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  1. It was estimated that divers and manducks aggregated nine thousand souls.

  2. We must now turn to the psychical or mental accompaniments of the explosive disturbances in the brain or other aggregated mass of nerve-cells.

  3. Like cells with like functions are also aggregated together into tissues.

  4. In point of numbers engaged, it was the greatest battle of modern times; for the two contending armies aggregated nearly half a million men.

  5. In all historical bodies the generations overlap one another, and no generation of individuals is either aggregated to the body or segregated from it all at once.

  6. The sections illustrate the type of segmentation in which the yolk is aggregated at the centre of the ovum.

  7. The ovum contains a large amount of food-yolk, and the protoplasm is aggregated at the formative pole, adjoining which are placed the polar bodies.

  8. The formation of the at first quite simple follicles takes place while the ova are still aggregated in large masses; and the first follicles are formed in the innermost part of the germinal epithelium.

  9. In many instances it offers a good example of the type where in the course of segmentation the protoplasm becomes aggregated at one pole of the ovum, or of its segments, to become separated off as a clear sphere.

  10. This estimated area is the aggregated areas within the boundaries of the reserves.

  11. By the end of November the Federal troops threatening Tennessee numbered fifty thousand and they were rapidly re├źnforced until they aggregated a hundred thousand.

  12. Their crews aggregated more than a thousand men.

  13. His losses aggregated more than seven thousand, of whom three thousand had been taken captive.

  14. NF, neural fossa protecting the aggregated ganglia of the central nervous system; PVP, left posterior ventral process; PMP, posterior median process.

  15. The faces are usually curved and rough, and the crystals confusedly aggregated together.

  16. For this purpose all property passing on a death is aggregated to form one estate, on the capital value of which the duty is charged, at rates graduated from 1 to 15% according to the aggregate value.

  17. Old World, in ornamental cultivation, and in one or two places inclined to be spontaneous, represents a tribe with granulose pollen loosely aggregated in two masses in each anther-cell.

  18. Shrubs, with the white flowers densely aggregated in spherical peduncled heads.

  19. Fertile catkins solitary or aggregated immediately below the terminal bud, or lateral on the young shoot, consisting of imbricated carpellary scales, each in the axil of a persistent bract, bearing a pair of inverted ovules at the base.

  20. Spikes mostly approximate or aggregated at the top of the culm (becoming remote in C.

  21. Heads few-flowered, themselves aggregated into a compound or dense cluster 1 Heads separate, few-flowered or many-flowered.

  22. Spikes green or nearly so when mature, aggregated or scattered, never in compound heads; perigynium mostly short-ovate, staminate flowers always at the top of the spike.

  23. Pistillate flowers in short sessile spikes (or spike single in some cases), which are commonly more or less aggregated into heads or even panicled.

  24. Flowers axillary, chiefly in cymose clusters, these often aggregated in terminal spikes or racemes.

  25. The commissioned and enlisted strength, under the State organization, aggregated seven hundred and ninety-three.

  26. The thirteen distinct divisions seen in the body of a caterpillar, become further integrated in the butterfly: several segments are consolidated to form the thorax, and the abdominal segments are more aggregated than they originally were.

  27. And if so, we may suspect that such new emotions, and by implication all emotions analytically considered, consist of aggregated and consolidated groups of those simpler feelings which habitually occur together in experience.

  28. And on passing from what are roughly classed as unicellular organisms to the lowest of those which consist of aggregated cells, we equally observe the connexion between structural differences and differences of circumstance.

  29. Wallace, and Sherman, aggregated about thirty-two thousand men.

  30. The whole of General Grant's men at that time may have aggregated fifty thousand, but he had to defend a frontage of a hundred and fifty miles, guard some two hundred miles of railway, and as much river.

  31. The people even of small and unimportant localities, North as well as South, had reasoned themselves into the belief that their opinions were superior to the aggregated interest of the whole nation.

  32. Further than this, civilization is not only the measure of aggregated human experiences, but it is a living working principle.

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