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  1. If the milk is of good quality it will be quite homogeneous and opaque.

  2. When the milk has stood long enough for the cream to rise freely, the latter should form a perfectly homogeneous and strongly defined layer on the top.

  3. This does not consist of one uniform homogeneous mass like a glass lens, but of a number of separate portions pieced together radially, as indicated diagrammatically in Fig.

  4. For these reasons a single glass lens cannot, except with homogeneous light, be made to give a perfectly distinct image of a luminous point, nor of an illuminated object, the surface of which may be regarded as an assemblage of points.

  5. The revolution of ideas which has followed the revolution of institutions in the Southern States has made the people of this country into one homogeneous nation.

  6. Yet the existence of caste has always prevented the formation of a really homogeneous nation.

  7. These materials are first reduced to a fine powder separately, and then formed into a homogeneous mass by moistening the mixture with water, and pounding it for a considerable time in wooden mortars.

  8. The materials, having been sifted, and mixed with a suitable quantity of water, the homogeneous mass is formed into crucibles, by spreading it on the inside of vessels which are much in the shape of a common wash-tub.

  9. The homogeneous simplicity of labor means first of all equality of the labors of various individuals, a reciprocal relation of equality of their labors determined by the actual reduction of all kinds of labor to uniform labor.

  10. But as exchange values, they represent the same homogeneous labor, i.

  11. As an embodiment of universal labor-time it must be homogeneous in its structure and capable of representing only quantitative differences.

  12. Although built at different dates, the building has a very homogeneous appearance, and might be mistaken for a building of one period.

  13. It is a skilful and homogeneous design, which could only be produced by a man of exceptional ability and great experience.

  14. Romans were a homogeneous people, and we have just heard him speak of their "own indigenous jus civile.

  15. The Arab and the Iroquois, after the lapse of so many centuries, are still found with the evidences of primitive life strong upon them; and so, I imagine, we shall find it wherever we come upon a pure race of homogeneous origin.

  16. The success of The Atlantic Monthly in finding a sizable and homogeneous public through the country is interesting in just this connection.

  17. Such a fall retreats upstream by removal of joint blocks even in comparatively homogeneous rocks.

  18. At the great falls of the Yosemite, the rock is a homogeneous granite and the undermining process does not operate.

  19. Or, more specifically, a mineral is a natural, inorganic, homogeneous substance of definite chemical composition.

  20. A fine homogeneous silt or loam showing usually no division into layers and forming thick and extensive deposits in the Mississippi Valley and in China.

  21. Solar climate alone would prevail if the earth had a homogeneous land surface, and if there were no atmosphere.

  22. A coast of homogeneous rock exposed to similar action will present a regular outline, but if exposed to differential action it will be embayed where that action is greatest.

  23. For the theory in question, therefore, the maternal system of kinship existing in the homogeneous "group-stock" is the social fact of fundamental importance.

  24. This homogeneous sandstone was like smooth broadcloth, compared to the rough serge of the granite or the tweeds of the thin bedded sandstone.

  25. The walls were not so high by half as the upper canyon, but were of the smooth red homogeneous sandstone, in which were formed caves, grottoes and curious formations by the action of the water.

  26. We saw the greater outer wall of homogeneous sandstone rising about a half mile distant.

  27. Further, what is composed of others would seem to be homogeneous with them, as from bodies only a body can be composed.

  28. It is not verified in every composition, that the thing composed is homogeneous with its component parts, but only in the parts of a continuous thing; for the continuous is composed solely of continuous [parts].

  29. As to the projected reform of the military code and the complete re-organisation of the army on a homogeneous basis, the Emperor-King of Prussia is not in the least disturbed.

  30. He will ransack everything for his purposes, even that very vague thing, homogeneous Turkey, based on the Mussulman faith.

  31. Sensation extends to every part of it, every fibre is instinct with life, and the direction of the will is absolute and immediate over every muscle and joint, as if the whole fabric and its tenant were one homogeneous system.

  32. As we see it now Clare is a homogeneous piece of work of the time of Charles I.

  33. Here for the first time we have a homogeneous collegiate house and not a mere adaptation of pre-existing buildings, and may therefore enquire what was the architectural plan of a college.

  34. I then imagined, that by mixing this liquor with water, these globules might be changed; in fact they did change, but they presented only a transparent and homogeneous liquor, wherein was nothing remarkable.

  35. Judging from their style Avila was left alone when Chirriguera was erecting monstrosities elsewhere, and to me it is the most homogeneous of Spain's Cathedrals.

  36. We are doubtless," he says, "the most thoroughly homogeneous folk that ever existed as a great nation.

  37. Your description of nature I accept; it does not follow that there is definite design in it; it is not impossible that things now similar and homogeneous have developed from widely different origins.

  38. No considerable new addition was made to the population, and the elements which it already contained became so thoroughly fused that it has always since been practically a homogeneous body.

  39. Thus the aliment is brought in contact with the mucous membrane, and each portion of it becomes saturated with gastric juice, by which it is softened, or dissolved into a pulpy homogeneous mass, of a creamy consistence, called Chyme.

  40. In texture, it is dense, and homogeneous toward the circumference, and porous and cellular in the centre, like the pith of a plant.

  41. The conversion of the homogeneous chyme, by the agency of the bile and pancreatic secretions, into a fluid of milk-like appearance; this is chylification.

  42. The long Roman dominion welded all these together into a homogeneous mass.

  43. In the interior settlements Creole influences predominated, and the population was substantially homogeneous with that of the Argentine provinces on the other side of the Uruguay River.

  44. For seven years he remained in office, fighting the Directory, the Calvinist ministers, the corrupt officials, trying to reconcile the jealousies between Dutchmen and Brazilians, and to create a homogeneous community.

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