of years.

  56. As the last day of the cycle drew to a close, the priests formed a procession, and set out for a mountain about six miles from Mexico.

  57. A period of thirteen years they called a tlapilli; four of these constituted a cycle equal to fifty-two years.

  58. Would you have me believe that the events of this world are fastened to a revolving cycle with God at one end and the Devil at the other, and that the Devil is now uppermost!

  59. I put my motor-cycle under cover and walked the remaining 200 yards.

  60. I crawled on at the risk of smashing my motor-cycle and myself, now skidding perilously between waggons, now clogging up, now taking to the fields, now driving frightened pedestrians off what the Belgians alone would call a footpath.

  61. Silently I hauled my motor-cycle inside, then started on my tramp to the General who had moved.

  62. It was all four French soldiers could do to get my motor-cycle out.

  63. I rode into Festubert, which was full of noise, and, very hastily dismounting, put my motor-cycle under the cover of an arch and reported to the general.

  64. We arranged matters--but then neither his motor-cycle nor the motor-cycle of the second artillery motor-cyclist would start.

  65. We were bumped round unmercifully at first, until many of us were so sore that the touch of a motor-cycle saddle on pavé was like hot-iron to a tender skin.

  66. I had just finished showing an Intelligence Officer how to get a belt back on to the pulley of his motor-cycle when Cecil met me and told me we were to move north that evening.

  67. The second artillery motor-cycle we started after quarter of an hour's prodigious labour.

  68. I was walking, because no motor-cyclist goes by night to a battalion, and the noise of a motor-cycle would have advertised the presence of brigade headquarters somewhere on the road.

  69. Such is the rapid outline of the cycle painted or designed by Raphael on the compartments of the stanzas sacred to his name.

  70. Sexual Cycle of Females The following account of oA¶genesis is based on examination of preserved ovaries from 68 mature specimens.

  71. Of the hind feet, the medial surfaces are the principal parts that touch the ground but some traction is derived from the hind claws at the beginning of each cycle of the hind leg.

  72. Illustration: PLATE 19] Representative stages in the spermatogenic cycle of T.

  73. Retreat to cover, in the normal cycle of daily activity, is governed usually by high temperatures at mid-day or by darkness at the end of the day.

  74. Daily Cycle of Activity The daily cycle of T.

  75. The spermatogenic cycle begins in May and reaches its peak in September, when large numbers of sperm and spermatids are present in the testes; the cycle is completed in October, when sperm pass into the epididymides.

  76. Decrease in size in early June is correlated with the end of the period of most active mating; maximal size is coincident with the peak of the spermatogenic cycle in early September.

  77. The ovarian cycle begins in midsummer, soon after ovulation, and continues up to the time of the next ovulation.

  78. The ovarian cycle begins in July or August, after ovulation has occurred.

  79. Sexual Cycle of Males Testes were preserved in each month from April to October.

  80. I borrow from the entertaining pages of an English traveller the following description of the diurnal cycle of phenomena which revolves in the depths of a virgin forest.

  81. I imagine that man's soul has a cycle which is complete in itself, and all of which is continuous and self conscious.

  82. Then at last a point is reached, it may be a reincarnation, and a new cycle is commenced, the old one being closed to our memory until we have reached some lofty height in our further journey.

  83. At one time I imagined they must belong at the middle of the cycle where at the end of Elegy XIII Priapus' mother summons her son.

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