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Example sentences for "aggression"

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  1. It needs no army or navy to advance its boundaries or extend its influence; but it certainly needs them to prevent the aggression of others.

  2. Why build up something that would in the end revert to the natives, to be laid open to possible aggression and conquest!

  3. This, at bottom, is what the whole Far Eastern problem is,--all of the governments seeking opportunities in China and mutually binding and barring one another from aggression and concessions.

  4. Every town has always been allowed to have its lord, and every village its chief, who, each one for himself, makes division of territory and practises mutual aggression and conflict.

  5. Beware of aggression in war--for it can lead to no glory in victory.

  6. In an instant the whole throng, who had at first united against the aggression of one man, were divided by the hereditary wrath of faction.

  7. The question is, whether this war of aggression shall proceed, and we remain with folded arms, inattentive spectators; or whether we shall meet the aggressors at the threshold and turn back the tide of revolution and usurpation.

  8. A war of aggression and of extermination is being waged against the Government established by our fathers.

  9. Can any man tell me of any one act of aggression that has been committed or attempted since the last Presidential election, that justifies this violent disruption of the Federal Union?

  10. Actuated solely by a desire to preserve our own rights, and to promote our own welfare, the separation of the Confederate States has been marked by no aggression upon others, and followed by no domestic convulsion.

  11. The fort became not only a defence for Phlius, but a means of aggression against the enemy, affording also great facility for the introduction of provisions from Corinth.

  12. Even at Tegea, the centre of Theban influence, satisfaction was felt at the abandonment of the mischievous aggression and spoliation of Olympia, wherein the Thebans had had no concern.

  13. Accordingly, being apprehensive of some aggression from Thebes, they kept themselves habitually on their guard.

  14. Having thus put an end to the Spartan attack, the Arcadians resumed their aggression against Elis, in conjunction with a new project of considerable moment.

  15. She had not now the excuse,—for it stands only as an excuse and not as a justification—of self-defence against aggression from Athens, which Archidamus had produced at the beginning of the war.

  16. While England thus failed to rescue Spain from the aggression of Napoleon, she was suddenly brought face to face with the result of her own aggression in America.

  17. But in spite of this growth the dread of French aggression was far less keenly felt by her neighbour states than in the early years of the war.

  18. It was to maintain this material union of Europe against Britain that he was driven to aggression after aggression in North Germany, and to demands upon Russia which threatened the league that had been formed at Tilsit.

  19. But if that system had thrust her into aggression and ruin, it was as inevitably thrusting the same aggression and ruin on her rival.

  20. They had been scared by Napoleon's course of aggression since the settlement at Lunéville, and his annexation of Genoa brought their alarm to a head.

  21. But the spirit of revolutionary aggression which had nominally roused Paul to action, had, as the Czar believed, been again hushed by the First Consul.

  22. Above all, it was the hope of more effectually crushing the world-power of Britain that drove him, at the very moment when Canning was attacking America, to his worst aggression, the aggression upon Spain.

  23. What specially moved him was not the danger on the Continent, whether that danger sprang from French victories or from aggression in the east.

  24. But weakness will by no means assure us immunity from aggression from without.

  25. Conquest and aggression are foreign to our spirit, and foreign to our thoughts and ambitions.

  26. There, in the eighth year of that King's reign, was held that memorable council which, if it had been let alone, would doubtless have issued its protest against the intolerable aggression of the Pope and his curia.

  27. It must be admitted, however, that the aggression in this terrible species of warfare was not on the side of Napoleon.

  28. Is it against nature that that aggression should be successful?

  29. France, with the ready consent of Europe, covered her aggression by dividing the right bank among the dispossessed princes and the Powers.

  30. As a counterpoise they built Fort Rouille at Toronto, but Oswego remained as a bastion against French aggression and as a lucrative trading station with the Indians until captured by Montcalm.

  31. The first was the new French settlement on the Mississippi; the second was the fear of Spanish aggression from Florida.

  32. French aggression continued, and in 1731 they seized Crown Point itself, at the instigation of the celebrated Chevalier Saint Luc de la Corne, and named it Fort St Frederic.

  33. A spirit of unrest was therefore abroad, and there were not wanting those who were ready to snatch the opportunity and pose as patriots against the aggression of the Proprietor.

  34. He was forced to contend, as will be shown later, with French aggression in the valley of the Hudson; his method being a firm alliance with the Five Nations or Iroquois.

  35. He counterfeits death; he repeats the process, becoming more persistent in his fraud in proportion as the aggression is repeated; he abandons his trickery when he deems it futile.

  36. This support serves him as a temporary lid; it wards off the aggression of any churl who might try to molest the inhabitant of the cabin, always on the express condition that no slit show itself anywhere on the protecting circumference.

  37. The first is general and belongs to the State: its business is to repress and prevent, outside and inside, all aggression against private and public property.

  38. What Spencer did in connection with the Anti-Aggression movement was probably only the last straw, but he could not look back on his intrinsically right action without regret.

  39. There was no direct political result of the "Anti-Aggression League," but there was most mischievous result to Spencer.

  40. These transgressions, be it understood, were no violations of the laws of the land, nor did they consist in any acts of aggression or of trespass upon their Missouri neighbors.

  41. He summoned Edward to answer before the Twelve Peers in December for certain acts of aggression of Englishmen upon French subjects in the preceding spring.

  42. It is not easy to resist the conclusion that the claim was neither more nor less than a fraudulent contrivance of a semblance of legality to cover the aggression of a rapacious ambition.

  43. Still the Pope's anxious desire for Edward's favour relaxed the modicum of restraint he had exercised upon Edward's aggression on the Scots.

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