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Example sentences for "twist"

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twirled; twirler; twirling; twirls; twise; twiste; twisted; twister; twisters; twisting
  1. Poor Oliver Twist wanders along the same white roads to seek his fortune and to find his misfortune.

  2. I mean, of course, the everlasting quotation about Oliver Twist asking for more.

  3. But Oliver Twist is not pathetic because he is a pessimist.

  4. Oliver Twist is pathetic because he is an optimist.

  5. He enters the workhouse just as Oliver Twist enters it, as a little child.

  6. Damme if I wouldn't twist his neck round, on the chance, if I had MY way.

  7. I can be obstinate enough with men if need be, but women may twist me round their fingers at their pleasure.

  8. Speaking as his backer and trainer, I think he'll twist your father round his little finger.

  9. To twist the lady's upper lid back and peer into it and jab at it with the corner of his handkerchief was the only course open to him.

  10. He was so quiet and yet so strong that I felt he could twist me round his little finger.

  11. She could twist Jack round her little finger.

  12. Well, sir, when a woman once begins to twist a man round her little finger there is no knowing to what length he will go.

  13. When men are deeply in love, women can twist them round their little finger.

  14. In that case, a twist of his foot between the door and the jamb would block the game.

  15. Twist the ends together and press out as much juice as possible.

  16. Turn the fruit and juice into the cheese cloth; drain well, then draw the edges of the cheese cloth together and twist hard to press out all the juice possible.

  17. To take the example nearest at hand: there was Monsieur Legros, the French master; well, Maria could twist him round her little finger.

  18. But this yarn, twist it as she might, would not pass muster.

  19. He held it lightly: for ’twas a rum start To find a hedgeling who had still a heart: So put it down for twist of a beggar’s tongue.

  20. Body gives another twist To the slack waist-band; In agony clenches fist Till the nails bite the hand.

  21. If one is desirous of widening a vertical or horizontal rod, the enrichment made by welding a number of small rods together with a spreading twist gives a pleasing and serviceable handle.

  22. He may flatter the light eye or the cold eye, but the warm gaze will find some lurking line by the lip, some wryness of feature, some twist of the devil's fingers in his face, to betray him.

  23. I believe in your power," says McBean with a twist of a smile.

  24. Captain McBean shrugged, with a twist of the lip and a cock of the eye.

  25. It always pleases me to twist the star from a breast like that.

  26. The blade tends to twist to the left: auricles filiform and embrace the densely pubescent sheath.

  27. Blade and sheath glabrous or merely ciliate or silky, the former tending to twist to the right.

  28. Blade and sheath softly hairy, the latter with scattered long hairs, the former tending to twist to the left.

  29. Although the approach meant some more crackling of leaves and sticks, the bird seemed not the least disturbed, in fact, as the scouts looked down he looked up with a perky twist of his graceful throat.

  30. He doesn't get a jackscrew and put under every hill of corn, and go around every morning and give the screw a turn and a twist and hoist the hill up in the air.

  31. What ropes I twist each day I sell straightway, and of the money earned thereby I spend part upon our needs and with the rest I buy hemp wherewith I twist ropes on the next day.

  32. What an excellent example of the power of dress, young Oliver Twist was!

  33. In other words, five pounds and Oliver Twist were offered to any man or woman who wanted an apprentice to any trade, business, or calling.

  34. Mr. Bumble, was at once instructed that Oliver Twist and his indentures were to be conveyed before the magistrate, for signature and approval, that very afternoon.

  35. The next morning, the public were once informed that Oliver Twist was again To Let, and that five pounds would be paid to anybody who would take possession of him.

  36. Oliver Twist being uppermost in his mind, he made him his theme.

  37. If he could only twist it, and twist it hard enough, he could choke the other!

  38. Twist his pipes a little more--that's the sort of split he won't argue over!

  39. If you monkey with that door, I'll twist your neck.

  40. An' if it saves you, I'll twist your neck, anyway.

  41. The expert will line up to the separator the first time, while the other fellow will back and twist around for half an hour, and then not have a good job.

  42. What other stories in this book have a similar twist at the end?

  43. Merryfield, with his left still clinching that deadly hand caught in its sleeve, now grabbed the revolver in his own right hand, with a twist dragged it free, and flung it out of the door.

  44. In token thereof, they grow one twist or plait of hair, which is finally cut off as an offering to Jeddayaswami.

  45. He drew the figure of a lotus on the floor, made the woman sit down, and commenced to twist her hair with his wand.

  46. Being such a person, he must again and again, at every twist and turn of party strategy, either have deceived others or grossly deceived himself.

  47. It was this: that when once one begins to think of man as a shifting and alterable thing, it is always easy for the strong and crafty to twist him into new shapes for all kinds of unnatural purposes.

  48. A native of Hampton, still in his thirties, his sharp little nose and twinkling blue eyes proclaimed the wisdom that is born and not made; his stiff hair had a twist like the bristles in the cleaning rod of a gun.

  49. Johnny would innocently inquire, winking at Janet, invariably running his hand through the wiry red hair that resumed its corkscrew twist as soon as he released it.

  50. It was a rather cumbersome weapon, comprising a great deal of electrical apparatus, with a D-solenoid surmounting, whose object was to twist the normal lines of gravitation.

  51. No bar, nothing that might be utilized to twist off the eyebolts!

  52. Tolto had not bothered to remove the chains, but only to twist them apart by means of such tools as he could find to permit free movement of his arms and legs.

  53. They were of great hardness and toughness, and so smooth that he could not twist them, for the links slid over one another harmlessly.

  54. BUM´BLE, beadle of the workhouse where Oliver Twist was born and brought up.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "twist" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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