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Example sentences for "deviates"

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dever; devers; devez; deviate; deviated; deviating; deviation; deviations; device; devices
  1. It is observed that a stone flung, or an arrow shot, does not proceed in a straight line, but comes to the earth after pursuing a course which deviates more and more from its original course.

  2. Congenital lateral deviation of the phalanges is more unsightly than disabling; it is met with chiefly in the thumb, in which the terminal phalanx deviates to the radial or to the ulnar side in extension; the deviation disappears on flexion.

  3. Hallux valgus is that deformity in which the great toe deviates towards the middle line of the foot and comes to lie on the top of, or beneath, the second toe (Figs.

  4. When the tongue is protruded, it deviates towards the paralysed side, being pushed over by the active muscles of the opposite side.

  5. In this deformity, which is extremely rare, the great toe deviates from the middle line of the foot; it occurs chiefly in children in conjunction with other deformities, and interferes with the wearing of boots.

  6. In most cases the chin deviates towards the sound side.

  7. The hand deviates to the side on which the growth has been arrested--manus valga or vara.

  8. The hand deviates to the radial side, and thereby still further increases the prominence caused by the lower end of the ulna.

  9. When the tongue is protruded it deviates towards the paralysed side, being pushed over by the active muscles of the opposite side (Fig.

  10. Nature is always uniform in her operations, and when she deviates is still regular in her deviations.

  11. At present he has the greatest difficulty in writing, for his head at once deviates violently to the right.

  12. This may be considered as the typical breed, as it deviates only slightly from the wild Gallus bankiva, or, as perhaps more correctly named, ferrugineus.

  13. The left eye frequently deviates outwards, convergence is attainable to 15 cm.

  14. Particularly keen fixation is rarely followed by squint, which may be produced by excluding the right eye; the latter then deviates about 5 mm.

  15. In this illustration it is obvious, that though the Poet deviates from close imitation, yet he still keeps in view the general end of his subject, which is to exhibit a picture of the fallen Arch angel.

  16. Defn: A word which is irregular or anomalous either in declension or conjugation, or which deviates from ordinary forms of inflection in words of a like kind; especially, a noun which is irregular in declension.

  17. Defn: One who wanders; a rambler; one who roves; hence, one who deviates from duty.

  18. One who deviates from common and accepted opinions; one who is eccentric or preserve in his intellectual character.

  19. Lactantius and Eusebius, has collected a very just and accurate notion of this edict though he sometimes deviates into conjecture and refinement.

  20. Ammianus, who unwarily deviates into gross flattery, must have forgotten the length of the way, and the short duration of the reign of Julian.

  21. The moon does not pursue precisely the same track around the earth as the sun does, in his apparent annual motion, though she never deviates far from that track.

  22. All that deviates from this line necessarily leads to disorder, commotions, and evils far more insufferable than those which they pretend to remedy.

  23. The pointing deviates towards the west in the morning, then rapidly moves towards the east until about two o'clock, after which it slowly returns to its original direction.

  24. In its outward motion the flying body deviates neither to the right nor left.

  25. They are found to move very nearly in such orbits, only the actual path deviates from an ellipse, now in one direction and then in another, and it slowly changes its position from year to year.

  26. The figure of the moon's orbit is not circular, although it deviates only slightly from that form.

  27. Psychos, sex deviates and murderers, with a couple of padded cells and barred windows needed upstairs, even though the inmates were conditioned.

  28. The guards were too busy collecting their fees, the juvenile delinquents were too busy acting as ushers, with even the sex deviates from Number Three busy.

  29. When the head is dropped, it must at the same time be moved horizontally to the right in order that the axis of the tube shall correspond to the axis of the lower third of the esophagus, which deviates to the left and turns anteriorly.

  30. The trachea just below its entrance into the thorax deviates slightly to the right, to allow room for the aorta.

  31. It appears that the sexual behavior of the psychoneurotic approaches in predisposition to the pervert and deviates by just so much from the normal.

  32. Depend upon it, my dear, whenever the direction of a moving body deviates from a straight line, it has been influenced by some second force.

  33. There deviates nature, and here wanders will.

  34. Gray never deviates into a pantheistic faith, a belief in human perfection, a conception of poetry as instinctive imagination unrestrained, or any other essential tenet of sentimentalism.

  35. With respect to both earth and sun, the moon's orbit deviates but little from a circle, since the sinuous curve of Fig.

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