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Example sentences for "hustle"

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hussar; hussies; hussy; husting; hustings; hustled; hustler; hustles; hustling; huswife
  1. Also three teams of Shire-bred heavy draft horses, and six hundred and forty acres of first-class wheat land and grazing that only needs capital and hustle to set right on top.

  2. Then you can hustle the crowd together and I'll be waiting ready at my shack to play my part--the dirty rotten Judas racket.

  3. But we have writ enough to show What everybody ought to know, That, spite of hustle and skyscrapers, And Tammany and yellow papers, The spirit of both Greece and Rome Has found a second lasting home Across the wide Atlantic foam.

  4. He said he had taken his proper place in the line, with no attempt to hustle or jostle anyone else.

  5. Englishman will learn if you do not hustle him but give him a year or two to find by experience that care should sometimes be taken, all get to earth.

  6. And some of these shorts will have to hustle lively for it pretty soon.

  7. He knew just when to nurse it, to humor it, to let it settle, and when to crowd it, when to hustle it, when it would stand rough handling.

  8. There ought to be some axes here," he said; "hustle and turn things over.

  9. I must hustle to get to school on time in the morning.

  10. You've got to hustle yourself, Henry, or you won't have the ghost of a show.

  11. You have to hustle and earn money to pay for the bridge and changing the brook.

  12. You haven't learnt to hustle here," said she to her boatman.

  13. Or could you hustle the fish into the nets, and the lobsters into the pots?

  14. Now let's hustle this forenoon, and then you may have the remainder of the day.

  15. And put the call in nearest place you can find and hustle back," said Junior.

  16. The hustle confused him, the crowd stunned him, the fierce self-reliance and lack of consideration of these rough men alarmed him.

  17. This is a pretty good-looking lot of boys, and you'll have to hustle to hold your job.

  18. Now, Mr. Fits, rise, get your things and hustle around to the shack at the rear.

  19. Oh, I'll have to hustle back and tell this to Ripley's crew," chuckled Hen gleefully.

  20. I guess Papa told you you'd have to hustle this summer.

  21. Hustle right out after them suitcases or I'll go myself!

  22. Suppose that we take a little trip today to the small one, and then tomorrow night we will hustle over to the big one after the camp has turned in for the night.

  23. Steal the timber and then raft it across to where you have your trucks waiting and hustle it to the railroad spur.

  24. Let's get a hustle on, and just for variety let's try another part of the woods.

  25. I guess the Company can hustle along without smashing your shoulders,' returned McAuliffe, who was absolute despot of the district.

  26. Hustle over there; scare the old woman into lending you her axe.

  27. Suppose you fix him up and hustle across to the fort.

  28. Sometimes I have a mob to hustle me to my lodgings, borne on the current of their adulation--sometimes I move through a desert, as I do to-night.

  29. Out of this frantic hustle to get things started and moving right, anybody could have pulled a couple of conclusions that stuck up higher than any of the rest.

  30. I went on the run, remembering that in the strike excitement and hustle it hadn't occurred to anybody to ask the man's name or that of the particular "mine owner" who had chartered the special train.

  31. Let's lay in our pemmican, and hustle back for a seat in the parquet circle.

  32. Come, Judy, we'll hustle on ahead and secure the seats, while these elderly folks stroll after us at their leisure.

  33. Come, get a move on you, and hustle that stuff ashore.

  34. We've got to hustle and get those fish over to Clearwater.

  35. To their surprise, the conversation was interrupted by the sharp call of the mate for them to hustle out and help get the bug-eye under weigh.

  36. Well, the only thing to do now was to hustle up to town in the morning and inform Bunch that I had sold his property.

  37. The rock reached the brook first, but the old gentleman gave it a warm hustle down the bank and finished a close second.

  38. And 'tis no bit of rest as I gets for my bones, but they must come and hustle I and call I from the dreams which was soft.

  39. And I up and says to they, "Ah, and you would hustle a poor old woman what's never harmed so much as a hair out of the ugly heads of you.

  40. On one occasion Jud sneeringly accused David of "working the old man for a share in the farm," and taunted him with the fact that he was big enough and strong enough to hustle for himself without living on charity.

  41. I hed to leave school when I wa'n't as old as you, and git out and hustle so the younger children could git eddicated.

  42. Then she adds very sharply, and with an obvious disposition in her tone to hustle her graceful nephew, 'I do not know what you are dawdling here for?

  43. I won't hustle you, but if I didn't hustle myself I guess I'd have to account some day for a waste of good material.

  44. You must either hustle through or be content to stand aside.

  45. Say, now, there's no need to hustle any," he said.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hustle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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