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  1. Finally, around the principal aggregations many secondary localities develop, so that all Western Europe, in the course of the thirteenth century, blossoms forth in an abundance of large and small towns.

  2. Combinations, monopolies, and aggregations of capital were either avoided or sternly regulated and restrained.

  3. We are in total ignorance of the ultimate structure of matter, and of the arrangement and significance of those larger aggregations of matter, the galaxies.

  4. The statesman, both for himself and others, must recognise this inadequacy of grasp, and the necessity for real and imaginary aggregations to sustain men in their practical service of the order of the world.

  5. The disposition to form aggregations and to imagine aggregations is part of the incurable nature of man; it is one of the great natural forces the statesman must utilise, and against which he must construct effectual defences.

  6. The study of the aggregations and of the ideals of aggregations about which men's sympathies will twine, and upon which they will base a large proportion of their conduct and personal policy, is the legitimate definition of sociology.

  7. He must be a sociologist; he must study the whole science of aggregations in relation to that World State to which his reason and his maturest thought direct him.

  8. Other instances of the coherence of the cells of unicellular organisms into indefinite and inconstant aggregations is presented by some radiolarians, individuals which cohere into what are called colonies.

  9. The nucleus often appears to contain a complexity of fibrils, transitory aggregations of which have been supposed to cause the appearance of nucleoli.

  10. Such creatures form the lowest of all animals and plants; but the overwhelming majority of living creatures are formed of aggregations of cells which cohere and fuse together in various ways.

  11. By combining the available photographs of the Galaxy, he has produced a chart which indicates in a general way how the stellar aggregations might all be arrayed so as to give the effect of the Galaxy as we see it.

  12. There is a gradual gathering together of the planetesimals at points or nodes of intersection, and these become aggregations of matter, nuclei that will perhaps become planets, though more likely other stars.

  13. These aggregations and combinations frequently constitute conspiracies against the interests of the people, and in all their phases they are unnatural and opposed to our American sense of fairness.

  14. Among his foes he discovered "those who find a pecuniary advantage in advocating the doctrines of non-interference when great aggregations of wealth are trespassing upon the rights of individuals.

  15. Salmon, and may be compared with the aggregations figured by Goette in his monograph on Bombinator igneus (Pl.

  16. The developing yolk spherules are not uniformly distributed but are collected in peculiar little masses or aggregations (Pl.

  17. In certain regions of the body the oval aggregations of cells are extremely numerous; more especially is this the case in the antennae, lips, and oral papillae.

  18. As there stated, the immense aggregations of flamingoes in those middle marismas, surrounded the horizon in an almost unbroken line.

  19. This process often has importance of an economic kind, for it not infrequently leads to the formation of metalliferous veins or other aggregations of ores, either in the dike itself or in the country rock.

  20. Upon these spherical aggregations of the clouds the winds act in extremely varied ways.

  21. In this state of association without union the divided water may undergo the curiously modified aggregations which give us the varied forms of clouds.

  22. The reader has already been told that the sun is one of many million similar bodies which exist in space, and, furthermore, that these aggregations of matter have been developed from an original nebulous condition.

  23. Reactions of cockroaches to certain stimuli in the environment undoubtedly do result in aggregations of individuals.

  24. In the above account we have presumed that aggregations of some species are indications of gregariousness.

  25. He believed that the aggregations of young occurred because they could occupy narrow crevices where the larger insects could not penetrate.

  26. The great aggregations of capital, which had been accumulating ever since the Charles River Bridge Case, not long after Munn v.

  27. Such aggregations of private and irresponsible adventurers have invaded and conquered empires, founded colonies, and administered justice to millions of human beings.

  28. They also pointed out that little individual owners of property were giving way to joint-stock companies, and that these would in turn give way to even greater aggregations of capital.

  29. Society would be forced to use the power of the State to control, and eventually to own, these menacing aggregations of capital in the hands of a few men.

  30. I do not mean by this that the Pelasgian settlements contained no aggregations of houses, or that the Hellic were not connected with the cultivation of the soil.

  31. They appear to have incorporated it in visible institutions, and to have given social order to the country; probably in that form in which men live sparsely, and not in the large aggregations of considerable cities.

  32. With smaller amounts of precipitation only stragglers or small aggregations are present at the breeding ponds.

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