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contrario; contrarious; contrarium; contrarius; contrariwise; contrarye; contrarywise; contrast; contraste; contrasted
  1. The addition of acetic acid instead of ammonia acts in a contrary direction.

  2. Fifth, The abolition of all the privileges of nobility which are contrary to the constitution which I have given and guaranteed.

  3. Prince as King of Spain until he should receive contrary orders from the Emperor.

  4. I know your secret sentiments, and all that you can say to the contrary can avail nothing.

  5. Officers and men of Her Majesty's gunboat Tickler, contrary to the customs and rules of the service, and without my knowledge, to say nothing of sanction, I find that a cat has been brought on board.

  6. Of course it is contrary to nature to expect a cat to live on terms of intimacy with a bird and not sometimes make a mistake.

  7. Other irregularities imputed to Hostegesis were that he held his see from his twentieth year, contrary to the canons of the church, and that he beat priests, in order to extort money from them, till they died under his hands.

  8. Again, contrary to the invariable practice elsewhere, women were admitted into the mosques in Spain.

  9. There is no evidence whatever to show that there was a persecution of the Christians under the great Abdurrahman, and the statements of those writers who intimate the contrary may be set aside as unsupported by evidence.

  10. Many churches presented the unseemly spectacle of two rival pastors, contrary to the ordinances received from the Fathers.

  11. The charges against the zealots were twofold, that there had been no persecution worthy of the name, such as to justify their doings, and that those doings themselves were contrary to the teaching and spirit of Christianity.

  12. Yet in a note he mentions a remark of Zurita's to the contrary (page 3).

  13. Though contrary to an express Act of Parliament, this is done every day.

  14. The ignorant are confounded with metaphysical subtleties which the wisest cannot comprehend; and by combining different texts of holy writ, we are insulted with conclusions contrary to common sense.

  15. A comet is taking its rapid course over his head; and in one corner of the picture two of the family of Boreas are judiciously blowing contrary ways.

  16. In the progress of this voluble harangue he has advanced something contrary to the cobbler's creed, and Crispin, being no great orator, offers to back his opinion by a wager.

  17. But Helen could not endure the idea of being there, contrary to the general's wishes, in the place of the sister he loved.

  18. No matter; but Miss Stanley is not a fool; she could not believe somebody or anybody, contrary to common sense.

  19. Or again, just as rivers on their way to the sea are driven back on themselves by contrary winds and the opposing tide, is there anything that can drive back the outflow of this spring?

  20. But this idea also is found to be contrary to the ordinary Bible use of the word.

  21. For Christian people cannot be content with a state of things which they find to be plainly contrary to God's intention.

  22. With Arsenio the plausible sensible explanation was always suspect; to be merely sensible was so contrary to his nature.

  23. The fourth was "Lynn Powell, a tall man with red whiskers, very contrary and spiteful.

  24. Josiah Harding of Rockville, Montgomery county, with having enslaved him contrary to his wish or will.

  25. Contrary to John's wishes his Alabama owners had notified him as well as the Governor, that in a short while he was to be taken to Alabama.

  26. His wife was a very mean woman; she would whip contrary to his orders.

  27. Daniel Hubert was fattening on John Wesley's earnings contrary to his, John's, idea of right.

  28. In making her grievances known to the Committee she charged Mr. and Mrs. McCoy with having done great violence to her freedom and degrading her womanhood by holding her in bonds contrary to her wishes.

  29. Contrary to her expectations, her adopted home and calling not proving satisfactory, she left that State and came to Pennsylvania as a last resort, and again engaged in teaching at Little York.

  30. The Underground Rail Road despatch on the contrary pointed to Broad and Callowhill streets "Via," i.

  31. Although there are maxims to the contrary effect, the judgment of a clever man, not very young and tolerably familiar with the world, on his own work, is very seldom far wrong.

  32. The chief argument to the contrary is, that surely no man, however imbued with romantic perversity, would have made himself cut so poor a figure as Borrow here does without cause.

  33. The power of the spell might be broken if we met any living soul who should say a prayer contrary to ours.

  34. By these last words Banfi wished to make the Prince understand that he ought to spare his wife, but they produced exactly the contrary effect.

  35. The Turkish horsemen came galloping back at once, quite contrary to the usual practice of Turkish armies, which are generally as much demoralized after a victory as the vanquished themselves.

  36. Which of you not only acted contrary to the decree of the Diet, that the peasants should extirpate the sparrows, but even mocked the officers charged to collect sparrows' heads?

  37. Around the men twined a wreath of young girls, holding one another by the hand, and twirling in a contrary direction.

  38. To privily conspire against him is contrary to the law of the land.

  39. When things are contrary you may be sure you're getting somewhere-- getting warm, that is.

  40. So deeply was he moved that he had almost gone contrary to his own nature in making such an explicit statement.

  41. He told Caesar that it was contrary to law for him to enter.

  42. Caesar, however, contrary to what every one would have expected of him, exerted his influence to calm and quiet the mob, and then sent them away, remaining himself in private as before.

  43. If the patient be stronger than usual, or the symptoms very urgent, this dose may be given once in eight hours; and on the contrary in many instances half an ounce at a time will be quite sufficient.

  44. Finding himself relieved by this, he continued to take it, contrary to the directions given, after the diuretic effects had appeared.

  45. Contrary to my orders, but impelled by the relief she had found, she finished the remaining three ounces of the infusion, which made her very sick, and the free flow of urine immediately ceased.

  46. Then follows, "James Parren was not buried in any materiall contrary to a late act for Buryinge in Woollen.

  47. I was beginning to be afraid you had forgotten your part of the contract for that week, but Saturday brought me evidence to the contrary and made us even.

  48. For the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

  49. The Pequod alone, against contrary winds, sails on into that amazing calm, that extraordinary mildness, in which she is destroyed by Moby-Dick.

  50. If they shall chance In charging you with matters, to commit you: The best perswasions to the contrary Faile not to vse, and with what vehemencie Th' occasion shall instruct you.

  51. Much to her astonishment, however, and contrary to her preconceived notions concerning men, she found that she had suddenly lost interest in this particular man for another.

  52. The moonlight fell full across her face, which, contrary to what one might suppose, wore an expression of peace and calm, almost a smile, like one in a dream.

  53. Why had everything gone contrary to her expectations?

  54. Where the contrary qualities show themselves, OEzbeg barbarity and cruelty make themselves felt in all their force.

  55. I shall feel grateful; while any of a contrary nature will neither surprise nor displease me.

  56. Footnote: The references throughout this notice are to the Life and Letters, unless the contrary is expressly stated.

  57. Colonel Humphreys, in fact, states that he was acquainted with only "one questionable case of a contrary nature.

  58. Had a Writer, less acquainted with Nature, given us two Poems on these Subjects, he would have been sure to have sought out the most contrary Images to raise these contrary Passions.

  59. This Knowledge, of the same Objects being capable of raising two contrary Affections, is a Proof of no ordinary Progress in the Study of human Nature.

  60. On the contrary he believed that it might even facilitate good relations between France and Germany.

  61. The contrary is evident from the fact that the British government pressed Germany to consent to the immediate publication of the draft Treaty, agreed early in 1914, when signed.

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