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Example sentences for "imitated"

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imediately; imide; imido; imitable; imitate; imitates; imitating; imitation; imitations; imitative
  1. Titian has with as much care preserved these defects, as he has imitated the beauty and brilliancy of the colouring.

  2. Carlo Maratti was imitated by Giuseppe Chiari, and Pietro de Pietri; and Rembrandt, by Bramer, Eeckhout, and Flink.

  3. In this he imitated Polykrates, the despot of Samos--an unworthy model for a Spartan general.

  4. It is, also, as evident, that Statius rather admir'd Virgil than imitated him.

  5. It was imitated by Wieland, praised by Voltaire, and quoted by Kant.

  6. Counterfeited, imitated with a view to defraud.

  7. He aimed without success at Fielding's constructive excellence, and imitated that great master's humor, only to reproduce his coarseness.

  8. It was translated into French, and imitated by Cyrano de Bergerac, who in his turn was imitated by Swift in Brobdignag.

  9. It imitated the martial character of the tales of chivalry, but subordinated that character to love.

  10. The solemn and circumstantial narrative style, imitated from the old English explorers added verisimilitude to the incidents and point to the sarcasm.

  11. The magnificence of the first Cæsars was in some measure imitated by the founder of Constantinople; but his liberality, however it might excite the applause of the people, has incurred the censure of posterity.

  12. And how the mocking-bird imitated your guitar, while you were singing the Don Giovanni serenade?

  13. She sang the pathetic melody, and with voice and piano imitated to perfection the slow tolling of a silver-toned bell.

  14. We find also that God concocted a hair oil and threatened death to any one who imitated it.

  15. But as long as the bible is considered as the work of God, it will be hard to make all men too good and pure to imitate it; and as long as it is imitated there will be vile and filthy books.

  16. The governments of the states of Southern Germany now commenced to build state roads, and their example was, chiefly for strategic reasons, soon imitated by Prussia.

  17. Elated by their position as masters of the coast, they assumed the proud title of Waiknas, or men, in which conceit they have been imitated by the subjected tribes, which are gradually adopting the Sambo tongue.

  18. Children's sports are described only by Swan, and as rag babies and imitated Catholic baptisms were the favorite pastimes mentioned, they may be supposed not altogether aboriginal.

  19. Sivers was thought possessed of the devil, and carefully shunned, because he imitated the crowing of a cock.

  20. The troubadour of Provence, like the minnesinger of Germany, imitated these invocations to spring.

  21. Victor Hugo has imitated them with success; but to render them into English is impossible.

  22. The party in the pit imitated our patriotic example with great exactness.

  23. He then crept forward till he could see his master in the pulpit below, and imitated every one of his movements, till the congregation could not keep from laughing.

  24. The perfection with which the newcomer imitated the walk and movements of the animal whose skin he wore attracted the notice of some lovers of natural history.

  25. They repent half-way through the performance, and see the error of their ways with a facility which we could wish to be imitated in common life.

  26. Crabbe imitates Pope because everybody imitated him at that day.

  27. When, at length, White sailed with three ships, he or his followers imitated the folly of their predecessors, and preferred buccaneering among the Spaniards in the West Indies to conveying immediate relief to the colonists.

  28. A large number of Indians watched these proceedings and imitated all they saw done.

  29. His difficulties could be overcome only by inflexible persistence in the course which he had marked out for himself and for the state; and he supported his weakness by a determination which imitated the unbending fixity of a law of nature.

  30. The discontent extended to the county families, who shared or imitated the prejudices of their feudal leaders; and these families had again their peculiar grievances.

  31. His conduct, unfortunately, was imitated largely in the counties on which Lord Shrewsbury relied for reinforcements.

  32. These emblems are ours alone; all those may be imitated by traitors and aristocrats.

  33. They hoped to interest the statesmen of Great Britain in a Revolution, imitated from their own, which, after having convulsed the people, was now becoming moulded in the hands of an intelligent aristocracy.

  34. The negroes imitated the tortures so long used upon them, and invented new ones.

  35. The Egyptian initiations, mystic ceremonies of the middle age, were imitated by the adepts of new ideas.

  36. Giotto, he knew, was a painter, and the man who imitated walnut-wood on the deal doors opposite was a painter, and he had wished to be a very humble pupil in the class of the former.

  37. Sterne seems to have imitated Scarron in his Tristram Shandy.

  38. He imitated many inanimate noises, and among others, a repetition of noises of the water machine at Marli.

  39. South, Prebendary of Westminster, and Canon of Christ Church, and yet he wrote before La Bruyère, and therefore cannot have imitated him.

  40. The youths who followed him imitated his example, and the troop that came after them returned his greeting loud and heartily.

  41. Alexander raised his eyes and arms to heaven in rapture, and Melissa imitated him; and thus, without words, though with fervent devotion, they with one accord thanked the gods for their merciful ruling.

  42. And as he spoke he pressed his hand to his heart, bowing low before Caesar; the rest imitated his example.

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