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Example sentences for "deviating"

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devers; devez; deviate; deviated; deviates; deviation; deviations; device; devices; devide
  1. But we cannot proceed a single step without deviating from common language; if the theory of the balance, or the lever, is to be explained, we immediately speak of space and time.

  2. To prevent this lever from deviating sideways, let a slip of wood be connected with it by a nail, which shall be fast in the lever, but which moves freely in a hole in the rail.

  3. In the eighth rank of prerogative instances, we will place deviating instances, such as the errors of nature, or strange and monstrous objects, in which nature deviates and turns from her ordinary course.

  4. They can only coalesce by deviating from a straight line.

  5. These Criticks are led themselves into Absurdities, by not considering, That there is sometimes a greater Judgement shewn in deviating from the Rules of Art, than adhering to them.

  6. Why, does he not tell us, wherein himself, or any one else shewed his Judgement in deviating from the Rules of Art?

  7. I followed them with eagerness and curiosity, sometimes deviating from my path amongst tufts of fern and herbage.

  8. Though oppressed with heat, I could not help deviating a few steps from the direct path to notice the uncouth rocks which rose frowning on every quarter.

  9. A fact must follow a certain law, because we see no reason for its deviating from it in one way rather than in another.

  10. Deviating from that which is customary; novel; strange; unusual.

  11. A figure lean or corpulent, tall or short, though deviating from beauty, may still have a certain union of the various parts, which may contribute to make them on the whole not unpleasing.

  12. The very existence of Poetry depends on the license it assumes of deviating from actual nature, in order to gratify natural propensities by other means, which are found by experience full as capable of affording such gratification.

  13. For though they all profess the same origin, and to proceed from the same stock, yet each has its own peculiar modes both of imitating nature, and of deviating from it, each for the accomplishment of its own particular purpose.

  14. Varieties deviating only in one unit-character from the species, are more common.

  15. The laevifolia, or smooth-leaved variety, was one of the very first deviating types found in the original field.

  16. It is universally known that many plants show deviating features when very young, and that these often remind us of the characters of their probable ancestors.

  17. If seed from one parent plant is sown only in each pan, a percentage figure for the amount of deviating seedlings may be obtained.

  18. It is evident that on a given stem the group of deviating leaves will be extended upward and downward, with the increase of the number of these organs.

  19. The repetition is only an easy method of getting more widely deviating extremes; whether it has, besides this, another effect, remains doubtful.

  20. Intermediate steps are always occurring, both in the leaves themselves, and in the percentages of deviating seedlings of the several parent plants.

  21. Professor Heeger discovered one plant with deviating fruits, in a group of common shepherd's purses in the market-place near Landau in Germany, in the fall of 1897.

  22. The investigation must ascertain the average condition of this offspring and the occurrence of any deviating specimens, and for both purposes it is necessary to cultivate them in relatively large numbers.

  23. If this is so, and if nutrition decides the degree of deviation of any given character, the widest deviating individuals are the best nourished ones.

  24. The deviating pair will have the same constitution in both cases, being [278] built up of one active and one dormant unit.

  25. I wish to point out that the decision of what is to be expected from deviating specimens may become manifest within one or two generations.

  26. Thirdly this deviating pair will exhibit the active unit which it contains, and the hybrid will show the aspect of the parent in which the character was active and not that of the parent in which it was dormant.

  27. Organizations persistently deviating from the doctrines of the Bible and establishing a doctrinally false basis, are sects, i.

  28. They are churches of the pure Word and Sacrament, professing the Gospel and deviating from none of its doctrines.

  29. All the species which have a greater affinity with this type-species than with any others, form the genus, and are arranged about it, deviating from it in various directions and different degrees.

  30. Of such kilns, several are placed alongside one another each being an ellipse deviating little from a circle, so that the mouth may project but a small space.

  31. As the camp was about to move when Mr. Swift arrived there, he now took his leave to return, but inadvertently deviating from the proper course, he struck the river several miles above our camp.

  32. All those means, O tiger among kings, by which men might be prevented from deviating from the path of righteousness and honesty, were all described in it.

  33. That conduct, however, which men pursue after deviating from the path of knowledge, afflicts them (by subjecting them to the evils of life and death).

  34. Every morning they advanced towards the rising sun, without deviating from the straight line, and every evening the setting sun was behind them.

  35. My advice is to find the thirty-seventh parallel, just where it meets the American coast, and follow it, without deviating half a degree, to the point where it strikes the Atlantic.

  36. He must, therefore, be prevented from deviating towards practical questions, which he would doubtless not come out of so well.

  37. It is the projectile's fault for deviating from its course instead of rigorously following it.

  38. Or, deviating from that order for obvious reasons, he would naturally return to it when those reasons no longer prevailed, which he does not do.

  39. A ring-plain 23 miles in diameter, deviating considerably from circularity, W.

  40. A bright deep ring-plain, about 40 miles in diameter, in the hilly region between the Mare Serenitatis and the Mare Frigoris, with a border much broken by passes, and deviating considerably from circularity.

  41. These formations, approximating more or less to the circular form, though frequently deviating considerably from it, are among the largest enclosures on the moon.

  42. There was no alternative but to keep on, and, by deviating from the course as little as possible, they might in due time reach the limits of the flood.

  43. Selecting a deviating path that wound its way up gradually, I, at length, reached the summit of the ridge.

  44. A man advances along the road at a swinging pace, with no thought, as yet, of deviating from his course and entering a public-house.

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