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circularize; circularized; circularizing; circularly; circulars; circulated; circulates; circulating; circulation; circulations
  1. I would like to circulate it widely among my patients, and our nurses and doctors.

  2. Digestion means chemically changing the foods we eat into substances that can pass into the blood stream and circulate through the body where nutrition is used for bodily functions.

  3. Cheerfulness, hope, and gaiety are the best things in the world to make the blood circulate and distribute equally the animal heat.

  4. The priest was not discovered, but among Egyptian earth-tillers legends began to circulate which concerned Ramses.

  5. I wished," said the heir, "to see thee and to say that among my people certain improper conversations circulate concerning decrease of rent, or something of that kind.

  6. The pharaoh is young, hence various scandals may circulate concerning him," replied Sem, looking strangely at Tutmosis.

  7. But nowadays the thoughts of men circulate all over the world, and the exiles from Russia had absorbed Marxian ideas, and were not prepared to accept a purely political freedom.

  8. Get the literature of these organizations and circulate them and help spread the light!

  9. What is still worse, they circulate through our own country, and, as far as they have effect, excite virulent national prejudices.

  10. There is nothing published in England on the subject of our country, that does not circulate through every part of it.

  11. You certainly are not supposing that the money they circulate here is piled up in a chest in the banks.

  12. With the coming of the war Otto had begun to circulate more freely in Sabinsport.

  13. In order to obtain a continuous motion it is only necessary to allow the current to circulate successively in the different portions of the solenoid.

  14. The current does not circulate in the spirals to the right of the diameter, W O, which latter is not absolutely vertical.

  15. Massachusetts allowing these dollars to circulate at 6s.

  16. The new money was melted, was exported, was hoarded, but circulate it would not.

  17. It is this proffered and immediate convertibility into coin that enables the promissory notes of a bank to circulate as money, while the notes of other corporations and individuals equally solid and solvent do not circulate as money.

  18. To be Money, then, a Valuable must be recognized as money by law or custom as strong as law, and also circulate among all classes of the people as a medium in their exchanges.

  19. The people in Tualatin Plains did not have an opportunity to sign or refuse for want of time to circulate it in that section.

  20. He presents a resolution to get up a committee to prepare a paper to circulate among the people, to find out who were in favor of the organization we were then attempting to bring into shape, under the instructions already received.

  21. It was in the heart of Europe that the principle of life was to be developed, and the beatings of this heart were to circulate through all the arteries of the body the noble blood which was to give animation to all its members.

  22. But the powerful word given to Luther caused a quickening breath to circulate over the soil of Christendom.

  23. Some of the pilgrims, who had flocked from different countries to Wittemberg for the feast of All Saints, instead of indulgences carried home with them the famous theses of the Augustin monk, and thus helped to circulate them.

  24. Luther, who had done nothing to circulate his theses, had not sent them to Scheurl any more than to the Elector and his courtiers.

  25. A man from Halle, employed by the inquisitor to circulate his propositions, arrived at Wittemberg.

  26. Then their projectile would be nothing but an extinct mass, dead like those inert asteroids which circulate in the ether.

  27. We have met in conference, and agreed to form a subscription, and circulate it through the churches.

  28. A conference of High Priests assembled at the school room, in Kirtland, and appointed Brother Albert Brown a committee to circulate a subscription, to procure money to pay for the use of the house where meetings had been held the past season.

  29. The letter will go far towards refuting the slanders which untruthful writers have been pleased to circulate concerning the character of that race from which the Prophet descended.

  30. The dissolution of the bank would turn out twelve millions and a quarter of specie, to circulate among the people; and the sooner that is done the better it will be for the country.

  31. I am naturally anxious that what I have written should circulate as I wrote it, if it circulate at all.

  32. It took several weeks for the news of the treachery of Bayonne, followed by the events of the Dos de Mayo, to circulate throughout Spain.

  33. If our insurers gain by securing the ships of our enemies, the nation is benefited, for all national gain must circulate through the hands of individuals.

  34. She must feel my life circulate through her veins, as I feel hers in mine.

  35. Though some of those notes are continually coming back upon him for payment, part of them continue to circulate for months and years together.

  36. One million, therefore, will be sufficient to circulate it after them.

  37. But the annual produce of the land and labour of the country had before required only one million to circulate and distribute it to its proper consumers, and that annual produce cannot be immediately augmented by those operations of banking.

  38. Should this bank attempt to circulate forty-four thousand pounds, the four thousand pounds which are over and above what the circulation can easily absorb and employ, will return upon it almost as fast as they are issued.

  39. But the amount of the metal pieces which circulate in a society, can never be equal to the revenue of all its members.

  40. The value of the consumable goods annually circulated within the society being greater, will require a greater quantity of money to circulate them.

  41. To circulate the great books, the classics, the books which constitute literature in the restricted sense is another and a far more difficult undertaking, and on this we have hardly made a beginning.

  42. All our books are permitted to circulate not only among the students and professors of our own college but among those of any college of the university.

  43. But take them back to one of the small miscellaneous collections in the delivery room and they immediately begin to circulate again.

  44. Books are as a rule not allowed to circulate and their withdrawal for use in connection with other related works becomes difficult.

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