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Example sentences for "circulars"

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  1. They were secret and powerful emissaries; for the soldiers pondered much, in their idle moments, upon the plain truths which these circulars contained.

  2. The articles of the League were transmitted by circulars to all the other provinces, with invitations to the inhabitants to affix their names thereto.

  3. The addressing of envelopes and enclosing of circulars is now a recognized industry in many large towns both in Great Britain and in the United States.

  4. Let subscription-circulars be despatched to them asking them to organise a committee in every borough; and let there be a secretary and honorary secretary employed.

  5. I hadn't quite decided whether to send the circulars by mail, or to have them delivered to every home in town by messenger; but was inclined to adopt the latter plan.

  6. I ordered from the printer four circulars which were clipped together with wire.

  7. Full descriptive circulars of supplementary readers for all grades mailed free on application.

  8. These circulars were composed, illuminated and printed upon vellum by what was known as an "Art" community in West Borealis, N.

  9. Millions of circulars were being prepared to send broadcast over the United States.

  10. The handling of papers and circulars is much the same, so far as distribution is concerned, as the handling of letters, though there is considerable variation as to the details of segregation.

  11. The police had suddenly decided to enforce the law against delivering circulars from house to house; though they allowed Isaac's "Emporium" to use this method of announcement.

  12. Special descriptive circulars of any of the above sent on application.

  13. Many a woman who worked hard ten hours a day to earn her bread, would come to headquarters and carry home a great armload of circulars to fold and address after night.

  14. Circulars explaining the reason for this request may be obtained at the same time and place.

  15. Endless documents were printed, assailing the alleged designs of this or that group, and secret circulars were issued denouncing the character of this or that leader.

  16. In New York both the health board and the school board have issued circulars and given illustrated lectures, some of them being in school and some on public squares.

  17. Boards of health, instead of furnishing names to druggists and manufacturers who want to sell patent foods and medicines, should print circulars exposing frauds, and punish so far as the law permits.

  18. We sent circulars and "follow-up" letters, and advertised in local and county papers.

  19. On the way home he asked their assistance in sending out a thousand circulars in regard to some medical matters, telling them it would be a tremendous help to him if they would write them.

  20. At the same time, the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, having secured control of the Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad, issued circulars announcing that steamer freight would henceforth be classified.

  21. Later, I heard of the experiences of other Angelenos aboard ship who were deluged with circulars advertising prospective towns.

  22. Here is where circulars save lots of work and postage.

  23. Illustration: "I bet yer over half a czar's morning mail already is circulars from casket concerns alone, Abe.

  24. And next year them circulars will be still less necessary because enough people is going to get rheumatism from living in cold rooms to cut down the consumption of red meats over fifty per cent.

  25. Frontispiece "I bet yer over half a czar's morning mail already is circulars from casket concerns alone, Abe.

  26. I bet yer over half a czar's morning mail already is circulars from casket concerns alone, Abe, so that only goes to show how much you know from czars.

  27. They contained requests for places, protestations of fidelity, and, in short, they were those petitionary circulars that are addressed to all persons in power.

  28. Chaptal anonymous circulars which had been sent to them: all stated the ill effect produced by these circulars, which had been addressed to the principal individuals of their departments.

  29. I believe, however, that Bonaparte was not entirely a stranger to the business; for the circulars were written by Raederer at the instigation of Lucien, and Raederer was at that time in favour at the Tuileries.

  30. Certainly the Episcopal circulars under the Empire would form a curious collection.

  31. I told him I did, but thought it a good idea for us to get out some special circulars advertising myself, and see if we couldn't raise a few dollars.

  32. These circulars and pamphlets were mostly all issued within the first year of the war.

  33. With the cooperation of farm bureaus thousands of circulars and labor-contract forms were sent to Massachusetts farmers.

  34. It does really seem as if an independent fortune could be made simply by putting forth circulars and advertisements, requesting the receiver to send five dollars to the advertiser, and saying that "it will be all right.

  35. Rolleum also obtained memoranda or printed circulars showing the amounts for which a number of oil land owners would sell their holes in the ground or the room for making others, and describing the premises.

  36. Some of them are managed by printed circulars and written letters, such as those before me; some of them by newspaper advertisements.

  37. Postal Savings Circulars in Foreign Tongues The Government has for years been anxious to reach citizens of foreign birth residing in the United States for the purpose of informing them relative to our Postal Savings System.

  38. If the circulars are sent out, of course the blasts will be blown over again.

  39. If they had issued those circulars when they should have done, before the election, then it would have been all right.

  40. The circulars should all have been out before the election.

  41. You will now see the necessity for those circulars being issued weeks since.

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