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Example sentences for "imitating"

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imido; imitable; imitate; imitated; imitates; imitation; imitations; imitative; imitativeness; imitator
  1. And aboue the said Coronice, did mount vp (by an elegant arching) an eight square Spyer, imitating the subiect.

  2. Their ornature and decking with woorkes, and deuises imitating the apparreling of princely bodies indewed as it were with an artificiall reason.

  3. The critics of the day at once accused Verdi of imitating Wagner, and certain passages undoubtedly suggest the influence of 'Lohengrin,' but as a whole the score is thoroughly and radically Italian.

  4. Turkey—The open hands brought up opposite to the shoulders, and imitating slowly the motion of the wings of a bird; to which add the last sign.

  5. Thunder—The sign of rain, accompanied by the voice imitating the rumbling sound of thunder.

  6. Come—The fore-finger moved from right to left, with an interrupted motion, as if imitating the alternate movement of stepping.

  7. Dunghill fowl—Bring the thumb and fingers of the right hand together; and holding the hand moderately elevated, move it across, imitating the motion of the head of a cock in walking.

  8. He has a remarkable talent for imitating the late Kemble, whom he resembles in person.

  9. I know of no system which allows of imitating the immaterial, fugitive, diaphanous appearance of these curious lights.

  10. Raps, imitating a burst of laughter in response to the observer's remarks, resound on the silk like the rapid play of strong but tiny fingers.

  11. The medium, by way of imitating a materialised garment of some kind, had wound a white cloth around his neck, and moreover wore a false beard.

  12. Again, in imitating the iambic and trochaic metres of the Greek drama, the Roman poets were quite indifferent to the laws by which their finer harmony is produced.

  13. Although the earliest Roman annalists composed their works in the Greek language, it was not from the desire of imitating the historic art of Greece that this art was first cultivated at Rome.

  14. Montgery, captain of a frigate in the French service, has written a Traite sur les Fusees de Guerre, in which he discusses the merits of the Congreve rockets, and describes methods of imitating them.

  15. Ribbons folded in different forms and of different colours were originally employed for imitating flowers, by being attached to wire stems.

  16. The enameller also makes artificial eyes for human beings, imitating so perfectly the colours of the sound eye of any individual, as to render it difficult to discover that he has a blind and a seeing one.

  17. By the judicious employment of pyrolignous acid diluted to successive degrees, we might probably succeed in imitating perfectly the effect of smoke in curing provisions.

  18. As in the case of Line, so again in this is manifest the narrowness and weakness of the scheme of nature-imitating as a foundation for art education.

  19. It does not come by merely learning to draw, by imitating nature, or by any process of storing the mind with facts.

  20. The costumes of the actors were often elaborate and costly, and there was some attempt at imitating reality, such as putting the devils into costumes of yellow and black, which typified the flames and darkness of Hell.

  21. THE Godlike Virtues of Your Royal Father, are not to be excelled; and should we venture to express an Equality, it can only be the Appearance of Your Royal Highness’s imitating so Great a Pattern.

  22. Winifred set off the Victrola, and a blare of nasal cacophony broke from the machine imitating a steamboat whistle; then ensued a negroid music of infinite inappropriateness to Forbes' tragic mood.

  23. His heart ached to be assured of Persis' love; but she was incapable of even imitating the amorous note with him.

  24. By imitating the awful secrecy which reigned in the Eleusinian mysteries, the Christians had flattered themselves that they should render their sacred institutions more respectable in the eyes of the Pagan world.

  25. Some is left just as the outlines made by the brush leaves it, but only in such outlinings as those of knots or in the imitating of defects and in some burls.

  26. What of the general operation used in imitating marbles?

  27. In fact any others which may come near to imitating some particular tone in any marble specimen one may wish to imitate.

  28. As there are so many colors used in imitating marbles, the whole list may be of use at some time or other, and it will not be necessary to name them all over at this time, as under each marble will be given the ones needed.

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