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Example sentences for "divers"

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divergencies; divergency; divergent; diverges; diverging; diversa; diversaj; diversajn; diversarum; diversas
  1. If, after considering divers objects of perception, we drop something different belonging to each, yet retain what is the same in all, the result will be the genus of that species.

  2. For sensation, in seeing, supplies nothing more than a varied affection of the retina, exactly like the spectacle of a painter's palette with divers splashes of colour.

  3. This your timely Zeal has inclined the Hearts of divers to be aiding unto us, if we could propose the Means.

  4. For the great web of history is composed of many threads of divers colours, and the warp and the woof are often exchanged, yet so connected and knotted together that the continuity is never broken.

  5. Upon Thy right hand did stand the queen in a vesture of gold, wrought about with divers colours.

  6. Huygens invented divers other kinds of watches, some of them without any string or chain at all; which he called particularly, pendulum watches.

  7. But it is even natural for divers species of creatures to pass four, five, or six months' every year, without either eating or drinking.

  8. History gives us divers instances of persons driven by excess of hunger to eat their own relations.

  9. A third method was, with two balances, of which there were divers sorts; some having a spiral spring to the balance for a regulator, and others not.

  10. Now they lay against us divers bishops of Rome, the which have been both authors and abettors of warring.

  11. It must needs be, that men mounted up to so great madness by divers degrees.

  12. Is it in vain that Paul so oft wrote, The Church to be none other thing, than one body compact together of divers members, cleaving to one head, Christ?

  13. His last year of work was entirely occupied in collecting divers thoughts on this subject.

  14. The guillemot is a diving bird found in the Northern seas, while the penguin may be looked upon as representing the divers of the Southern Ocean.

  15. Discovered over and over again, and offered at intervals to the human race at various times and on divers soils, no effective use was made of these material resources until the fifteenth century.

  16. First, this simpel creature had much travayle with divers fellows and helpers to gather many old Bibles and other doctors and glosses to make one Latin Bible.

  17. The divers become very expert, but they do not have the modern equipments of a diving suit.

  18. They are obtained by divers who make a business of gathering them.

  19. The Syrian divers in the Mediterranean go down naked with a rope attached to their waists and a stone attached to the rope to cause them to sink, together with a bag for carrying the sponges.

  20. He also brought Cato with him one day, and the Hindu described the plan which the pearl-divers pursued on the Malabar coast.

  21. One great house divided into divers tenements, Bridge-House Rents, over them, value £20.

  22. That the Mayor and Commonalty of London have power to rent three waste portions of land in divers places in London for the support of London Bridge.

  23. At Leuesham, a water-mill, with 2 acres of pasture belonging to it, held of divers persons for the rent of 1s.

  24. With this he proceeded to take divers measurements upon the body of the deponent, as, from one shoulder to the other, from the shoulder to the chin and nose, &c.

  25. Sidenote: Joseph Fernandez in the secret prison of this tribunal, for having written and spoken divers heresies, blasphemies, and insults against our Holy Faith.

  26. These they burnt bottom upwards, burning, at the same time, rosemary, and repeating unintelligible language, and making divers motions with the feet and hands.

  27. He furthermore stated that he had uttered, on many occasions, divers impious and heretical sayings against God, and against Christ and his Holy Mother.

  28. Between the stories, and also between the days, there is often a good deal of conversation, in which the divers characters, as given above, are carried out with a minuteness very different from the chief Italian original.

  29. Giving this Eve to the man Adam, he led them into a large room decorated to represent Eden, and, after giving them divers instructions, left them to themselves.

  30. One may say of temper as of many buildings; it has divers aspects, some agreeable, others disagreeable.

  31. Our taste is no longer our own, we cease to control it, without our consent it changes, and the same objects appear to us in such divers aspects that ultimately we fail to perceive what we have seen and heard.

  32. What we term virtue is often but a mass of various actions and divers interests, which fortune, or our own industry, manage to arrange; and it is not always from valour or from chastity that men are brave, and women chaste.

  33. The intervening hours with their divers happenings passed all but unnoticed.

  34. Here is my register, and he produced a book, wherein divers mathematical abstruse calculations were apparent.

  35. He was accosted on the road by divers of his coal-carrying neighbours with a degree of familiarity which was exceedingly mortifying to his feelings.

  36. A Master of Requests, named Falhonet, together with the Abbe Clement, and two clerks in their employ, had been concerned in divers acts of peculation, to the amount of upwards of a million of livres.

  37. Petition of George James, on behalf of himself and divers persons of distinction concerned in a national fishery; praying letters patent of incorporation to enable them to carry on the same.

  38. These figures were, at first, direct interpretations from Dante, in particular Paolo and Francesca da Rimini and divers inhabitants of the Inferno.

  39. There came divers of Antonio's creditors in my company to Venice that swear he cannot choose but break.

  40. Bohemia stops his ears, and threatens them With divers deaths in death.

  41. For divers unknown reasons, I beseech you, Grant me this boon.

  42. O, sir, I will not be so hard-hearted; I will give out divers schedules of my beauty.

  43. Enter a Sewer and divers Servants with dishes and service, who pass over the stage.

  44. Let us command to know that of your mouth or of your lips; for divers philosophers hold that the lips is parcel of the mouth.

  45. Time travels in divers paces with divers persons.

  46. What is her burying gave, that is her womb; And from her womb children of divers kind We sucking on her natural bosom find; Many for many virtues excellent, None but for some, and yet all different.

  47. Enter divers LORDS, friends of TIMON, at several doors FIRST LORD.

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    assorted; certain; contrary; deviating; different; differing; disagreeing; discordant; discrepant; discrete; disparate; dissimilar; dissonant; distinct; distinguished; divergent; divers; diverse; diversified; heterogeneous; incompatible; incongruous; inconsistent; inharmonious; irreconcilable; manifold; many; miscellaneous; motley; multifarious; separate; separated; several; some; sundry; unequal; unlike; variant; varied; variegated; various; varying

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